Are ferrets Rodents?

Are ferrets Rodents? There is a typically misguided notion among numerous individuals that ferrets are Rodents. But no, they are most certainly not rodents or belong to that family. Ferrets are little animals from an order of Carnivora and Mustela

Should i Get a Chinchilla or a Ferret?

Keeping a chinchilla or a ferret is totally a personal choice. Both pets are adorable. However, they do have some differences. So, should you get a Chinchilla or a Ferret? There are stark differences between the two animals. Chinchilla is

Should I Get a Ferret or a Hedgehog?

Ferrets and hedgehogs are both cute little creatures that are amazing pets for any household. They are exotic, different than your average pet and enjoy the interaction with humans. Keeping a ferret or a hedgehog is a hoot if you

Should I Get a Ferret or a Rabbit?

When it comes to ferrets and rabbits, there is not much to compare. Both of them have their own cuddly nature and their own unique personalities. Rabbits are on the fluffier side of the spectrum as compared to ferrets while

Should I Get a Ferret or a Rat?

Should I get a ferret or a rat? Both of them are social creatures who love playing around. Ferrets need much more attention than rats as they have a tendency to escape and cause mayhem. The only major difference between the

Should I Get a Ferret or a Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs and ferrets are both adorable little critters that are a good addition to any family. Both of them have very different characteristics but do not compare them to cats and dogs because their behavior is unlike any common

Should I Get A Male Or Female Ferret?

Buying a ferret can be tricky and choosing between a female ferret and a male ferret can be a rather challenging decision for someone who has not owned a ferret before. There are some minor differences between the two which

Checklist: 9 Ferret Essentials

Ferrets are curious, highly intelligent and cuddly creatures that deserve all the love in the world. Love means care! And for anyone who is about to buy a ferret, make sure that you have the following things ready before you

How to Scruff a Ferret Properly?

Ferrets are lively and fun. They are spirited, and sometimes you need to carry it. But properly! If it falls it will be extremely bad. Approach it and do it right! So, how to scruff a ferret properly? Here is