The 15 Cutest Animals in the World!

Feeling a little down and blue? Well – from our experience, the sight of cute cuddly animals is all you need to feel better.

And no – not just good ol’ kittens & baby pups – the animal world is teeming with cuties you have probably never come across!

From little fur-balls that dwell inside trees to the tiniest of humming-birds – the animal kingdom is home to some of the most adorable living creatures you can think of!

That’s why, we, at FluffyPlanet, have a compiled a list of 14 cutest animals in the world for you to enjoy!

Read on to learn more interesting and fun facts about them!

1. The Golden Hamster

This little ball of far is just the pocket-sized pet we have all been waiting for!

Also known as the teddy bear hamster, the Golden hamster is one of the fluffiest rodents out there.

Living up to an average of 1 to 2 years, the Golden Hamster is native to parts of Syria and Tukey.

Fun fact: Syrian hamsters have the shortest gestation period of any animal – only 16 days!

2. Pomeranian Dogs

Cute and oh-so-teddy-like, Pomeranian Dogs are native to parts of Central Europe.

And are classified as a toy dog breed due to their small size & cuddly appearance.

Thanks to their irritably cute and cheeky looks, Pomeranian dogs are now among one of the most popular breeds in the US.

Fun fact: Did you know that two Pomeranian dogs were able to survive the sinking of the Titanic!

3. Persian Cats

First arriving in Europe in the early 1600s, Persian cats are one of the most adorable-looking felines in the world.

Coming in shades from orange, gray and black to the classic white, Persians are also the perfect lap-cats! As they can snuggle in your comfy spot for hours!

Fun fact: Queen Victoria of Great Britain was super-fond of Persian cats – and kept several of them as pets!

4. Fennec fox

The smallest of all living foxes, the fennec fox is a delight to look at!

Native to North Africa, the fox only weight up to 2 kg at max.

It also happens to have the largest ear to body ration in the canid family. With the large ears actually helping the animal release body heat when it gets hot!

Fun fact: Fennec Foxes Can Breathe Up To 690 Times In A Single Minute!

5. The Shetland Pony

One of the most loved species of ponies, the Shetland Island is one of the cutest equids to look at!

Native to the Shetland Isles in Scotland, where they have lived for 4000 years – the Shetland Pony is known for its thick coat and incredible strength.

With an average height of 40 inches, the Shetland Pony is also one of the smallest horse breeds in existence.

Fun fact: As of now, there are 100,000 Shetland Ponies in the world!

6. Quakka

One of the smallest marsupials, the quakka is native to Australia.

Often dubbed the world’s happiest looking animal, the Quakka is also popularly known as a short-tailed scrub wallaby.

Thanks to a resting smiley face, quakkas are the perfect animal buddies to take a selfie with!

Fun fact: Quakkas can go for weeks, even months, without drinking water!

7. Gentoo Penguins

Native to Antarctica, Gentoo penguins are one of the cutest things you’ll ever see!

Compared to other penguins, Gentoo penguins are also incredibly fast swimmers – going up to speeds of 20 km per hour!

They can also dive up to 300 meters! Pretty amazing, right?

Fun fact: During mating season, it is common for the male Gentoo to collect pebbles and give to the female as a way too woo her! Now if that’s not cute, we don’t know what is.

8. Polar Bears

The largest species of bear, the polar bear is best known for its impeccably white thick fur!

A carnivorous marine mammal – polar bears are native to Arctic regions.

Unfortunately, over recent years, thanks to changing climate conditions – the animal is now an endangered specie.

To discover more about endangered animals species, read our post on 14 endangered animals in the world.

Fun fact: Did you know that beneath all that thick white fur, a polar bear has jet-black skin!

9. Snowy Owl

Another Arctic treat – the snowy owl is one striking-looking birdie!

Known for its white plumage and yellow eyes – the snowy owl also has an incredible flying speed of up to 50mph!

But hey – best not be deceived by its pristine looks – as the snowy owl is also one of the most aggressive bird predators on Earth!

Fun fact: A snowy owl has an incredible heartbeat of up to 300 beats per minute!

10. Bee Humming-bird

Officially the smallest bird in the world, we just can’t help but dote over this one!

Native to the island of Cuba, the bee hummingbird has bright and colorful plumage. It also produces a buzzing bee-like sound – which is also where it gets its name!

Fun fact: A bee hummingbird’s egg is about the size of a coffee bean!

11. Eastern Fox Squirrel

Long and bushy tailed, the eastern fox squirrel is surely cute as a button!

Native to North America, this squirrel is one of the only mammals in the world to have pink (instead of white) bones!

With an average lifespan of up to 18 years, these large rodents are omnivores – which means they will consume anything from plant matter to dead fish.

12. The Red Panda

The red panda definitely makes it to our list of the cutest looking animals in the world!

Smaller than the regular panda, this panda is native to the Himalayan mountains of Asia.

Thanks to their ruddy coat and fluffy faces – it is hard not to fall in love with them at first sight!

“They’re like a fox and a raccoon and a bear and a dog and a cat.”

Seth Meyers

Fun fact: Red pandas were discovered almost 50 years before the giant black & white panda!

13. Pygmy Marmoset

The smallest monkey in the world – the Pygmy Marmoset is tiny enough to fit on the palm of your hand!

Native to the Amazon rainforests, pygmies are also called finger monkeys! (For obvious reasons)

And thanks to how cute they are, pygmies are also a popular exotic pet. That said, they do require a lot of proper care when they are not living in the wild.

Fun fact: Pygmies can jump as high as 15 feet into the air.

14. Mandarin Ducks

Often called the world’s most beautiful fuck, the Mandarin duck is native to China and Japan.

And with that beautiful bright plumage – there is no way this duckie is not scoring a spot on our list of the cutest animals in the world!

In fact, their colorful plumage has also been widely depicted in oriental art for centuries!

Fun fact: In traditional Chinese cultures, the Mandarin duck is also regarded as a symbol of fidelity and given to brides on their wedding day.

15. Koala Bears

Last but not the least – the koala bear is probably the cutest resident of the tree world!

A marsupial with a large round head, a koala bear is not just the cutest – but also the laziest, animal on our list. Often sleeping for up to 20 hours a day!

Koalas are mostly found in areas with dense forestation.

Fun fact: Koala bears are the only animals other than primates to have fingerprints!


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