8 Best Poodle Rescues In Arizona

Here you will find the list of the best Poodle Rescues in Arizona.

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Top 8 Poodle Rescues In Arizona

Below is the list of Shelters and Rescue Organizations in Arizona.

1) Springer Clan Standard Poodle

The Springer Clan Standard Poodle tops our list with a state-of-the-art breeding program and a haven for dozens of puppies. SCSP believes that integrity, expertise, and love are vital elements in raising a healthy puppy. Several tests are conducted on them to ensure their safety and compatibility. Make sure to visit their website for further enlightenment.

2) Arizona Poodle Rescue

Established in 2003, Arizona Poodle Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. It is a 100% volunteer group that accommodates dogs in private foster homes in the Phoenix area. They offer all kinds of veterinary and other medical care when needed, earning them a reputation as a go-to organization. Do visit their website for further information.

3) Valley of the Sun Poodle Club

Valley of the Sun Poodle Club is an AKC Affiliate Club belonging to the Poodle Club of America. Advocating for the well-bred poodle is their primary objective. They uphold the values of purebred poodles in all three varieties, Toy, Miniature, and Standard. Aside from all the intensive care and treatment for the puppies, they hold club poodle picnics, puppy parties, and fun matches.

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4) Arizona Small Dog Rescue

Arizona Small Dog Rescue is a non-profit, registered 501(c)(3) dog rescue in Phoenix, Arizona. They are a team of passionate volunteers and staff dedicated to saving the lives of small dogs. From socializing and caring for the animals in our shelter to finding a forever home is their ultimate goal. Their non-profit and no-kill policy enlisted them as the 2020 “Top-Rated Non-profit” by Great NonProfits. 

5) Underdog Rescue of Arizona

Underdog Rescue of Arizona is a foster-based non-profit dog rescue primarily working in the East Valley cities of Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, and Scottsdale. Aside from rescuing and re-homing homeless or abandoned pets, they provide guidelines on raising dogs and animal welfare. Several breeds, including poodles, are available to adopt at affordable rates on their website.

6) Ghost Town Dog Rescue

Ghost Town Dog is a 501(c)(3) rescue organization based in Mesa. It comprises a caring team committed to providing love and care to dogs in need and helping them find their forever home! Specific criteria are set for people looking to adopt dogs from them to ensure they adopt them to the right family. To know more about them, visit their website.

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7) Rescue Me

Rescue Me organization, founded by Jeff Gold, is a certified non-profit organization that finds homes for pets worldwide. They offer free services and provide one of the world’s largest animal directories for all breeds of animals. Currently, over a million animals have been adopted through this organization. Visit their website for further information.

8) Friends For Life Animal Rescue

The Friends For Life Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) donation-based organization. Advocating for animal rights since 1993, they have saved 10,000+ innocent lives and relocated them to a safer environment. Diverse breeds of cats and dogs are up for adoption. Visit their website to get information.

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