Why does my female cat stomach area hang so low?

Having a cat at home and looking them walk away with some extra pounds on their stomach could make you think twice about what you just saw.

So why does my female cat stomach area hang so low?

This is the extra skin on kitty’s stomach that is called a primordial pouch. It isn’t dangerous but in fact, it’s an important part of their body. It’s nothing to be worried about. People usually think this is the side effect of getting the cat spayed; however, that’s not it.

If you’re still confused, keep on reading to find more answers:

What is Primordial Pouch?

The primordial pouch is the excess layer of skin and fat combined on the abdomen of the cat. The fold runs along the abdomen’s length and becomes more prominent near the rear paws of the kitty. The primordial pouch swings as the kitty walk.

It seems to be believed that getting your cat spayed or neutered becomes the reason for the primordial pouch to exist. But this is clearly wrong. All kinds of cats of various characteristics like:

  • Different sizes
  • Different shapes
  • Both the sexes
  • All of the breeds

Happen to have the primordial pouch. Moreover, cats that happen to lose their weight due to changes in dietary conditions or due to some disease happen to have the primordial pouch as well.

Here’s a video to help you better understand what a primordial pouch is:

Furthermore, the primordial pouch is addressed with various more names other than this like:

  • Flabby belly
  • Wobbly apron
  • Saggy belly
  • Hanging belly
  • Belly flap
  • Abdominal flap
  • Extra skin

Primordial Pouch is an anatomical term for the hanging belly in cats. Due to the unawareness of this term, there are other ways to describe the issue as some of those names are mentioned above.

Benefits of the Primordial Pouch

Seeing the extra skin under the belly of your cat, the thought that this could be harmful to your cat might come in your mind. Also, it can be due to the laziness of your kitty. But, this isn’t the case here, the pouch grows in the cat with time and it has a few advantages like:

  • Protection in a fight
  • Freedom in the body
  • Works as extra space

The advantage of the primordial pouch in your cat’s body is that it plays a vital role in your cat’s life. Like humans have extra skin on their stomach, your cat is allowed to have that too. Even though they both have a very different role, but in the case of a cat’s belly, it is interesting.

Protection in a fight

If you have seen a catfight, you must know about the bunny kicking they do. In doing so, the kitty might cause some serious harm to their delicate organs placed in the stomach. The primordial pouch protects those organs from any harm as it could turn into a permanent injury.

Cats make perfect use of their hind legs and sharp claws. These actions are risky to take, hence, the primordial pouch helps to protect them. The injuries caused could lead to death as well.

Freedom in the body

No doubt the extra skin on the underside helps a lot in stretching. The kitty tends to stretch out all of its four paws as wide as they can and lie down on the floor in summers. The floor is usually cool and they want their body temperature to be normalized. This can’t be done without the extra skin.

Also, the primordial pouch helps the cat to run faster. The extra skin stretches and allows the cat to take even longer steps while catching their prey or while playing. It gives them the ability to run and jump even faster than normal.

Works as extra space

This refers to most of wildlife cats, also known as stray cats. Yes, they also have the primordial pouch. On the condition of not getting food any time soon, the cat feeds on more than its usual capacity. The extra food goes into the primordial pouch.

The primordial pouch is a piece of extra skin that happens to expand and give the stomach some additional space so that the cat can have more food than it usually consumes. Cats living outside do not know when they will get lucky to get prey so they prefer to eat more.

Occurrence of primordial pouch

There are various reasons for the excessive belly fat to appear in your kitty. In the first place, you must know what the food that you are feeding them can do to your cat’s health. Also, too many treats aren’t good for the cat’s health and do not contain enough nutrition.

The primordial pouch may occur with time in your kitty. When the cat ages, the laziness increases and the exercise time decreases as the resting time increases. Not to mention that the absorption rate also decreases with time as the activities are decreased as the cat grows old.

In addition to this, when you find your cat being grasped by obesity, the idea of dieting pops up. The meal quantity is reduced and the frequency is also decreased. Fewer favorite treats and many more allegations on the little kitty.

Ultimately, the kitty gets fit and the excessive fat is reduced. During this time you might find the extra skin on the stomach of your kitty, that skin used to be a part of the stomach space before but as it has decreased, the extra skin is just hanging there.

Is it obesity?

It’s totally fine to think that your cat is getting fat day by day as you are feeding them as much as they want to eat along with their favorite treats. Furthermore, most of the canned meals for aren’t healthy for your cat.


Canned food is not better than homemade meals for the cat. Most of the canned meals are filled with chemicals those expand the tummy of the cat and make them fat. In short, getting fat could turn out to be dangerous in all means for your cat.

If you do want a weight loss cat food, here’s an awesome Hill’s Prescription diet metabolic cat food from chewy.

Obesity could easily take over your cat’s health. Regular check-ups are necessary for your kitty when you see them getting lazy.

A few things you must know to make sure if it’s a normal primordial pouch:

  1. The primordial pouch tends to be:
  2. Looser
  3. Much lower
  4. Swings easily when the kitty walks
  5. The rib cage can be felt when touching the cat’s body from the sides

If your kitty is suffering from obesity here is how you can know:

  • Rounder tummy
  • No oscillation while walking, as in the excess skin won’t swing
  • Ribs can’t be felt while touching the kitty from sides

Here’s a video that can help you tell whether your cat is obese or not:

Diagnosing these things in your kitty is a sign for you to take a trip to the vet as obesity could be dangerous for your cat and it needs to be treated right away.


All things considered, the flabby belly of your cat isn’t anything to be afraid of. It’s a natural part of your cat’s skin that is outgrowing as the aging process is doing its work. The primordial pouch plays an important role in your kitty’s life

If your cat doesn’t have one, it requires a medical check-up. You must know that if the tummy of your cat feels like a bean bag, it’s all just fat and needs to be treated as soon as possible.

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