Best Bedding For Rats – Top 7 Picks

Does the idea of your pet being uncomfortable keep you awake at nights? If this is the case, you have landed at the right place. It is natural to be confused about the type of bedding you should get for

How Dangerous Are Rats?

Rats aren’t a regular pet. Although Stuart Little may have inspired a lot of people to own cute little pet rats and mouses, this inspiration alone is not enough to handle these animals. Rats are not the easiest pets to

13 Best Rat Toys and Wheels

Domestic rats are highly personable and intelligent creatures with a perky nature. Just like a dog, these adorable puffballs are smart enough to learn techniques, tricks, and even play fetch. With a dynamic personality, the rats may turn to laziness

7 Best Rat Water Bottles

If you own a rat, then you are probably aware of how heartwarming, the lovable creatures are. Any rat owner would want the perfect habitat to set up for their furry little friend. They are fully equipped with their food,

13 Best Rat Foods and Treats

Rats require a high-quality diet just like any other domesticated animal out there. In fact, giving your rats high-quality, tasty food will also help in developing trust between the owner and the little critter. If this is your first time

13 reasons why rats make the best pets!

I haven’t heard of many people who own rats. It is quite astonishing that rats aren’t as common pets despite their great qualities. The common misconceptions about rats are what keep most people from opting for a pet rat. This

13 Best Rat Cages

Rats are curious creatures. They love to play, roam around, and socialize with other rats. But after all of that playing and roaming around, they’ll need a place to hide. It is their instinctive behavior. You never see rats in

Are Pet Rats Affectionate?

I remember being fascinated with the idea of keeping a rat as a pet after watching “Stuart Little.” (Yeah, I know he was a mouse!) The idea, of course, made me the subject of everyone’s ridicule. But it persisted in

Are Rats Safe Pets? Are They Safe for Children?

A lot of people advised me against keeping rats as pets. I was ridiculed and laughed at. Yet, the little creatures had my heart, and I was set on getting one of them as a companion. However, there is one