Is It Safe to let a Bengal Cat Outside?

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

I know how hard it is to keep a Bengal cat indoors all the time so let’s understand the risks of letting it outside.

Is it safe to let a Bengal cat outside? In my opinion, no. A Bengal cat is a special breed and also a very expensive one that makes it valuable enough to not risk with theft, pests, and other behavioral problems due to involvement with other animals. Nevertheless, there are other ways you can try to let the cat enjoy the outdoors.  

But wait:

Let me tell you something that includes useful ways and tricks to let a Bengal outside while ensuring safety.

Risks of letting a Bengal cat outside

As a Bengal cat owner:

I can confidently claim that this is the most beautiful and attractive breed that I’ve ever kept.

If you own a Bengal cat, you should ensure that you have everything your cat needs. Not sure if you do? Head on over to our Bengal cat checklist where we mention the top 20 products that every Bengal cat owner should purchase.

No wonder cat lovers are always after the breeders to find them a Bengal cat to witness a wild yet adorable animal at home.

You see:

This is exactly one of the main reasons as to why it is dangerous to let a Bengal cat outside.

You never know someone might steal it, play with it, or feed it something that causes aggression in the Bengal.

Other than this:

There are several reasons that I’ve come up with, keeping in mind my experience, for why you should not let your Bengal cat outside.

Here’s why:

1. Unsafe from theft and predators

As mentioned earlier:

Bengal cats are very expensive due to the fact that it belongs to a unique crossbreed.

This makes it extremely precious which is why it should be protected from thefts and predators etc.

Other than this:

Bengals are naturally very fond of wandering and jumping around so they might get lost or run far away.

2. Pesticides that can attack your Bengal

Pesticides are everywhere, especially in green areas where cats love to play.

So if you’re planning to let a Bengal cat outside the fenced area of the house, then they might get infected or catch a disease like rabies from the pests.

3. Reduced lifespan of your Bengal cat

In my experience:

The lifespan of a Bengal cat that is allowed outside frequently is less as compared to one that is kept safe inside.

Turns out that weak immunity and exposure to unhygienic atmosphere plays a major role in this cause.

4. Victim of animal aggression

Animal aggression is very normal especially with Bengal cats that usually stay inside the house.

Simply put:

Bengals are not much used to other animals and find it difficult to adjust while roaming around freely.


In order to avoid any behavioral problems, it is better to not let it outside.

Safety tips to consider before letting a Bengal outside

Now that I’ve already mentioned the risks of letting a Bengal cat outside, let us not forget that the Bengal breed is a mixture of an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat.

This fact makes it easy to understand the reason behind the playful, mischievous, and free nature of a Bengal.


If you really think that your Bengal cat is anxious to go outdoors, then make sure to learn some safety tips and also implement for utmost assurance of its safety.

  • Wait until 6 months so the cat is sensible enough to deal with sudden environmental changes
  • Get it neutered because you don’t want your pet to get involved with random cats
  • Have it microchipped to easily track it in case it gets lost
  • Ensure full vaccination to avoid unwanted diseases
  • Don’t let it out in the dark as there are increased risks at night time

Ways to let your Bengal cat outside

To be very honest, no matter how much other Bengal owners and I emphasize on not letting a Bengal outside, we cannot deny its unreserved nature.

Think about it, how can a cat that is partly wild be kept inside and for how much time?

This means that although I’m still in 100% favor of keeping the Bengal cat inside, something or the other needs to be done for it to explore its natural skills and physical demands.

In case you might be asking yourself, here is something for you to clear the confusion of whether to let a Bengal cat outside or not.

1. Leash walk

You can buy a leash and take the cat out for a walk daily for some time so that it remains familiar to the outdoor environment.

2. Cat enclosure

Cat enclosure in the garden is not only a reliable idea but also the most practical one, especially when the intention is to let the cat enjoy nature.

How to make your front yard secure for a Bengal cat?

Best of all the answers for letting the Bengal outside is to transform the front yard of the house into the cat’s play area.

This is quite easy to do as the methods I’m about to suggest work wonders in keeping the cat safe from all types of danger and also make it feel relieved from the usual in-house discipline.

1. Spike fence strips

Bengal cats are incredibly high-jumpers, so spike fence strips help them stop if they try to cross the fence.

2. Fence rollers

Fence rollers are a good option also because no matter how hard the cat might try, the rollers will not let them pass.

3. Border fence

You should get a fence that is absolutely safe.


One with borders which do not allow even a finger to cross.

4. Full metal fence

An attractive full metal fence is slippery enough to stop the cat from climbing on it.

Things to be installed in the garden for a Bengal


The point is that if you and the cat are still adamant on roaming outside the house freely, then the garden area is the best place to start from.

Here is a list of things that you can easily install to create a cat garden that is full of activities and necessary items needed to survive for a couple of hours.

  • A cat tree for it to climb higher and explore its wild nature
  • Cat toys so that it does not get bored from jumping and climbing
  • A scratching post for it to feel relaxed the whole time
  • A cat house if it wants to sleep or rest during play hours
  • A litter box so that it remains disciplined even outdoors and does not forget rules

Our top choices for all of these items have been mentioned in our Bengal cat checklist. You should check it out if you own one.


I think my idea of not letting a Bengal outside has been clearly explained above with all the fats and realities experienced first-hand.

However, if you still wish to give up on it, make sure to follow safety tips and do not let the lovely pet get away or harmed by the environment.

Related Questions

Is it worth it to harness train Bengal cats? Yes, definitely.

Harness training means that you teach your cat to walk with a harness on. This way, you can hold its leash and it won’t be able to get away from you.

Most of the Bengal owners that I know of are completely satisfied with the idea of harness training while outside, especially at a park due to the same reason that it provides them with maximum assurance of the cat’s safety.


If you are alright with tying up your Bengal with a leash then there is no harm in trying harness training.

What are the playful activities for a Bengal cat in the garden? No wonder Bengal cats usually remain hyperactive and enthusiastic all the time.

A fiber slide, see-saw, merry-go-round, and a climbing wall are some of the ideas for the Bengal cats to play in the garden.

But what if you don’t have enough space to get all or either of these items?

Well then:

Your best bet is to play along with the cat with things that are already there in the garden like a water pipe, rolling on the grass, or with a ball.

Is keeping a Bengal cat indoor against its nature? Not really.

I agree that Bengals possess slightly wild nature but let’s not forget that they are half domestic and half wild.

It makes sense when I claim that keeping them inside the house is not against their nature as they love to cuddle, play, and remain around the owner which speaks volumes of their homely nature.

Is it possible to train a Bengal for roaming freely outside? Although I have not attempted this, one thing that I am sure of is that cats are animals and not humans that will leave the house at one particular time and return back at another.

You see:

No matter how strict you are with your Bengal cat in terms of discipline, there is almost zero possibility of training it for roaming freely outside.


Let’s assume that even if you are successful in doing so, how is it possible to keep it safe from other animals, pests, and people who seek an opportunity to steal this special crossbreed cat?


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