Why do Bengal Kittens Bite?

A lot of people tend to ask me why their Bengal kittens bite.


I’ve finally decided to write some precise information on this topic.

So why do Bengal kittens bite? To have a clear answer on this, let’s not forget that kittens are animals that possess a wild nature, including biting. The main reason for Bengal kittens’ biting habit is that they are unaware of harmless ways of grabbing attention or expressing joy, grief or anger. 

There are multiple reasons for a Bengal kitten to bite, so it’s better to look into some known facts about it in order to prevent risks.

Bengal kittens’ biting and scratching: All that you need to know

My experience with Bengal kittens has been amusing considering their wild yet cherishing nature that forces me to learn more about this crossbreed.

All animals, Bengal cats, in particular, have this natural habit of biting and scratching their owner.

It is very normal for a Bengal kitten to bite as almost all the Bengal owners complain of it.

This is one of the reasons why I believe that Bengal cats are highly desirable but technical pets. If you own one, you should read our Bengal cat checklist to ensure that you have everything that your Bengal cat needs.


What you need to remain alert of is to not let this biting nature turn into a habit as this might get dangerously injurious as they grow older.


The first thing that should be done is to grab some information on why Bengal kittens bite and also notice the pattern of biting.

This way:

It would be easier to not only train it but also sympathize.

Some of the common reasons for a Bengal kitten to bite are mentioned as follows.

Garnering attention through biting

Like other cats:

Bengal kittens also grab their owner’s attention by biting, especially on the fingers.

This is very normal to witness, is not very harmful, and is easily fixable.

Exhibiting a defensive attitude through biting

A lot of times:

Bengal kittens bite when they do not find their surroundings to be favorable.

For instance:

When at a clinic or any other place that they’re not used to.

This behavior is a fearful reaction that should be dealt with care and empathy.

Undesirable cuddling and biting

Although cats love to cuddle:

There are times when they do not want any more of it.

For example:

You might be petting it the usual way for a longer time for it to feel loved and relaxed but it might show discouragement by biting or scratching.

Undiagnosed diseases that translate into biting

Your Bengal kitten might be suffering from an undiagnosed disease like high BP, rabies or any infection.

In this case:

Biting might be their way of expressing the frustration and pain for the owner to notice and take reaction.

Bengal kittens biting due to an unidentified reason

You might be very good at petting your Bengal kitten but animals are very unpredictable.

There are times when you would think that your Bengal kitten is behaving weirdly without any reason.

When in reality:

That strange behavior is a reaction to a certain thing or action in the surrounding.

For example:

This behavior might be due to a tree or a plant that your Bengal is allergic to or another animal that it is afraid of. These things might provoke the cat to bite the owner for him/her to understand its discomfort.

Unidentified reactions of Bengal kittens must not be ignored because they might result in a permanently infuriated kitten that might later turn into a violent harmful cat.

For this purpose:

All you can do is notice the pattern of biting and scratching and react rightly.

This way:

You’ll be able to know the dislikes of your Bengal kitten and save it from getting annoyed or angry at something.

Useful ways to teach a Bengal kitten not to bite

Now that you’ve understood the reasons for Bengal kittens’ biting habit, it is time to get hold of some training tricks that help teach the kitten that this habit is disliked by its owner.

Bengal cats are known to be very affectionate and empathetic as well.


It is way easier to train them as compared to the other breeds.

Here are some of the useful ways to teach a Bengal kitten to not bite.

  • Buy some soft cat toys for the kitten that it would play with to let the anger/frustration out. You can check out our Bengal cat checklist for our top choice for Bengal cat toys and other products.
  • Increase their playtime activities by installing a small jungle gym inside the house. It will make them tired and result in no weird reaction i.e. biting.
  • Introduce it with a playmate so that it would get a partner to practice its animal skills with and have fun playing.
  • Treat the kitten for encouragement whenever it behaves properly.

How easy is it to discipline a Bengal kitten to stop biting?

It is very easy to discipline a Bengal kitten to stop biting and it also does not require much time.

When you start training your kitten with the help of tricks stated earlier, then the results can be seen in a couple of days only.

Bengal kittens are lovely and adorable when it comes to understanding emotions. They are also very quick learners.

All of this makes it convenient for the owner to easily train the kitten to not bite.

Other than this, if you’re looking for something that instantly helps train it, then soft cat toys are a solution as they get busy with it while you continue with the other methods.

Different biting patterns of a Bengal kitten

The fact is:

Bengal kittens do not bite out of habit but it is their natural way of speaking up for things that they’re unable to express normally like humans.

For this reason:

The first thing that you can do as an understanding owner is to notice the different biting patterns of a Bengal kitten.

As I’ve clearly mentioned the possible reasons for biting above, let’s take a look at some examples witnessed by other Bengal owners to perceive better knowledge on the stance.

  • A kitten that was previously in a playful mood and cuddling like usual starts behaving strangely in the car. It took time for the owner to realize that the kitten is uncomfortable with the smell of some kind of weed or cigarette so he took care of it the next time.
  • A Bengal kitten that does not like the presence of a specific person that hushes it away or gives negative vibes will either start biting the owner or the same person.

This clearly shows that the reason behind your Bengal cat or kitten biting you might not be that simple and straightforward.

At times:

You will have to discern the reason why your cat is acting weirdly in order to alleviate its stress.

Related Questions

Is it alright to yell at a Bengal kitten? It is definitely not alright and acceptable to yell at a Bengal kitten as they’re very sensitive by nature.

Your yelling might temporarily result in a disciplined environment in the house, but it does not help in the long run.


Yelling might indicate the cat that it is the correct way of expressing anger and it would adopt this habit that obviously does no good.

A tried and tested solution to avoid yelling at Bengal kittens is to politely tell them with hand gestures that it is not good or you could also ignore them for a while for them to know that the owner is disliking the behavior.

Are Bengal cats aggressive by nature? Well:

Bengal cats are not aggressive, but the fact that the breed is a cross between an Asian leopard cat and the domestic cat makes them a little wild by nature.

This, however, certainly does not mean that a Bengal kitten unnecessarily acts wildly all the time.

In fact:

It is healthy for your kitten to express itself, whether through biting or any other sign, as it makes it a good in-house pet that becomes your companion for life when both of you understand each other’s pain.

How safe is it to keep a Bengal as an in-house pet? Being an experienced Bengal cat owner, I can confidently claim that they are absolutely safe to keep as in-house pets.

There is no way that you will regret your decision of adoption of a Bengal just because it starts biting all of a sudden.

In fact:

A kitten’s bite is not that painful or injurious as compared to a cat’s.


Some owners also enjoy this behavior when they assume that the pet is in a playful mood and asking for attention.


This should be dealt with carefully and not ignored so you can train it in time and not let the reaction transform into a habit.

Are there are any other personality problems with Bengal kittens? As previously discussed, Bengal kittens are quite charming and loving by nature.

They are one of the best breeds to keep as pets.

Other than unusual biting and scratching, no other specific problem has been reported yet by fellow Bengal owners that indicates difficult personality issues like jealousy, pointless anger, or unreasonably attacking other pets in the house.

The joys of keeping a pet a Bengal cat while understanding its personality and nature are overwhelming.

You get to have a companion at home that loves to play, seek attention, and also empathize with the owner.


Do not get scared of the biting problem, work on it as suggested, and you’ll notice a great change when the kitten will learn correct ways of expressing happiness/grief/anger.


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