8 Best Yorkie Rescues in Colorado

Here you will find the list of the best Yorkie Rescues in Colorado.

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Top 8 Yorkie Rescues in Colorado

Below is the list of Shelters and Rescue Organizations in Colorado

1.) Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue

Rocky Mountain Yorkie Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Colorado dedicated to rescuing and rehoming Yorkshire Terriers from all over Colorado. All rescued pups are given the best veterinary care and medical treatment, including vaccinations, microchipping, etc. The organization is focused on providing the Yorkies with a safe and loving environment until a loving forever home is found.

2.) United Yorkie Rescue

United Yorkie Rescue was initiated in 2002 as an NPO as a totally foster-based rescue with the pledge to recover as many Yorkshire Terriers and Yorkshire Terrier mixes as physically and logistically possible. Along with rescuing pups, they educate the general public about the behavior and care of Yorkies. Get a canine companion by completing the adoption form found on their website.

3.) Lifeline Puppy Rescue

Operating since 1993, Lifeline Puppy Rescue has saved more than 44,000 pups in Colorado and surrounding states. They aim to save and rehabilitate abandoned nursing mother dogs and puppies and provide them with a second chance at life by protecting them and giving them the best medical treatments. Visit their website for further information.

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4.) Colorado Puppy Rescue

Colorado Puppy Rescue is a no-kill dog shelter dedicated to saving young pups and their mothers from high euthanization shelters in Colorado. For the past 16 years, Colorado Puppy Rescue has given refuge to more than 16,000 canines and rehomed them in safe, loving, and permanent homes. Visit their website to adopt a furbaby today.

5.) My Fairy Dawg Mother

Founded in 2011, My Fairy Dawg Mother boasts a 100 percent success rate for saving and rehoming dogs by rescuing and placing over 800 dogs in new loving families. Dogs are rescued, given medical attention, and spayed/neutered if needed before sending them off to loving and stable foster homes until a forever home is found for these cute canines. Stay updated with all of My Fairy Dawg Mother’s future endeavors by following their socials. 

6.) The Good Dog Rescue

The Good Dog Rescue has stayed true to its name by rescuing thousands of dogs from overcrowded shelters and fostering them. Fosters are the heart and soul of The Good Dog Rescue, as every dog is provided with the love and affection they deserve. All dogs are thoroughly checked for medical illness and given adequate treatment. With their incredibly friendly staff, they make the adoption process hassle-free. Be a part of their noble cause by adopting, donating, or signing up as a volunteer at their organization.

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7.) Animal Rescue of the Rockies

Animal Rescue of the Rockies was organized in 2003 as an alternative to traditional animal shelters. Since then, A.R.R. has fostered and provided over 10,000 innocent lost souls with forever homes. A.R.R. also works with numerous other rescue groups in Colorado to increase their rescue radius. Adopt a furry friend today from A.R.R. by visiting their website.

8.) PawsCo

PawsCo is a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to reducing the number of abandoned, neglected, and unwanted pets throughout Colorado. All rescued dogs are given appropriate medical attention prior to adoption. PawsCo also commits to educating the public regarding dog care and the importance of spay/neuter. Find out more by checking out PawsCo’s website.

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