Top 14 of the Strongest Animals in the World

We’ve all used animals as examples of strength, such as elephants, bears, and gorillas, but how sure are we of their strength scientifically? 

When it comes to survival in the wild, an animal’s size and strength can make a big difference. Different animals have different strengths depending on their adaptations and lifestyle. For example, predators that need to catch prey often have powerful jaws and sharp teeth, while animals that need to move heavy objects may have well-developed muscles.

While it’s difficult to rank animals in terms of strength, we’ve compiled a list of 14 animals that are considered the strongest in their respective categories, by the majority.

1. Blue Whale

The Blue Whale is the most brutal animal on the planet for a good reason! 

Its massive size demands a lot of muscle power to swim through the water, and even small movements like opening its mouth or flapping its tail require enormous strength. 

It’s no surprise that this whale can grow up to a whopping 100 feet long and weigh over 200 tons – it takes a lot of muscle to navigate the ocean currents. 

However, on land, this humongous animal will be overpowered by the other land-dwelling animals mentioned in this list.

2. African Bush Elephant 

When it comes to pure strength, African Bush Elephants are the kings of the land! 

Not only are they the biggest terrestrial animals out there, but they’ve also got an insanely powerful trunk of nearly 150,000 muscle fibers! That’s like having a small army of muscles just in your nose! 

Their trunks can lift up to 180-200 kg at once, which is like lifting a couple of sumo wrestlers! With that kind of muscle power, these elephants can easily take down big trees and reshape the landscape.

So if you ever encounter an African Bush Elephant, you better make way for the strongest mammal on land!

3. Saltwater Crocodile 

The Saltwater crocodile is not only the biggest member of the crocodile family but has the strongest bite of any animal in the world! 

We’re talking about a jaw that can crush bones and rip apart flesh in seconds. These crocs weigh up to 1,000 pounds, taking down enormous prey, such as water buffaloes, boars, and even a tiger! 

But here’s the scary part: 

They’re also one of the deadliest animals in the world, taking around 3,000 to 5,000 lives per year. 

So if you ever see a Saltwater crocodile, you better pray that you’re not on the menu!

4. Gorillas

Gorillas are incredibly strong, and much of their strength is due to their large body size. 

On average, male gorillas in the wild weigh between 300 and 500 pounds, while females weigh between 150 and 250 pounds. This difference in size between males and females is known as sexual dimorphism. 

According to Guinness World Records, the heaviest weight ever lifted by a gorilla is 1,800 pounds! Some theories suggest that gorillas can lift up to 10 times their body weight.

So, while gorillas may not be the strongest animals in the world, they are certainly among the strongest primates.

5. Bears

Of all the bear species, grizzly bears and polar bears top the chart of strength. 

Male grizzly bears can weigh over 800 pounds, equal to having five humans in a fur coat! 

The secret to their mightiness is a massive cluster of muscles in their backbone, giving them that signature hunchbacked look. 

Polar bears weigh a whopping 1,600 pounds, and their bite force is as much as 1,200 pounds per square inch. Their large front paws are perfectly adapted for swiping and grabbing prey. They can even drag down animals as large as walruses or seals.

In addition, their thick fur protects them from injuries while hunting or fighting.

6. Tigers

Did you know that tigers are actually the largest members of the cat family? They can weigh up to 600 pounds and grow over 10 feet long. 

But it’s not just their size that makes them impressive. 

Tigers are also incredibly strong, with the ability to take down prey that’s much larger than themselves. Their bite force of around 1,050 PSI can crush bones and tear through flesh in a flash.

Their muscular bodies are perfectly designed for hunting and fighting, with sharp claws and powerful hind legs that allow them to pounce on their prey and take them down in a single, swift motion.

7. Hippos

Hippos may seem like slow, chubby animals, but don’t let their appearance fool you – they are one of the strongest animals! 

These herbivores can weigh over 3,000 pounds and are known to be highly aggressive, making them one of the most terrifying animals in Africa. 

With powerful jaws that can open over 4 feet wide, they can easily crush a small boat! 

Hippos also have powerful legs that allow them to sprint up to 30 miles per hour on land. 

8. Southern White Rhinos

White Rhinos are the second largest land-dwelling animals in the world, so you better watch out if you ever come across one.

They’ve got insane power behind those bulky bodies, with an average hitting force of around 6,500 pounds. At their maximum speed, that force multiplies.

But that’s not all. 

These rhinos have jaws of steel, and despite being plant-eaters, they have a bite force of around 1,000 pounds per square inch. 

Their horns are made of keratin and work well for defense. Also, their tough skin basically acts like a full-body suit of armor.

9. Jaguars

Jaguars are one of the world’s strongest animals for their size. These cats are built like mini tanks, with strong bodies and powerful legs that can launch them into action in the blink of an eye.

Jaguars have a bite force of up to 1,500 pounds per square inch. They use this strength to take down prey much larger than themselves, like caimans and deer.

Swimming is one of the expertise of Jaguars that enables them to catch their prey on the water as well. 

They’ve even been known to drag caimans out of the water and onto the riverbank – all for a tasty snack!

10. Guar

Out of all the Bovines, Guar’s the strongest and largest, leaving behind the water buffalo, bison, and even the aggressive cape buffalo.

Being the heaviest at 1500 kg and tallest at 12 feet, these huge apex predators are the only bovines powerful enough to take on a tiger.

In fact, there are more reports of Guars hunting down Tigers than Guars being killed by Tigers!

Also, no other animal is capable enough to challenge the Guar than the tiger.

11. Harpy Eagle

The harpy eagle is an impressive and powerful predator. Although it’s not the largest bird, it is the heaviest and most powerful of all birds.

Interestingly, its back paws are larger than a grizzly bear’s claws- at 5 inches! The power and length of the talons enable the Harpy Eagles to prey on various animals.

The deadly talons put a pressure of 50 kgs and are enough to crush the bones of the prey, instantly killing them. 

These animals include monkeys and sloths weighing as much as 7.7kgs and several other animals, including opossums, porcupines, young deer, snakes, and iguanas.

12. Anaconda

Anacondas are massive, semi-aquatic predators with no limits when it comes to prey, whether on land or in the water. Nothing stops them from going after deer, tapirs, capybaras, and even caimans, the big aquatic reptiles!

Most people would believe an anaconda’s bite is mighty enough to kill its prey, but that’s not true. An anaconda’s bite alone doesn’t do the job, so they use something more badass: constriction. 

An anaconda’s body is packed with muscle and power that can squeeze its prey to death- that’s what a force of 90 PSI does. Imagine having a 9,000-pound school bus sitting on your chest. Yikes!

13. Dung beetle

Who would’ve thought the world’s strongest insect would turn out to be a little horned dung beetle called Onthophagus tauru. 

These guys might be small, but don’t underestimate them:

Scientists have discovered that the Onthophagus tauru can pull 1,141 times its body weight. That’s like a human lifting six full double-decker buses! 

How did they get so strong? Well, it turns out that female dung beetles are the secret to their strength. 

The male beetles must be strong to fight off rivals when finding a mate. The females dig tunnels under a dung pat (gross, but true), and the males must battle it out to win their chance to mate. 

14. Leafcutter ant

Coming this far in the article, you know better than to judge these ants by their size. These little guys can carry objects that are way heavier than themselves. 

What’s even crazier is the discovery scientists made recently about these ants:

Leafcutter ants wear armor that prevents them from losing limbs during battles and from nasty fungal infections.

A biomineral is embedded in its already tough exoskeleton. It’s made from a tough material called calcite with high magnesium levels, making it stronger than ever. 

This armor that gives these ants super strength is only found in one other living creature – the fearsome teeth of sea urchins.

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