Why do some dogs like to sleep under the bed?

Do you have a lovely pup at home who has begun sleeping under your bed? Why doesn’t your dog want to sleep in that dog bed you bought? Here, I will provide the answer and explain why dogs might hide or sleep under your bed.

So, why do some dogs like to sleep under the bed? A smaller area under a bed may feel safe for a puppy. As such, dogs may get under there when feeling stressed or frightened. If your house is loud and has many people, your dog may go under the bed for privacy. In addition, some dogs may sleep or hide under your bed when they feel sick or injured.

Keep reading to learn more about why a puppy hides under the bed.

Why Your Pup Sleeps Under Your Bed

Your dog may sleep in a corner under your bed because he may have gotten frightened. He may also need privacy. Some other reasons why your pup hides under the bed include:

  • Your dog is sick or hurt
  • The canine’s environment is stressful
  • Your dog got into trouble and tried to hide

Your Dog Is Scared or Anxious

Numerous things can make your dog scared or anxious. Fireworks on the Fourth of July can frighten your pup. Thunder and lightning during a storm can make your puppy frightened as well.

Is there a new person in the house or has someone got too noisy? Then, your canine is likely to hide under your bed for safety. Dogs feel safe hiding under small areas; small spaces comfort them.

The Pooch Wants Privacy

Sometimes, your home gets too busy, and there may be too many people roaming the halls. Your dog may want to get more alone time and privacy. Hiding or sleeping under your bed might be the only space where your pup may spend time alone.

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Sleeping under the bed can give your dog comfort and provide a place for him to relax. Sleeping under the bed also offers a predictable and calm space.

Your Canine Got Sick or Injured

Your dog may want to hide under the bed to cope with pain whenever it is injured or sick. Your dog may feel comforted by the small, warm space under your bed. If you have no other idea why your pup is sleeping under the bed, consider taking the dog to the vet.

The veterinarian can rule out any illnesses or provide the treatments to bring your dog back to tiptop shape.

Your Home Brings Your Pup Stress

Your dog may find your home or the rest of their environment stressful. If your house has many children or you have guests come over, your dog might get stressed out. Did you get a new pet? That may also cause anxiety for your canine.

Some other signs that your pup is stressed include munching on their paws, breaking things, and panting. However, hiding under a bed can help calm your dog.

Your Dog Got Into Trouble

Sometimes, your pup may do something mischievous. It may have broken your vase or knocked over some dishes. If a dog does something it has been punished for before, it may try to hide. If you find your dog sleeping under the bed, the canine may have gotten into trouble and knocked something over.

How To Get Your Pup Back Into the Dog Bed

If you’re tired of the dog sleeping under your bed, you may need to teach the pup to love his dog bed. Use positive reinforcement training to teach your dog that their bed or mat is a good and safe place to relax.

You can give him tasty treats to entice sleeping in the dog bed. Reward your dog for showing interest in the bed, and soon you will find it peacefully napping there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See below the most commonly asked questions about a dog’s sleeping patterns.

Should I let my dog sleep in my bed?

You should avoid letting your dog sleep in your bed since canines tend to play outdoors in the grass and dirt. The dog may have even rolled around in some soot or grime. You may not want your pup to bring that dirt and bacteria into your bed.

Dogs also tend to change positions in bed and kick whoever else lies down next to them. Canines can snore at night and wake you up as well.

Why do dogs choose one person to sleep with?

Dogs aren’t used to spending time alone or in solitude. As such, they tend to like sleeping next to someone. Dogs sleep with other pups in the wild for warmth and safety. As such, dogs generally pick whoever they consider the leader.

Do dogs protect you when you sleep?

Your dog has the instinct to protect you even when you are asleep. You might see that your pup lets you know whenever something goes wrong at night. Canines have a great sense of smell, sight, and hearing. So, if your dog is next to you at night, she might wake you up if something is off. The dog will try to keep you safe and protected in the dark.

Final Words

After reading the overview above, you should better understand why your dog likes sleeping under your bed. Yet, if you are tired of finding the canine hiding under your bed, try to use positive reinforcement training to teach your dog to sleep elsewhere.

Before you know it, you will return to having your bedroom all to yourself.

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