Where Should Aquarium be kept in the House?

Where Should Aquarium be kept in the House? Here’s the quick answer:

This depends on things such as the size of your Aquarium, the layout of your house, the shape of the fish tank, and how you use your home. This might get a little tricky as the best place for your Aquarium might not be the most excellent place for your fishy friends.

Whether you’re setting up a new aquarium or moving to a new house, it is crucial to put some thought into where to place your fish aquarium.

Fish make a unique pet. Unlike cats and dogs, they can’t follow you around the house. Therefore, you need to find a suitable spot for them where their overall wellness is not compromised.

In addition to thinking about setting up an aquarium, choosing the right location in the house is equally important.

The best part is that you can place the aquarium anywhere in the house. But there are a number of things you need to consider before making that decision. The following factors will help you get in the right direction:

  • Should I buy a suitable tank or get one built?
  • The size of the aquarium
  • The shape and weight of the aquarium
  • The type of fish you have
  • The size and layout of the house
  • How you use your home

If you’re clear about these aspects in your head, choosing the right location for your aquarium shouldn’t be too tricky. I have included all the important information in this guide to make this task even simpler.

Also, don’t forget to check out this video to learn more about the best places to keep an aquarium in the house:

Placing Your Fish Tank – Everything You Could Want to Know

Well, if you have a small fish tank, you can place it almost anywhere. But if it is bigger, you should be really careful.

Here are a few tips:

Can You See Your Fish?

Here’s a fact: Aquariums are something to flaunt.

They are a multipurpose addition to your home. You can keep your beloved fish in the tank and place it to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. This is especially applicable if you have a beautiful, large aquarium. You don’t want your fish or aquarium hidden in a corner.

Obviously, this rules out your basement and back rooms. Rooms where you spend a lot of time or walk past frequently is a good idea.

A great benefit to keeping aquariums in sight is that it allows you to instantly identify if anything is wrong with your aquarium. Whether it is a sick fish, an algae outbreak, or even a leaking tank, it is easier to notice and fix in time.  

Is There Space to Move Around?

As mentioned earlier, your home’s layout is a factor that will help you decide where the aquarium should be kept in the house. If you have shortlisted a few spots, make sure there’s enough room to move around after you’ve set up your fish tank.

Here’s a video on setting up a new fish tank:

If the place looks cramped, it will distract you and cause accidents and other problems in the future.

Having enough space around the tank is important for several reasons. First, you need to access the aquarium itself for feeding and changing water. Additionally, you need space to place a large bucket around the aquarium to maintain your aquarium regularly.

Is There Water and Power Supply Near The Tank?

An aquarium is perhaps the only place where having both water and electric supply at the same time is acceptable.

To keep your aquarium clean and well-lit, you will need a power source to support filters, lights, and heaters. It is best to keep your aquarium near an electrical outlet to avoid the extension cords running across the room. This doesn’t only look ugly but can be a tripping hazard.

Moreover, access to water is another crucial aspect of aquarium maintenance. The closer you keep it to a water source, the easier it is to carry out maintenance.

Can the Location Cope with Weight?

Water is heavy. It may come as a surprise to you, but one gallon of water weighs around 8.3 pounds. Can you imagine the weight of a 10-gallon tank?

Now add the aquarium’s weight to the total along with the gravel, decorations, plants, etc. In simple words, a tank will be heavy, and you need to find a location or surface that can easily cope with that kind of weight.

The regular side table in your home may look like a great spot, but it may not be strong enough to hold your aquarium’s weight. And in case the table collapses, that’s going to be a messy and expensive accident to deal with.

People with large aquariums in the house often get a customized table built to stand a filled tank’s weight. Always consider this aspect before finalizing the right spot to place the aquarium in the house.

Determining the Impact on Aquarium’s Temperature

Water is pretty adaptive with the external change in temperature. And that can be worrisome.

It is important to note that rapid change in temperature can be stressful for your fish, which can lead to sickness or even death. To avoid that, here are a few things you need to beware of:

  • Heating – Do not place the aquarium near heating vents, space heaters, and fireplaces. The rise in temperature of the surrounding can heat up your aquarium and become uncomfortable and unhealthy for your fish.
  • Cooling – Do not place the aquarium near fans, air conditioning vents, and units as it can lower the temperature of your aquarium. Tropical water fish prefers warm water and may die with such a drop in temperatures.

Lastly, avoid placing it near an open window. The direct sunlight or cool breeze from the window can also impact the temperature, causing unnecessary stress for your fish.

Visibility vs. Safety

If you are going to spend time and money on creating a splendid aquascaped tank full of beautiful, brightly colored fish, you would want to place the aquarium somewhere it is visible. If you’re worried about having it in the way, consider getting it tucked into an alcove within your living room. That way, it can be enjoyed by friends and family and isn’t in the way.

With visibility comes safety. Please do not place your tank in a high-traffic area or doorway where a pet or a child could knock it over. Also, avoid putting it behind the door to get knocked on each time you open the door.

Can I Keep Aquarium in My Bedroom?

Of course, you can!

In fact, it is a great idea to place your aquarium in the bedroom because that’s where most people spend the majority of their time at home. Also, if your room has good ventilation and moderate natural lighting, it will make an excellent choice for keeping your fish.

You need to keep in mind the surface where you keep the aquarium and the temperature of your room.

Do not place the aquarium on a side table that’s not designed to deal with that kind of weight. Make sure there’s a sturdy, leveled surface stand that can easily bear the weight. Also, try and maintain a moderate and stable temperature in the room to avoid affecting the aquarium’s water temperature.

It is also important to keep your own comfort in mind. If you cannot sleep in the constant buzz sound of the filter and moderate aquarium lights, you should look for another spot. You cannot turn off the filter or heater of the aquarium for your comfort.

Also, cleaning a fish tank in your bedroom can be a little messy. So avoid keeping it in your bedroom if it is not practical for you.

Is Kitchen a Good Spot to Place Aquarium?

Why not?

But there are a few things you need to keep in mind before getting a tank for your kitchen space.

First and foremost, kitchen aquariums shouldn’t be too large. A large aquarium can be distracting and can limit space on the workstation. A small tank that can boost your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal by resting on the counter sounds like a great idea.

A few important features to look for, include:

  • A small tank that can rest against a counter without taking too much space
  • A low-maintenance, easy to set-up tank
  • Shape and design that gives a contemporary touch to your kitchen space

A beautiful aquarium can instantly brighten up any room. When placing a tank in the kitchen, make sure it is far from any heat source, or it can affect the tank’s water temperature.

Never place the aquarium beside the cooker. Always measure the available space beforehand to make an informed decision.

Where Not To Place an Aquarium? Spots to Avoid

Everyone’s got to decide the best place to put an aquarium in the house. The right spot can make all the difference to the fish and can also be good for you.

Now that we’ve already highlighted a few great spots that you can consider, let’s discuss some places you should avoid. This will further help you narrow down your options.

Don’t Put It Under Direct Sunlight

While that cozy place right by the window seems like a good place for your aquarium, it is a big no-no if that spot receives excessive daylight or direct sunlight. In addition to causing frequent algae problems, the extended period of direct sunlight can also cause overheating and temperature fluctuations. It can be lethal to your fish.

Avoid Doors and Entrances

Unlike air, water transmits a shockwave stronger. If you place the aquarium near a door, the fish can be scared every time the door is opened or shut.

Avoid Fireplaces or Air Conditioners

Avoid placing the aquarium near a fireplace or air conditioner for the same reason as you wouldn’t near a window. To keep your fish healthy, you must provide them with a stable water temperature. Being too close to a radiator, air conditioner, or fireplace can heat up or cool down the temperature too quickly. The sudden rise or drop in the temperature can kill your pet fish.

Do Not Place an Aquarium on the Floor

Placing an aquarium on the floor is not recommended. Even if you like to observe your fish in a top-down position, avoid placing it on the floor. It is very easy for someone to accidentally knock it down or fall into it. Also, changing water or carrying out regular maintenance becomes difficult if the aquarium is too low.

Avoid Placing Near Speakers or TV

Even if you plan to keep the aquarium in your bedroom or in the living room, make sure it is far from the TV or speakers. The loud sound or the flashing images might be bothersome and stressful for your pet fish. Stress, of course, is not healthy for your little swimmers.  

Learn more about maintaining your fish tank in this video:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I put water in the aquarium or rocks first?

Always add the gravel, rocks, and other ornaments to the tank before filling up the tank with water. Wash these ornaments with warm water first. Do not use any detergents or soaps. They can be highly toxic to fish.

Do aquariums need sunlight?

Fish do not have any biological need for light. Their requirement for sunlight is minimal. Also, placing the aquarium with direct sunlight can affect the water temperature and can kill your fish. So avoid constant and direct sunlight to your aquarium at all times.

Should I separate a sick fish from the tank?

It is natural for other fish to bully a sick fish in the aquarium. Removing the sick fish and keeping it in a separate tank till it recuperates and recovers is indeed a great idea.

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