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Top 10 Ugliest Animals In The World

by Nadine Oraby

We all have our favorite animals from the massive animal kingdom. And often, these animals are either cute, dangerous or have certain features that make us fond of them. Looks are undoubtedly the number one feature that makes a particular animal our favorite. But have you ever thought about ugly animals?

Fascinatingly, there are tons of unique species that a lot of people don’t know about. Most of them are, unfortunately, also deemed pretty ugly. They have unique features, such as odd noses, big round eyes, and weird skin textures.

Some of these ugly animals can be pretty amazing creatures. So let’s learn more about these not-so-common animal species in this article.

More About the Top Ugly Animals

10. Naked Mole Rat

The naked mole rat is also known as a sand puppy and is part of the rodent family. It is native to Africa and, as the name suggests, can be identified by its hairless body. These animals are considered ugly because of their wrinkled pink skin and large front teeth. Unlike most rodents, these animals live in communities.

They live along with other mole rats and also have a queen. A naked mole rat lives off a herbivorous diet consisting of bulbs and leaves. They are burrowing animals that spend most of their time underground. Although their body is hairless, they have whiskers and hairs between their toes. These hairs allow them to navigate their way around underground. They also use their jaw muscles to dig.

9. Blobfish

When it comes to top ugly animals, a blobfish is another common occurrence. They live at the bottom of the ocean and are known for their saggy, slimy-looking skin. These creatures don’t have any muscles or bones and, therefore, a saggy shape. They use water pressure to swim around and keep their physical profile.

This animal is often seen looking like a pile of melted mush. But that is also because if you take a blobfish out of the water, it loses its shape. They live on a diet of crustaceans, anemones and other little animals. The blobfish can lay up to 100,000 eggs at once, and the parents stay with the eggs throughout the development process.

Check out this video to learn some interesting facts about blobfish.

8. Proboscis Monkey

This species of monkey is known for its long, funny-looking nose. Proboscis monkeys live in mangrove forests and can be found in southeast Asian countries. The coolest thing about this monkey is that it has multiple stomachs. This allows them to digest various foods that other primates can’t.

You may think their funny noses are just regular noses and don’t serve a purpose, but that’s far from the truth. This single feature changes the voice sound of the male proboscis monkey. They also use their noses to attract mates. These monkeys usually have light reddish-brown fur with white fur on their bellies. They are also excellent swimmers, often belly-flopping into the water. Proboscis monkeys eat a diet of leaves, seeds and even insects.

7. Matamata Turtle

The matamata turtle may be considered an ugly animal, but it always has an adorable smile on its face. This unique turtle species has spikes along its skin and a long tube-shaped nose. Unfortunately, they are endangered since they are captured for their meat. This turtle species is carnivorous and eats small fish and birds.

Although these turtles can’t see very well, they rely on their senses to find food. Unlike most turtles, this variety has a fleshier jaw. They can grow up to be as heavy as 27 lbs. Another interesting fact about these turtles is that it’s the only remaining member of the Chelus classification. This makes these ugly animals one of a kind. If you find this turtle in the water, you may just think it’s a piece of tree bark!

6. Star-Nosed Mole

The star-nosed mole is known for its dark brown fur and odd-shaped nose. Its star-shaped nose helps this rodent to locate food underground. This is another burrowing animal that spends most of its life underground. The star-nosed mole doesn’t get out of the ground much because it is blind. Their eyes are sensitive to sunlight which is why they prefer dark burrows.

You can find this fluffy animal hanging out in the gardens. Star-nosed moles are often considered pests because they can destroy gardens by digging holes. This animal eats small larvae, earthworms and even snails. The coolest thing about this animal is that it can also swim. They would use their unusual noses to find food in the water.

5. Bedlington Terriers

You weren’t expecting a dog on the list, were you?

This dog species is known for its odd appearance and size. Bedlington terriers have white or grey fur covering most of their body except for their ears. They have long limbs as well as an elongated muzzle. The Bedlington terriers originated from England and are often used as racing dogs.

Despite their unusual appearance, often deemed as ugly, these dogs make excellent pets because of their affectionate nature and intelligence. However, Bedlington terriers bark a lot and have quite a loud bark. This dog has an arched back that adds to its unique appearance. If you’re looking for a dog that is easy to train, this is a good pick. It is also an excellent option for people allergic to dogs since it doesn’t shed much.

4. Aye-Aye

If you’ve never heard that name before, the aye-aye is not only on the ugly list but also quite scary-looking! The aye-aye is a primate that can be found in rainforests in Madagascar. It is known for its dark-ringed eyes, long femurs and big teeth. This animal is nocturnal, which means it hunts at night and rests during the day.

Unfortunately, this animal is endangered because of its ugly looks. It is seen as a bad omen or a sign of bad luck and, therefore, is hunted. But these creatures are completely harmless and quite intelligent too. They mark their territories with their scent and tend to live in trees. The aye-aye eats a diet of insects, fruit and leaves.

3. Tarsier

Continuing on the subject of ugly primates, the tarsier lives in southeast Asian countries, like the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia. It is known for its big eyes and long fingers, which help it climb trees. They are the second smallest primates and are usually the size of a human palm.

Their large eyes serve a purpose and help them see better at night. They have a diet that consists of frogs, small birds and even snakes. Another interesting fact about tarsiers is that they have a high-pitched call. This helps them let other tarsiers know about their location. But be careful! You shouldn’t touch this animal because it is highly sensitive to noise and touch.

Check out this Nat-Geo documentry on this little predator!

2. Northern Elephant Seal

The northern elephant seal is seen as an ugly animal because of its unique proboscis nose and large size. Their big noses help them make loud noises, and they even use this to win mating competitions. Male northern elephant seals are much larger than females. These heavy animals can weigh up to 50 kg when they are born.

But don’t be fooled by their size; these animals aren’t lazy. They often deep dive to find food and efficiently roll around on land.

1. Horseshoe Bat

Lastly on this list is the horseshoe bat with pointy ears and a unique-looking nose. You can find these bats worldwide, from Europe to Africa. It uses its nose to locate food using echolocation. They live on a diet of moths, flies and other insects.

This bat is on the smaller side and has reddish-brown fur. These bats help the ecosystem by getting rid of pests.

Final Word

Did you like our list of ugly animals? These animals deserve the same love as the cute fuzzy ones. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We hope this article helped you learn about some cool animals.

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