The 12 Coolest Looking Animals in the World

In his famous book – 1984, George Orwell wrote a line that stuck by millions – ‘…all animals are equal but some more equal than others’.

And truer words were never said.

Spanning over a billion species, the Animal Kingdom is a wonder of Nature. But why are some animals just more fun to look at?

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Stick around to see which one these 14 animals is your favorite!

The White Bengal tiger

Animal Family: Panthera

Silent hunters, tigers are the largest living cat (weighing over 300kg!)

While we are mostly used to the striped version, wait till you see the White Bengali tiger in all its mono-chrome majesty!

All tigers are nocturnal creatures, who hunt alone at night – and absolutely love being close to water!

Fun fact: India is home to the largest tiger population in the world!

The Peacock Spider

Animal Family: Salticidae 

A nightmare for some – a visual treat for others! The peacock Spider is the most colorful spider specie.

Native to Australia,

During mating period, the male dances in a bid to woo and copulate with the female! Tragically though, if the female peacock spider does not accept the mating call – it can get pretty violent & devour the male! That’s mighty scary!

The Peacock

Animal Family: Phasianidae

Native to Asia and Africa, the peacock is truly the bird that fell from paradise!

Watching them spread their long, jewel-like feathers is truly one of the most beautiful sights one can experience!

Coming in shades of blue, golden and red – did you know the peacock is also the national bird of India?! To learn more the about the history of the Peacock Throne of India, click here!

Fun fact: Only the male of the species has colorful, ornamental feathers! (Peafowls are white)

The Pink Dolphin

Animal Family: Iniidae

Surely, the only thing cooler than a regular dolphin is a pink dolphin!

Weighing more than 450 pounds, the pink dolphin has the largest body and brain of all dolphins!

Coming in all shades of pinks, they are only native to the Amazon River in South America.

Naturally part of the local culture, according to one Amazonian myth – the pink dolphins can assume human form, and roam the rainforests as handsome, hat-wearing men! (You might not hear it, but we are laughing inside).

Fun fact: Pink dolphins have 40% more brain capacity than humans?!

The White Swan

Animal Family: Anatidae 

Swans are one the most beautiful animals on our planet – a picture of grace in white!

With long, white feathers – and curving, slender necks, the swan’s beauty is truly one for the ages!

Swans enjoy swimming in lakes or ponds – and are surprisingly good swimmers. Mute swans in particular are less much less loud than other swan species, a quality that only adds to their graceful aura!

Did You know?

The late Queen of England claimed ownership over all mute swans in any part of the UK? Pretty cool right?


Animal Family: Psittacidae

Native to South American rainforest, the macaw is one the most colorful animals of all time!

Draped in vibrant shades of yellow, pink, blue, and orange – the macaw is another feather in his hat – It is also the largest parrot in the world!

Even though macaws make for great pets, they should (ideally) dwell in their natural habitat.

Fun fact: Macaw is the national bird of Honduras.

The American Bald Eagle

Animal Family: Accipitridae 

Bird royalty, eagles are large and powerful birds.

Native to Eurasia and Africa, eagles have a 5x better vision than humans!

Mostly feeding on fish (including dead fish), did you know the Bald Eagle is one the America’s national symbols!? Of course, you did!

Fun fact: The largest American Bald Eagles are found in Alaska!

The Black Panther

Animal Family: Felidae

A stealthy carnivore, the black panther is the rarest and most enigmatic of big cats!

With their incredible sense of sight and smell, panthers are among the best hunters of the wild!

Once a regular sight in North America, their populations are now in decline – mostly as a result of high levels of deforestation, pollution and hunting.

Fun fact: A panther’s black skin is the result of a rare genetic condition that affects leopards and jaguars!

The Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Animal Family: Columbidae

Titled in the name of the Great Britain’s greatest Empress, this regal bird is one of the most exquisite animals alive!

Native to New Guinea, the Victoria crown pigeon is best known for a beautiful crest of feathers around its head. Pretty Queen-like!

They also happen  to be larger than your average pigeon – standing up to 80 Centimeters tall! That’s plenty tall in the pigeon world!

Fun fact: Only 10 to 20,000 of these pigeons are still alive!

Friesian horses

Animal Family: Equidae 

The Friesian horse breed, which hails from the Netherlands, is one of the world’s oldest horse breeds.

Around for over a thousand years, most Friesians are glossy black in color. They are also distinguished by their long, flowy mane.

These enormous horses, who have a lifespan of about 16 years, mostly feed on grass, and a variety of grains.

Siberian Husky

Animal Family: Canidae

Strikingly beautiful, the Siberian Husky may be the King of the canine!

Originally bred by the Chukchis of Siberia over thousands of years, huskies are extremely friendly animals!

Weighing up to 50 pounds, this majestic looking animal has a lifespan of up to 15 years!

Fun fact: Huskies have a double fur coat – which helps them survive the Arctic weather!

The Blue Dragon

What does a common garden slug have in common with the Blue Sea Dragon?

Well, they are both gastropods.

Growing up to 3 cm in length, these floating beauties are one of the few carnivorous slugs.

And even though they don’t breathe fire, these blue dragons are able to extract venom from its prey, store it, and use it as defense when attacked in the future. Pretty strategic, we must say.

Fun fact: All blue dragons are hermaphrodites, which means they have both male and female reproductive organs.

From the mysterious charm of a black panther, to the vivid plumage of the world’s biggest parrot – these beautiful animals are a treat to watch!

Which animal on our list is your favorite? And Why? Let us know in comments below!

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