How to Trim Your Ferret’s Nails?

Proper grooming is highly essential to pet animals, most especially if they are likely handled by your children. This is important for safety, sanitation, and even for the welfare of the pet. Here are some guides for grooming your ferrets.

How to trim your ferret’s nails? It could be as delicate as trimming a baby’s nails. Regular clipping must be done so you have to do it carefully using a small-sized nail clipper of the human nail is the perfect tool. If you are afraid of doing it, it is best to ask for assistance. 

Ferrets are playful and energetic, and at times require more care and time than what other pets like cats or dogs actually need. Once you are ready to keep them, you must be fully equipped with their total care and handling. So once you have decided to pick a ferret for a pet, put into mind that having them requires much work and responsibility upon ownership. So prior to that, make sure you are a 100% willing and able to take care of them.

How to Trim Your Ferret’s Nails? (Video)


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Grooming Your Pet Ferret

Ferrets are actually clean animals, by nature. They tend their own fur and clean the rest of their coat even more carefully than cats. Always leave them with a bowl of water for them to wash their faces, but bathing them fully should be minimized.

Bathing them with scented soaps or shampoo can only make them smell good overnight, but it will most likely strip off the natural oils in their fur forcing them to produce more amounts than usual, and as result of overcompensating, they’ll get even more smelly and stinky as their skin dries out. It is better to just wipe them with unscented baby wipes or a warm, damp towel when they get dirty. When the weather is hot, you can let them swim around some water.

Limit full baths with mild shampoos and soap to only once every quarter. They have sensitive eyes and ears so make sure to use plain water for their face, use a cotton wool ear cleaner, and use a small sized human nail clipper to trim their nails.

Keeping Your Ferrets Healthy

The normal lifespan for ferrets is 6-10 years but can extend up to 13 years if kept healthy and well-taken care of. Bring them to regular health check-ups at the earliest age possible with regular vaccinations and preventive treatments for fleas, heartworm, and canine distemper.

Also, do regular deworming and anti-infectious disease vaccines because they still prey to other animals just to make sure they remain healthy. Keep them fed up with an abundant supply of raw meat as food. Never feed them anything else but meat as they are strictly carnivorous.

Feeding them fruits, vegetables, and cooked foods can actually cause damage to their digestive system. Strictly follow the pure protein and fat diet for them to keep them in good shape.

Ferret Proofing Your House and Their Home Environment

Ferret-proofing is almost the same as preparing a house for slowly growing toddlers, or hyperactive kittens while trying to keep mice and snakes out. Keeping rubberized, breakables, chemical-based, and live electrical wires protected away from their reach.

Meaning, keep them away from anything that can harm them, or be watchful once you bring home one and follow their movement and steps as long as you can to discover everything they do. Also keep their temperature cool, because they can thrive through it better than in warm or hot weather.

It should not reach up to 27 degrees Celsius. If inevitable, keep them cool with fans or ice packs in their cage or let them swim in cold water outdoors.

How To Trim Ferret Nails

Before you start, you should have these tools/ things needed. Ferret nail clippers, if not available you can use a small sized human nail clipper.

Ferret nail clippers are designed like a scissor with a notch at the bottom of the blade for proper nipping and a clean cut. Second is a “treat” to distract your pet from moving too much. You can give them Furo-Vite or Furo-Lax, this is good not only for a treat but also a supplement as well.

If the ferret suddenly gets wounded, you must prepare something that can stop the bleeding like flour, a bar of soap, or styptic powder as first aid just in case. They have a vein that grows partially through their nail called the “quick” (the small, pink colored, under the layer of the nail).

Be careful and trim its nails by taking off just the tip. Trimming it too short might wound and irritate their paws with pain and bleeding, so be extra careful.

Additional Techniques For Trimming Ferret Nails

Be mindful of trimming just the tips of your ferret’s nails. If you are set to trim their nails alone, try doing this. Place a towel on your legs where you can let your pet lie down on its back. Take the Furo-Vite or Furo-Lax and rub some amount on its belly.

While it is busy licking its belly, hold the paws firmly and carefully trim each nail. If you can have a companion to do it, the other one should distract it while the other does the trimming.

Doing it after their bath can help it get relaxed while you are doing it. Any grooming process we do to our pets is always a great bonding activity with them regularly. But of course, you can freely seek help in handling them if you are afraid of doing it on your own. Nothing is wrong when leaving things to the “experts”.

How Often Should Nail Trimming Be Done?

Ferret’s nails should be clipped twice a month (every two weeks) as a part of their regular grooming process or regimen because they have non-retractable toenails similar to dogs needing to be trimmed every two weeks.

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Do I have to bathe my Ferrets often? No, actually bathing a ferret too often can make it smell worse! Their furs are equipped with natural oils that keep their furs clean and odorless. So most likely, ferrets should not be bathed more than once a month. Better just wipe them with a damp towel when they get dirty or let them swim.

Do they know how to wash their face? Yes, so you should leave them with a bowl of water steady where they can wash their face. They are able to clean their own fur just like cats do, making them naturally clean on their own.

Do ferrets like bacon? Yes, they are strictly carnivorous, so you can feed them bacon! But only give them an occasional treat. Bacon is fatty, which is good for them, but it is also salty which can be harmful to them if given in high consumption.

How much water should they take or drink daily? A general rule is to provide them with one fourth (¼) liter per pound of its body weight. A healthy one drinks enough water to keep itself hydrated especially if the weather is hot for its normal cool one.

What vision level do ferrets possess? They have a “binocular” or stereoscopic vision. They have a more precise more keen sense of sight at close ranges than cats, but worse than most rodents. They have a so-called “blind spot” which lies directly in front of their nose, making them “smell” whatever goes under their nose than seeing it.

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