List of 15 Ferret Illnesses & Treatment

As cute and lively as ferrets are, they are also very sensitive and catch diseases if not properly cared for. These diseases range from common illnesses like flu all the way to weakening of the heart. What are the different

What Can Ferrets Eat and Not Eat? – List

Ferrets just like cats are obligate carnivores. They are unable to survive on a diet that lacks meat. Although fresh raw meat dominates the diet of ferrets, they can contain harmful microorganisms or parasites that create unacceptable risks for pet

Where are Ferrets Legal and illegal?

Ferrets were domesticated about 2500 years ago but unfortunately, they are still considered to be half wild. This is the reason why ferrets are illegal in some countries and some states in America. In some states, the ferrets are not

Natural Habitat of a Ferret

Let us talk about a mammal which belongs to the weasel family, the Ferret. Since its traces of domestication is yet uncertain, let us trace first its natural behavior and habitat. What is the natural habitat of a ferret? European

Movies with Ferrets in them

Lights, Camera, Ferrets? Well, these cute furry creatures made ways to entertain us in some famous movies too. Some may not even be aware that the animal featured on these movies were ferrets, so check out this list, FYI! What

How to Trim Your Ferret’s Nails?

Proper grooming is highly essential to pet animals, most especially if they are likely handled by your children. This is important for safety, sanitation, and even for the welfare of the pet. Here are some guides for grooming your ferrets.

How to Get Rid of Ferret Odor in a Room?

Ferrets have a natural musky smell that is generally produced by scent sacs located near their anus. The smell actually helps the ferrets to mark their territory in the wild, but the odor becomes a problem when you have ferrets

Do Bengal Cats Drool?

I just love my cat. But I am not particularly thrilled about its drooling habit. Therefore, I decided to find out if this is a universal problem with Bengal cats. Let me now share what I learned. Do Bengal cats

Do Bengal Kittens Change Color?

Being a crazy Bengal kitten fan I think, I have all the accurate information about the breed, particularly on whether they change color or not. Do Bengal kittens change color? Yes, Bengal kittens do change color but only until a

Do Bengal Cat’s Eyes Change Color?

I have always been mesmerized by the changing eye color of Bengal cats. So, I finally decided to write an article on this topic. Do Bengal cat’s eyes change color? Although some Bengal cats do change their eye color, a