The Cost of an American Bobtail Cat and Kitten

Owing to their incredibly endearing and intelligent persona, the American bobtails are peculiar both in terms of nature and cost. What is the price of American bobtail cats and kittens? Being a rare and popular breed of cat, the American

American Bobtail Cats Shed? Let’s Find Out

Here’s the deal: Cleaning after the hair your cat sheds can be a difficult task, especially if your breed tends to shed more than the average cat. So, does the American bobtail shed? The American Bobtail tends to shed quite

6 most common Abyssinian Cat Health Problems

Recently, I was highly concerned as my Abyssinian cat got sick. In search for its cure, I came across information related to their health that I think all the Abyssinian owners should know about. So, what are the most common

Do American Curl Cats Shed?

American Curl cats are great companions to have, however, with their amusing antics and friendship come problems such as shedding. Do American Curl cats shed? Yes, American curl cats shed; although they sport little to no undercoat, therefore, they shed

5 Steps to Choose an Abyssinian Cat Breeder

Abyssinian cats are born naughty. They are intelligent and head strong with playful moves that will keep you happy and entertained. But mind it; this cat breed can become much more annoying than a toddler. You should take our word

Are Abyssinian Cats Hypoallergenic?

Are you a cat lover but have allergies that refrain you from keeping this loving creature? Abyssinian cats may be your savior! Are Abyssinian cats hypoallergenic? The truth is that no cat is hypoallergenic. Every cat has a certain degree