Why Do Labradors Like To Cuddle?

A Labrador is full of love; this little jumping ball of fur is the most loyal dog. I know, and it is happy to play at any time of the day.

But do they like to cuddle? Labradors are affectionate animals; of course, they like to cuddle. The real question is, why? Is there something more than love that drives the lab to cuddle with you? The short answer is, Labradors like to cuddle because it helps them build a bond with their owner.

Cuddling With Labrador Puppy For Too Long (Video)


To learn more about why a Labrador is affectionate to a fault, read ahead.

Why Do Labradors Cuddle?

Labs have been so friendly with anyone that walks through my door. They’ve always greeted them with a pawful amount of love and embraced them like they were part of the family. Some times, their love has no bounds. I mean, there are times when it would start jumping onto me to cuddle or hug.

There are a couple of reasons why a dog likes to cuddle. If we are talking about puppies in specific, they need to cuddle because of the body’s warmth. Whenever it feels cold, it is possible that the adorable little thing will try to snuggle inside. A simple blanket over the top doesn’t cut it for animals; they need that human touch.

Did you know that during cold weather, hunting dogs and hunters used to cuddle to give each other warmth?

Another reason why Labradors like to cuddle is that they are inherently driven to create a human connection. Some dogs don’t like to cuddle because they are bred to be independent and less affectionate, but that’s not our loving Labrador. These pups are born to be around people, so that they can shower them with love.

So, the gist of it is that a Labrador likes to cuddle because it loves to make human connections. Moreover, cuddling helps them get warm as adults and puppies. The warmth, love, and closeness are the main reasons, as to why a Labrador cuddles, but there is more to cuddling; hop over to the next section to learn more.

Types of Cuddling

If you have read the article so far and are wondering if your dog cuddles with you or not, I would recommend this section. It’s possible that the lab is cuddling with you, but you just don’t know it because it is a different type of cuddling.

Are there different types of cuddling? Yes! I estimate there are 4 different ways a lab could cuddle with you. Read all about them below;

1. Paw Five

The paw five is when your dog has one paw on you at all times. It just likes to put it on you to have a connection. It is a cute way for it to reassure itself that you are nearby. If your lab acts out when you try to stop it from touching you with its paw, it could be worrisome. My recommendation is to let it keep the paw on you if it is of no harm. However, you should consult with a vet if the problem is more serious.

2. Head Pillow

You might be sitting at the desk; typing away like me, while the Labrador snuggles his chin at your feet. A head pillow cuddler would look for any way to simply rest its head on you. It could be your feet, arms, or stomach. It just wants to rest its head on you, and I don’t know if there is anything more, this lab could do to be more sweet.

3. A Mix of Kiss and Cuddle

The Labrador would unsuspectingly crawl over you to cuddle. Then, when you least expect it, the lab would plant you with a bunch of wet kisses. What did we do to deserve a Lab’s insurmountable love?

4. Blanket Cuddler

The blanket cuddler are those Labradors that cuddle with any other dog or their puppies. When it doesn’t have any other dogs or puppies to cuddle with, it could cuddle to sleep with its owner. A Labrador would also make sure you go to sleep with a blanket, so that you don’t get cold.

Is it Safe to Cuddle with my Labrador?

I know, it is heartwarming, to cuddle with your Labrador, but you need to ask yourself if it’s safe. Unfortunately, it is not entirely safe. If your dog likes to give you that blanket cuddle, you might want to be careful because it could put your health at risk.

It sounds bizarre, but it’s true, and listed below are the problems that you could risk facing;

  • Allergies
    If you are allergic to the dog, I’m assuming you are cautious enough to avoid the dog entirely. However, some times, people are not aware of their allergies until their Labrador starts cuddling with them. This could be the beginning of a series of problems. I wouldn’t even recommend keeping the dog in the same room.
  • Diseases
    Considering how playful a Labrador is, they tend to run around God knows where, and this is particularly dangerous for them too. While they playfully wander the wild, it could catch a disease. Before you diagnose it with the disease, it can pass the disease on to you. The study by CDC notes that though it is rare, catching a disease from your pet is entirely possible.
  • Sleep
    If your dog has the tendency to kick you out of the bed, it can disrupt your sleep routine. An imbalanced sleep routine can be unhealthy and honestly, tiresome.

Why Should I Cuddle With My Labrador?

The power of human touch is scientifically proven to exist. The power of touch is a part of the five human senses, which is accompanied by the ability to create connections, to reassure, and so much more. You can use cuddle with a pet to help them too.

How does a pet benefit from my cuddling? Read the following benefits and find out;

1. The Love Hormone – Oxytocin

After a baby is born, their parents are advised to make skin contact because of many reasons. Out of those many reasons, one of them is oxytocin. What is that? It is a chemical in our brain, which makes you feel empathetic and trusting. When a dog cuddles with you, your brain creates oxytocin. The health benefits of oxytocin include; controlled blood pressure and a stable heart rate. This love hormone is proof of why cuddling your dog can actually be healthy for you.

2. The Cure for Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are some of the major mental health problems; most of us often deal with on our day to day business. The love hormone can be the perfect solution to this clinical sadness. If you ever feel blue, cuddle with your dog, and note how you feel afterwards. There is a reason why we have emotional support animals; they can be of great help to someone that is suffering from anxiety, depression, or worse.

3. It’s Not All About You

Labradors used to live in packs. They lived, hunted, and slept together. This is why, labs crave to build a bond with you, they just want a pack of their own. At night, the labs would cuddle together for not only warmth but also because it made them feel loved and secured. The love and sense of security were crucial for their survival. If your dog doesn’t feel that way, it will be emotionally and mentally distraught. Like I said, depression is just as real for dog, as it is for us. This also means that dogs will suffer from the same consequences of depression. If you truly care about your dog, show them that you care. Give them a hug, cuddle with them, and give them a treat.

4. Cuddle a Dog, Save a Life

By cuddling with your dog regularly, you will get accustomed to their smell, fur, and pinching bones. When there is something out of the ordinary, you will notice it right away. If they smell different, you’ll know. If they have a bump on their body, you’ll know. If some area suddenly pains, you’ll know. When you’ll know something is wrong, it is easier for you to avoid anything dangerous that could’ve happened. I would recommend giving it a routinely grooming session. This gives you a chance to regularly inspect their body for anything dangerous. Catching the problem earlier on could help you avoid any possible repercussions.

5. Stress Relief

Cuddling doesn’t solely benefit you; it is also healthy for your dog. Sometimes, the dogs need that love hormone too, like us, they too feel depressed and sad. Have you ever seen a mama dog after she loses her pup? If you have, then you probably understand what I’m trying to say. So, whenever you leave it alone, remember that your dog is probably feeling sad. What could make them happier? I’ll let you guess… it’s cuddling. Yeah, that’s right, cuddling can make the dog happier. If you won’t do it for the dog, maybe you should do it for yourself then. Cuddling can also cheer you up during some grimmer days. When a dog hugs you and oxytocin is created, your heart rate becomes stable. Due to a stable heart rate, you will feel less stressed and happier.

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished.” – Dean Koontz

How to Cuddle the Dog?

There is a proper way to cuddle with a dog and to figure out what it is. I will take on the role of a guide for this mini-adventure. To embark on this journey, you must first figure out what makes your dog comfortable.

Every dog has a different preference to touch, some like a strong bear-like cuddle, while others like a soft and gentle approach.

Then you need to understand the dog’s body language. This will help you determine how much cuddling is too much cuddling. Yeah, it works both ways. If the dog starts leaning away from you, I think you can say it has had enough cuddling for a day.

Finally, I would follow the lab’s lead. Let them decide how much they want to cuddle when they want to cuddle and how they want to be cuddled.

Related Questions

Why are Labradors so affectionate?

A Labrador is the most loving and so caring dog you will ever find. It is the perfect family dog; you won’t find anyone better than them. It will seamlessly become a part of your family. The Labrador is just naturally affectionate; it isn’t in their nature to fight. The house pet for all is playful for kids and friendly with animals, including their arch-nemesis, cats.

Why do Labs not like to cuddle?

Lab’s love to cuddle! The most loving dog in the world would jump and woof at the chance to build a bond with their pet parent. In fact, I’d be surprised if your Labradors are not hugging you already. In the past, they have traveled in packs, and to survive, they had to cuddle with each other to stay warm. Years later, they may have stopped traveling in packs, but the instinctive cuddling stuck with them.

Why do dogs cuddle with their owners?

The real question isn’t if Labradors cuddle, but why do they cuddle? Aside from the fact that it is in their instincts to cuddle, Labradors like to cuddle because they are so loving and affectionate. Researchers believe that cuddling can also help Labradors build a stronger bond with their owners. We can’t say it is all out of love though, some Labrador’s like to cuddle during the winter.

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