18 of the Best Pictures Of Penguins

1. Emperor Penguin

Emperor penguin is the largest of all penguins, with expertise in diving deeper than any other.

2. King Penguin

The second largest penguin, known for its social skills, has the most extended breeding cycle of all other penguins.

3. Chinstrap Penguin

This ringed penguin is unique not only in its appearance but also in its population. It has the highest population of any other penguin species.

4. Gentoo Penguin

The fastest of all diving birds, Gentoo Penguin can dive up to 450 times a day.

5. Adélie Penguin

These penguins can be too slow on land, but they turn monsters in the water, reaching a speed of 9.3 mph while hunting.

6. Little Penguin

The tiniest of all penguins is this adorable grey creature. An adult grows as small as 12 inches in height.

7. White-Flippered Penguin

Contrary to common belief, some penguins, like white-flippered penguins, find caves and rocky areas more appealing than icy lands.

8. Humboldt Penguin

These penguins are the popular birds in the zoo because of their friendliness towards humans; Humboldt penguins are highly social and interactive among their colonies.

9. Magellanic Penguin

One of the most aggressive penguin species, Magellanic penguins, is known to start a fight during breeding season- initiating it with a loud noise. 

10. African Penguin

These penguins are used to crowded and noisy colonies. No wonder why their distinct feature is their donkey-like braying sound.

11. Yellow-Eyed Penguin

The introverts of the penguin world, these penguins prefer to remain in one place and avoid migration. A yellow-eyed penguin will choose to hike alone rather than with a big colony.

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12. Fiordland Penguin

Being extremely shy and timid, these species of penguins tend to come out during the night. During the day, they stay in their nests, avoiding everyone.

 13. Erect-crested Penguin 

These waddlers are competitive and often fight for the best breeding spot during the season.

14. Macaroni Penguin

This penguin has unique adaptations to make them pros at swimming. These include webbed feet, hollow bones, and a tail to improve steering underwater.

15. Northern Rockhopper Penguin

Protected from the cold with a particular layer of fat, these penguins can stay in the ocean for days to hunt.

16. Southern Rockhopper Penguin

Although these penguins are one of the smallest, they’re exceptional swimmers and can stay in the water longer than most.

17. Royal Penguin

The largest of the crested penguins, royal penguins are also skilled swimmers. A streamlined body and ability to save oxygen for the dives make it one of the best swimmers.

18. Snares Penguin

These crested penguins live on rocky coasts and breed near vegetation to provide their chicks with good shelter. The dense colonies damage the breeding sites, so these penguins find other spots until the old one recovers.

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