Why do Bengal Cats Chirp?

Bengal cats produce many loud and different sounds in order to communicate with their owner.

The interesting part is that they tend to chirp often.

Isn’t that fascinating?

So, why do Bengal cats chirp? The chirping of a Bengal cat is associated with its hunting  instincts. These cats chirp in an attempt to mimic birds, in order to confuse and capture them. Also, they chirp if they spot other small creatures which they can hunt.

All of the information you will need for the “chirping” of your Bengal cat is compiled in this single article, exclusively for you!

What does chirping mean?

Almost all cat breeds chirp.


There are a few cat breeds which chirp a lot more and louder than other cat breeds.

One of these cat breeds is the Bengal cat.

Bengal cats make this cute sound frequently and much louder than most other cat breeds.

That’s exactly why I say:

Bengal cats aren’t your usual cats. In fact, there are a lot of characteristics and requirements of Bengal cats that other breeds do not have. For this purpose, if you own a Bengal, you should certainly check out our Bengal cat checklist.

The Bengal cats produce this sound often and louder because they are more vocal than other cat breeds.

The chirping of cats is related directly to their hunting instincts.

The fact that Bengals have stronger hunting instincts than most domestic cats explains why they chirp frequently.

All cats chirp regardless of their breed and age.

Cat chirping is much more of an “excited sound” that cats make than an actual sound used for hunting.

They make this sound when they spot anything they might consider to be a prey.

For example:

  • Squirrels
  • Chipmunks
  • Moles
  • Bats
  • Rabbit
  • Mice
  • Rodent
  • Birds

Bengals tend to chirp when they are hunting birds or squirrels.

However, they may also chirp when they are feverish about their toys and their favorite food as well.

Occasionally, the Bengal cats also chirp with excitement upon meeting their owners after a considerable span of time.

Other reasons for chirping in Bengal cats

According to some experts, Bengals may also chirp when they feel frustrated.

They might chirp while looking at the window because they might be frustrated that they cannot actually hunt the prey that they see outside.

As mentioned earlier:

Bengal cats have stronger hunting instincts than most domestic cats.

Thus, when they are unable to hunt, they get frustrated and may begin to chirp loudly.

Indoor chirping by Bengal cats

When outside, Bengal cats will surely chirp more than expected because a bird, squirrel or any other thing they can hunt will surely grab their attention.


Bengals tend to chirp indoors as well.

The reason behind this chirping is insects, including:

  • House Flies
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Bugs etc.

Another reason why your cat might make this cute sound while it is indoors is that it might simply be excited.

This excitement can be either a result of its favorite toy or favourite food.

Also, it might chirp when it gets excited upon seeing its parents.

What should I do when my Bengal cat is chirping?

If your cat is chirping due to frustration and you feel sorry for it, that does not mean that you should let it roam freely outside.

If you do let it roam freely, it will follow its instincts and start hunting.

That’s not so good, is it? Hence, you should:

  • Train them with a harness
  • Train them to walk on a Leash
  • Take them outside for a walk in a contained area

This way:

Not only will you be giving your cat freedom, but also, you will be successful in keeping it safe.

Other sounds made by Bengal cats

If you start listing down the voices a Bengal cat is capable of producing, you’ll find out that they are a lot more than you would expect!

Being more vocal than other cat breeds, they are able to express their feelings in quite lot of ways.

Here’s a list of a few sounds they can make:

  • Meow
  • Chatter
  • Purr
  • Growl
  • Scream
  • Snarl
  • Caterwaul
  • Yowl
  • Hiss

Meow, growl, purr, hiss, snarl, and scream are the six voices from the list which all cats produce often and loud.

However, some cat breeds are capable of producing the chattering, yowling and caterwauling sound often and loud as well, One of these is the Bengal Cats.

The chattering sound is produced when your Bengal cat is chirping.

If you listen carefully when your Bengal is chirping, you will be able to hear the chattering sound of its teeth as well.

This chatter is mostly accompanied by a squeak or a faint cry. This sound (like chirping) is also considered to be a sign that your cat is excited about its prey or is frustrated.

If your cat yowls, it means your cat is not happy at all.

Either your Bengal is worried or in discomfort.

It might be that:

  • Some other cat is trying to invade your cat’s territory
  • Your cat is having mating issues
  • Your Bengal cat is bored
  • It wants attention

Bengals yowl in order to communicate with other cats directly.

However, if a Bengal cat is constantly yowling or has been doing so for days, it is possible that it is ill or injured.

Thus, if your cat keeps yowling for a long time, you should immediately take him to a vet.

If you find out that your Bengal cat is medically fine, check if any other cat is bothering your cat.

You would also want to check if it has plenty of toys to play with. If you want to know our top choice of Bengal cat toys, head on over to our Bengal cat checklist.

Moreover, give your Bengal cat the attention that it needs.

If there has been a change in your cat’s environment, it might yowl until it gets used to the new environment.

The caterwaul sound is only produced by female cats.

It is a much “hollower” version of the yowl. Female cats caterwaul in order to find a mate.

While caterwauling, she will do anything and everything to go outside and look for a  mate.

Are Bengal cats noisy?

Bengals are more vocal than other domestic cats.

They feel the need for communicating with their owners for the tiniest of details.


They meow often which may get louder and louder if left unattended.

Bengal Cats are noisy but only if you fail to understand them or ignore them.

Sometimes, Bengals meow softly and gently in order to express their love for you.

Other times, their pitch gets louder and noisy.

This is simply because either they might be angry or they might want something desperately.

The ‘meowing’ of Bengal cats varies in its pitch depending on their needs and mood.

Knowing why your Bengal meows can help a lot.

A Bengal cat might just be meowing excessively as it might be really attached to its owner and wants attention.

They easily befriend humans and once they do, they will meow to express their ‘friendliness’. They may also meow because of:

  • An unhygienic litter box
  • Invasion of territory
  • Excitement
  • Ignorance
  • Boredom

Related Questions

Are Bengal cats aggressive? Bengal cats have an extremely challenging personality.

If you own a Bengal cat, you must learn to deal with their tantrums and personality.

If you successfully learn to do so, you’ll find out that Bengals are in fact, fun-loving and affectionate cats. Otherwise, they might show signs of aggression.

It is natural for Bengals to start scratching your furniture or carpets.

Hence, it should not be considered as a sign of aggression. Instead, you should arrange a suitable scratch post for your cat.

Bengals may become aggressive if they are neglected or paired up with another cat of another breed.

Do Bengal cats get lonely? If you are usually absent from your house, choosing a Bengal cat as your pet isn’t a good option.

They simply demand loads of attention and they want it when they want it.

You cannot just say “no” to your Bengal when it is begging for your attention, or else, it will get stressed.

If your Bengal Cat is stressed, it will display a “bad behavior” and that will not be its fault at all. They do so because they are emotionally sensitive.

Also, Bengals wouldn’t care if you just came home from work. They will demand your attention as soon as you return home.

If left alone at home, Bengals will get lonely and eventually be stressed out.

This again will lead to bad conduct. Thus, you should be present at all times for your pet cat.

It will love you with all its heart if you give it your precious time and attention.

In order to avoid your Bengal cat from getting lonely, you can pair it up with another pet.

Bengals tend to get along really well with dogs. Also, they will easily befriend a cat from the same breed or a cat which has similar traits.

Are Bengal cats lap cats? Bengal cats are loyal to their family and love them with all their heart. They are affectionate and demanding, but they simply would not lie in your lap for a long time.

This is because they are full of energy and they love to play.

However, Bengals do love to cuddle.

They may lie in your lap for short intervals but won’t stay there for hours.

Even though they love to cuddle with their owners, they do it the way they like it. Thus, when they cuddle with you, it will be according to their will and not yours.


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