The Perfect Cat Breed for Your Zodiac Sign

All cats are fantastic in their own right but getting one that matches your personality type will be a very interesting experience.

So what is the perfect cat breed for your zodiac sign? You will find out as you read on. Every zodiac sign has its bespoke cat breed.

We will be discussing, in length, why a certain breed is perfect for its zodiac member. We will discuss personality traits, compatibility, and level of maintenance. At the end of this article, you will know what breed you should get and why,

Now, in no way are we suggesting that you only get the cat that is compatible with your sign. This article is for people who want to be sure of what cat they should buy and why it will be a good match. If you have your eyes set on a particular breed, we can assure you that you will have a great time with that as well.

Aries – Siberian

Perhaps the most prominent quality of an Aries is that they are fearless. They know what they want, and they will go out of their way to take it.

Aries people are also always looking for adventure. Monotony bores them, and therefore, they need a companion that will match their agile and thrill-seeking nature.

So what better breed for them is there other than the Siberian?

Siberian cats are very playful, friendly, low-maintenance cats that will always be on the lookout for adventure.

They love new surroundings and exploration is in their nature.

Naturally, they will make perfect companions for all the Aries out there.

You will not have to take special measures to cater to their moodiness which many other breeds are notorious for.

Despite their adventurous spirit:

A Siberian cat is fiercely loyal to its owner. And the more quality time you spend with it and the more you let it explore, the greater the respect it will gain for you.

Aries people are also known for being socially apt.

Another reason why the Siberian cat is perfect for your general Aries person is that it is also very social!

Not only will a Siberian kitty bond with other cats, but it is also open to friendship with dogs, rabbits, other pets, and even other people!

It will be like finding the soulmate equivalent of a pet animal.

If you are an Aries who identifies with the general personality of an Aries person, the Siberian cat will be the perfect match for you!

Taurus – Ragdoll

Our Taurus friends lie more on the exotic and artistic end of the spectrum.

They have a taste for the finer things in life.

But their love of exotic things does not make them vain. Taureans are exceptionally reliable and trustworthy people and often share with their loved ones the same luxuries that they are familiar with.

Undoubtedly, the perfect breed of cat for our Taurean friends is the Ragdoll.

The Ragdoll is an exotic, luxurious cat that is humble and dignified at the same time.

Ragdolls kitties are extremely loyal. They share a bond with their owners, and they make sure that their owners know of the reverence and devotion it holds towards them.

Knowing the common Taurus, we can be sure that they will only provide the best for their cats and that will in turn only strengthen their bond.

Not only does a Ragdoll respect their master, but they are also keenly aware of their emotional needs.

Taureans are often lacking in human empathy because they put on a brave face and are always ready to face the world in spite of their emotional wants and needs.

The Ragdoll, with its sharp emotional quotient, can figure out the smallest behavioral changes in their owners and jump to their need when they feel it is required.


This makes a Ragdoll the perfect companion for an emotional Taurus.

A Taurean with their love for all things beautiful and a Ragdoll with their almost effortless beauty make for quite the refreshing aesthetic.

Gemini – American Shorthair

The average Gemini and an American Shorthair seem to be unlikely companions at first, but it only takes a second glance to understand the depth of the bond they share.

Gemini-born people are intelligent, flirtatious, full of curiosity, with exceptionally amazing social skills.

Other than that, they know how to be in control. Their organizational skills are unmatched, and they can often appear as intimidating to the other zodiacs.

But, Gemini is also commonly known for having two personalities. Because of this, they are often kind, loving, and often find themselves in need of some space.

The American Shorthair:

It is friendly, playful, and very social, but on its own terms.

And that is exactly why it makes for such a wonderful companion for a Gemini.

As pet and owner, the Gemini and the American Shorthair will come to a mutual understanding of each other and therefore give each other ample space.

They will be there when the other requires company and away doing their own thing when they don’t.

So what does an American Shorthair do when it is left alone?

You don’t need to worry yourself too much there because it is a very intelligent cat breed.

The American Shorthair is perceptive, clever, and self-sufficient.

You will need to feed it and cater to its basic physical needs as a pet, of course, but you will also soon learn that it values its time alone.

It will stay away from the core of the party and find many ways to amuse itself, just like a Gemini.

It is also a very social cat and when in the mood, will befriend many other pets and people as well.

This way, a Gemini and an American Shorthair Cat will share a bond of mutual understanding and trust, making them perfect for each other.

Cancer – Turkish Van

The average Cancerian is known to be an animal lover.

They love all animals, but cats often top their list as favorites. Naturally, they are ready to groom and maintain as many cats as they can get.

But for all their efforts, the Cancerian also deserves to be rewarded with the perfect, loving pet kitty, and that is the Turkish Van.

The Turkish Van is a rare, exotic breed of cat and it knows its worth. Indubitably, it expects only the highest level of care from its owner.

It loves being the center of attention and may become moody and irritable if its needs are not properly catered to.

So what better owner for such a high maintenance animal than a Cancerian?

As a reward for all the love and affection that a Turkish Van gets, it rewards its owner with playfulness, friendliness, love, and devotion.

It is a very playful cat and will keep their owner entertained for hours with its playful antics.

Being the exotic breed it is, the Turkish Van will love any gift you can get for it.

Also, keep in mind:

It is a very perceptive breed and will often show signs of intelligence by bringing you a toy when it wants to play and gesturing towards its bowl when it wants food.

After a long, hard day of caring for animals, it will love nothing more than to cuddle next to you while you fall asleep. After all, in its eyes, you are both equals!

Leo – Abyssinian

Leos are known for their boisterous personalities and exceptional leadership qualities.

Appointing a Leo as a leader is like placing them in their natural habitat. They will take charge not only by their commands but also by their appearance.

They will intimidate you into doing their bidding, and they know how to get things right.

Such a powerful personality needs a quick, perceptive companion, and that is the Abyssinian.

Though a common breed in most parts of the Western world, the Abyssinian has quite an unusual appearance and it easily stands out from the crowd.

And so:

Leo, being the leader, also needs to stand out from their followers, and that is why this nimble, uniquely featured cat is their perfect companion.

It is a very intelligent breed and can easily adapt to any environment.

It recognizes faces that it is familiar with and therefore has no trouble distinguishing friend from foe.

The Abyssinian breed of kitties also loves a challenge. Bring it near a high spot or a tight little place, and its first instinct will be to reach it.

This is why you will often find this athletic little critter on treetops (if you take it outside), high shelves and perches, tiny boxes and containers, and any other place that might seem challenging for them to reach.

Other than that, it is also very playful and friendly and will socialize with other animals with ease.

Its charisma, quick wit, and love for all things challenging make it the perfect fit for a robust Leo personality.

Virgo – Balinese

Virgos are commonly seen as high-maintenance perfectionists. This trait does not personify them as much as the reason why they are this way does.

Virgos are humble people. They are caring, friendly, and always want to be presentable in front of everyone they know and love.

Only those who are closest to a Virgo see the level of care and effort they put in their lifestyle, and that is why they see them as stubborn perfectionists. To the rest of the world, they are at the top of their game.


The Balinese cat is the perfect Feline companion for a Virgo for Several reasons.

One, the Balinese cat is an exotic breed that requires a lot of care and maintenance, all the things your average Virgo loves.

Other than that, the Balinese cat is very loyal and loves interacting with its owner.

The Virgo will care for it, play with it, and give it all the affection it needs and in turn, the Balinese cat will show lots of love and devotion.

This cat will also help the Virgo uphold their reputation among people because it is one of the most intelligent breeds of felines out there.

It can quickly adjust to many different environments, it can get familiar with new faces easily, and it always keeps track of its owner’s moods.

It is very energetic and playful and watching it perform its antics for a little while can cheer anyone up in a flash.

For these reasons, a humble Virgo will find its perfect companion in a friendly, energetic Balinese Cat.

Libra – Persian

Libras are known for their obsession with beautiful things, with harmony, luxury, symmetry, and balance.

You can say that Librans are not only perfectionists; they also want the perfection they display to be beautiful.

They strive hard to be the best at everything they do and create balance in their lives by not being too outgoing and not being too introverted either.

The perfect Libra is one that has found the key to creating balance in their lives.

So why is the Persian cat their ideal match?

To put it simply:

The traditional long-haired Persian cat is known and revered for its magnificent beauty.

The Persian is the best lap cat out there, which means that it will rest peacefully in your lap or its designated place of comfort.

Because of its restful nature, the Persian cat will not be found creating havoc in the Perfectionist Libra’s humble abode.

They are the perfect companions for each other because they understand each other’s love for beautiful things, peace, and harmony.

A Persian’s restful nature does not mean it’s a lethargic feline.

It is actually quite intelligent and curious about its surroundings. But unlike most other kitties, the Persian will satisfy its curiosity with a simple glance and minimal fidgeting, so as to not disturb the careful balance of the environment.

The lack of destruction and love for harmony is what makes these two perfect for each other.

Scorpio – Birman

Scorpios often exude powerful personalities. They are mysterious, rebellious, almost dauntingly intelligent, and very passionate.

Socially speaking, Scorpios hold a dear few close to their hearts; not everyone can handle the enigmatic personality of a Scorpio. But those few that they hold close are truly special in their hearts.

The Birman, although known to be a friendly, playful cat, is also very socially exclusive.

It will not get attached to everyone and is often found enjoying its own company when it is not with someone it is attached to.

The Birman wants special attention from its owners and can quickly grow tired of them if they do not give in to its whims with ease.

They tend to grow very attached to their owners and often show signs of jealousy, especially when its owners pay attention to any other animals in the house.

Though it will not show signs of aggression, the Birman will certainly display an off-putting attitude when it is dissatisfied.


It only makes sense to not keep Birmans in an environment where there are too many other animals, so the attention on it is not divided.

Scorpios, with their exclusivity, are certainly excellent matches for the Birman because they will make sure it gives all of its attention to the cat alone.

In return for this devotion, the Birman will play with you and show the utmost loyalty and devotion to you.

It is very compatible with Scorpios in this regard!

Sagittarius – Russian Blue

Sagittarians are generally fiercely independent and strong-willed people. They are perceptive, intuitive, and do not fear the less-traveled path.

They are creative and courageous, which means that they are not very extroverted, and many people find it difficult to adapt to their brave personalities.

Even so, Sagittarians need a companion who will stick with them, provide some solace, and be completely devoted to them.


The Russian Blue cat will make a near-perfect companion.

The Russian Blue is a shorthair breed with a blue-grey coat and sparkling green eyes. Its appearance is quite distinctive, and therefore it turns quite a few heads when it walks in public.

It is also docile and shows a lot of affection and devotion to its owners. Of course, it is a very intelligent cat as well and needs to know that its love and affection is being returned as well.

They love their playtime and fetch one of the Russian Blue’s favorite games.

In spite of its playful nature, they love a quiet moment to themselves where they will curl up next to you or on your lap where it knows it is safe.

Russian Blue cats are also nature-loving, and you can often find one on a windowsill just taking in all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Such a loyal and unique companion makes the perfect fit for any Sagittarian. It will not demand too much attention or show a lot of aggression which can stray the Sagittarian from their warrior’s path.

At the same time, it will be there when needed, providing comfort and support to their owner.

Capricorn – Tonkinese

The general Capricorn person is ambitious, intelligent, vigilant, pragmatic, and very solution-oriented.

They find it difficult to deal with prudent and overly goofy-natured members of the Zodiac, and naturally, they want to see intelligence and a bit of self-sufficiency in their companion as well.

The Tonkinese cat is a wonderful match for your average Capricorn because of its quick-witted, intelligent, and demanding personality.

It is best for a Capricorn to get the Tonkinese cat in a pair because whenever they need their alone time, their cat can spend time with their mate.

Other than that:

Capricorns invest loyalty and devotion to their relationships. They understand the behavior patterns of those close to them and behave with them accordingly.

They prefer having feelings communicated to even if they might get defensive at times.

The Tonkinese cat will communicate with its owner with almost a human-like fluency. It will make sure you know when its needs are not being fulfilled.

In case you do not give it attention even then, it will find a different way to get through to you, which might not always be pleasant.

Capricorns, with their attention to behavior patterns, will ensure that the Tonk does not find itself in this situation. At the same time, the Tonk will show appreciation for the Capricorn’s affection, making them perfect companions.

Capricorns also enjoy watching creativity and ideas unfolding which are, in some ways, the Tonkinese Cat’s forte.

They are often found inventing new games and testing them out, figuring out new ideas to keep themselves occupied and to spend time with their owners.

This behavior will be very entertaining for the Capricorn, and they will reward their feline companion aptly for it, making them the perfect fit for each other.

Aquarius – Siamese

Aquarian people are free-spirited, strong-willed, highly intelligent, and often display unique personality traits which become part of their attractive personality.

They want a loyal, intelligent companion that can be trained to their liking without losing its own personality.

What better feline breed is there for the Aquarius other than that Siamese cat?

Siamese cats have a profound love for growing and learning all sorts of new things. They can be taught all sorts of tricks and new games.

In spite of being so easily moldable, the Siamese cat is a very intelligent breed and will not succumb to anyone’s desires but its own.

So even though you will see it having fun learning new tricks and techniques one day, the very next day, it might show you a little bit of attitude. After all, it needs to show you who is in charge!

The Aquarius, with their love for individuality and love for learning, will appreciate the antics of a Siamese cat like no other.

Both pet and owner will find comfort in each other’s company and show mutual respect for each other as well.

In turn, for the Aquarian’s love and affection, the Siamese cat will show deep gratitude to their owner. It will sleep next to them and be a happy lap cat is quiet and content times.

The Siamese cat will also be fiercely loyal to its owner, which is what an Aquarian needs since less loyal companions might have a hard time adjusting to their eccentric tastes.

Truly they are the ideal companions for each other.

Pisces – Sphynx

Those who are born under the star of Pisces are extremely compassionate people. They have a great love for all of humanity and are especially loving to the unique creatures.

They are all about giving everyone a chance and giving their companions the love and affection they truly deserve.

The Sphynx cat has perhaps the unique feline characteristics of any breed out there.

It has a hairless coat, wrinkled and oily skin, and is physically nothing like the other breeds we have talked about!

There is great beauty in their unique appearance, and the Sphynx cat is determined to show it off.

It is very athletic and will often find new games to play with its owner and display their antics to gain affection from its owner.

Despite its usually glum expression, the Sphynx cat has a great sense of humor and can cheer you up in a jiffy.

The Pisces will get highly amused by the kitty’s funny antics because they will be able to understand it like no one else.

They will also reward the cat for its obedience and playfulness, strengthening the bond between owner and pet.

The cat will be content to always be in close proximity with its owner, and the Pisces will often find it trying to perch itself in their lap or noodling around their legs.

The deep affection and love that they share make a Pisces and a Sphynx cat the best of companions.

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