How Smart is a Bengal Cat?

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

Cats are typically good house pets due to their high smartness level.

Bengal cats in specific are known to be extremely intelligent.

This is why they are such a loved pet cat breed.

So, how smart is a Bengal cat? Bengal cats are intelligent, there is no doubt in that. But to be specific, they are so smart that they have been listed in the top 10 smartest cat breeds. They are quick learners and very well-behaved as well!

What other personality traits do Bengal cats have and why are they so loved?

Keep reading to find out more!

Intelligence in Bengal cats

Bengal cats have proven to be smarter than most pet cat species.

Here’s the thing:

These cats can learn tricks with just one or two tries!

Bengal cats can develop skills very quickly.

They have the ability to master whatever you want them to learn.

Their intelligence levels make them very understanding and affectionate as well.

Bengal cats can understand their owner’s demands, feelings, and temperament.

After reading your behavior:

They can act accordingly.

These cats can learn to do very complex things as well.

If trained:

A Bengal cat can solve puzzles, too.

That may sound unreal because animals are usually incapable of understanding such things.


A Bengal cat can do many such surprising things without any help.

All you have to do is nudge the cat in the right direction.

Give it instructions a couple of times and it’ll get the hold of things.

Their high intelligence levels make them very obedient as well.


Their smartness can sometimes trick you.

Bengal cats can learn their way around things.

You need to be highly alert and careful with these cats.

Make sure you put in all the effort and time when training them so that the rest of your life is spent peacefully.

Playful nature of Bengal cats

One thing that you’ll notice is:

Bengal cats are always excited!

From being kittens till their adulthood, these cats are super hyper.

This is fun for when you’re in the mood to play with your cat but at times, this can get super annoying, too.

Keep in mind that you will have to somehow accommodate your Bengal cat’s energy every single day. There is no other way out of it.

Bengal cats love to jump.

In fact:

They can jump as high as three times their height!

This means nothing will be out of their reach.

You’ll have to keep your household items locked away.


Bengal cats love to play hide and seek.

There is a common saying that cats are couch potatoes.


That is definitely not the case with Bengal cats.

For when you’re taking these out in the public, you’ll need sturdy harnesses.

Train your cats to be secure in public play areas or else, their overexcitement could either hurt another animal or their own self.

Bengal cat’s love for water

One thing is very common in all Bengal cats:

They love water!

Expect your cat to be somewhere near a water source if you cannot find her anywhere else.

Even if you give them a bowl full of fresh water, they’ll still love drinking from a tap.

They don’t like drinking from a bowl but they do love dipping their paws in a bowl full of water.

This will make it tricky for you to manage drinking bowls for your cat. That’s why I’d recommend getting a water station for your Bengal cat.

Want to know our choice for the best Bengal cat water station and a lot more? Head on to our Bengal cat checklist.

But, here’s the kicker:

Your Bengal cat loving water is actually a good thing because you can stop worrying about a dehydrated Bengal cat.

It’ll always find a source of water and drink plenty.

The only downside is that the surrounding area and the cat itself will be drenched, too.

This love for water makes bath times easy.


At the same time, they are rather difficult to end.

Another problem is that these cats won’t be afraid to jump in a fish bowl or aquarium.

If you own fish along with a Bengal cat, you’ll have to extremely careful.

Wild and naughty nature of Bengal cats

This is what’s crazy:

High levels of smartness paired with a playful nature make the perfect recipe for a wild and naughty cat.

Bengal cats can learn the most unexpected things.

Don’t be surprised if your cat learns to open doors and windows.

They can also flush toilets.

These cats can pretty much do everything that they see their owner do.

Bengal cats can also play tricks on you.

They love to play with random things from around the house.

But after they’re done playing, they could hide them, or flush them!

Keep your things, especially the ones that can hurt the cat, out of its reach.

Use child safety locks and take other precautionary steps to prevent any accidents.

What’s the bottom line?

Be alert, train your cat well, and arrange as many alternatives as possible.

Try to channel your cat’s energy in positive areas.

Get it interactive toys to spend time with.

For example:

You can teach your Bengal cat things like solving puzzles and then get it a complicated one to keep it diverted from creating a nuisance.

Suitable toys to engage smart Bengal cats

With their smartness and energetic behavior, you need to provide a lot of entertainment outlets to your Bengal cats.

It is best if Bengal cats have a companion to play with.

Suitable companions for Bengal cats are:

  • You
  • Other pets
  • kids


For when you and other pets are tired, toys are the best option.

Bengal cats also have a hard time playing with one thing for long periods of time.

They need varying sources of entertainment every now and then.

Stock up on suitable toys so that their energy can be directed into harmless places.

This table gives you an idea of what kind of toys will be best for accommodating what kinds of needs:

ToyNeeds fulfilled
BallsPlaying catch
Squeaky toysConversation
Climbing postsJumping and climbing
FeathersRelease aggression


These are just basic ideas.

You can get variations in these toys.

You can also DIY some of these options.

Just gather lots of toys so that whenever your cat is bored, you can toss something new and exciting towards her.

In our Bengal cat checklist, we suggest our top choice for a Bengal cat toy assortment.

Pro tip:

Do not give all the toys to the cat at once.

This way it’ll lose interest quickly.

Keep alternating toys but at one time, only give one piece.

Another thing you can do is to give a batch of 5 toys in the first week.

Then, the next week, give another 5 toys.

After a couple of weeks, repeat the toys from the first week and your cat will be as excited as if they were brand new.

To deal with the smart cat:

You’ll have to come up with smart ideas, too!

The Origins of the Smart Bengal cat

Well, we know all about these cats’ personality.


Let’s find a connection between these traits and their background.

Bengal cats originate from the US.

They weren’t always there, instead, they came into being through a cross.

The ancestors of these cats are:

The Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat.

This wild cross between a jungle cat and a domestic cat created the perfect in-between.

They are also associated with:

  • Egyptian Mau cats
  • Abyssinian cats

You’ll notice that Bengal cats have inherited traits from both their ancestors, making them a perfect hybrid.

There is a part of Bengal cats that is wild and out there while the other part is well-behaved.

This moderation is what makes Bengal cats such a popular choice in pet parents.

Bengal cats have the physical beauty of the jungle cat.

With a fierce look and exotic fur, these cats are beautiful creatures.

At the same time:

Their good manners are to be credited to their domestic parent.

In the first 3 generations after the cross, the genes of the wild parent are very dominant.

Bengal cats of these early generations are the total opposite of social.

They were pretty hard to raise.


From the 4th generation onwards, they become much more tamed.

This cat species is further divided into breeds.

These breeds are distinguished on the basis of their varying physical appearances.

Related Questions

How much does a Bengal cat cost? The exact cost of Bengal cats varies from place to place.

Breeding conditions, location, gender, and other traits determine the price of a Bengal cat.


The average rate for these cats worldwide is somewhere between $1000 and $2000.

Is it illegal to own a Bengal cat? Bengal cats, despite their friendly traits, are illegal to own in some states.

The reason behind this is that they are classified as exotic cats.

Since they have a wild background, they are seen as a threat by some people.

For this reason:

Not every place allows Bengal cats to be house pets.

Are Bengal cats loud? Yes, these cats are very vocal and loud.

They are unlike domestic cats.

Their meows aren’t soft and subtle.


They can get to a point of screaming and grunting.

Even if they are feeling completely fine, they will talk a lot and make lots of noises.


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