20 Best Grey Dog Breeds (Large, Medium & Small Breeds)

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, each type with their own personality. But if you’re particular about getting a four-legged companion in gray color, it’s important to know all your options. There are many popular grey dog breeds, like Italian greyhounds and whippets. We are here to tell you about the grey dog breeds you may not know about.

Indeed, grey dogs are unique. But what exactly makes them so unique?

Here’s your answer: 

They are the perfect dogs for new owners since they usually have a calm demeanor. Grey dogs are some of the most loving and loyal breeds you’ll ever find. They also tend to be more energetic, making them a great pet for people with active lifestyles.

Learn about gray dogs in large, medium, and small breeds in this post.

Large Grey Breeds

Alaskan Malamute

This breed is similar to Siberian huskies and Samoyeds. It has a wolf-like look, a fluffy grey coat, and small pointy ears. Originally bred for freight hauling, this breed is quite powerful and can grow up to 66 cm tall.

Despite their intimidating looks, Alaskan malamutes are quite affectionate and loyal to their owners. They don’t bark a lot and are excellent around children. Don’t be afraid of their size because this dog is a massive softy! However, it’s best not to keep this breed if you live in a warmer area. They have thick fur and don’t do well in hot climates.

Great Dane

Sticking to the theme of giant softies, this is another affectionate breed. Although they are massive, this breed is quite a gentle giant. They are known for their pointy ears and droopy faces. In fact, our favorite childhood dog Scooby Doo is also a Great Dane! They get along well with other family pets, including smaller ones like cats. This breed also loves to socialize and hang out outdoors.

Great Danes are also patient and won’t get aggressive or throw tantrums. They can be protective sometimes and don’t like being left alone for long periods.


Weimaraners are known to have beautiful silver and grey coat along with a thin tail. Originally these dogs were used for hunting small animals but now are kept as house pets. They are quite an energetic breed and love to run around. A breed like this requires regular exercise. If you have a large house or backyard, it’s a plus. No matter what the weather is like, this breed loves a good walk. Weimaraners are also very loyal and protective of their owners.

Since they are intelligent, training them is a fairly easy process. They love to cuddle as well and are known to give the best standing dog hugs.

Carpathian Shepherd Dog

As its name suggests, these dogs originated from the mountains of Romania. They have long fluffy fur and can grow up to 67 cm tall. This breed is a great option if you’re looking for a guard dog since they have natural protective instincts.

Carpathian shepherd dogs tend to be intelligent and not cause much trouble during training. They often get attached to one person but still stay friendly toward other people. This breed may look intimidating, but they are the most gentle dogs ever. It is best to give them their space first so they can adapt to their settings. 

Irish Wolfhound 

No list of the best large grey dogs is complete without the Irish wolfhound. This large dog has shaggy grey fur and is a great watchdog. Originally used for hunting, their gentle demeanor and friendly behavior with humans make them an excellent pet.

And since they’re also great with kids, these dogs are suitable for households with children. If you live in a colder area, you’ll get the warmest cuddles from this breed. They love to snuggle their owners and may even want to sleep in your bed. However, they may not be ideal for everyone due to their large size. They tend to take up a lot of space and need daily exercise to stay healthy.

Neapolitan Mastiff

This large dog is super cute due to their droopy face and sleepy-looking expression. Originating from Italy, this dog is known for their amazing protective instinct. If you’re looking for the perfect watchdog, look no further than a Neapolitan Mastiff.

While these dogs tend to be stubborn, you can train them to be obedient. They don’t shed a lot, so you don’t have to worry about fur sticking to your clothes. Also, this is a fairly low-maintenance breed and is easy to train. On the contrary, be ready for excessive drooling if you get this breed. So make sure you keep towels nearby. Neapolitan mastiffs love to nap and don’t require a lot of exercise.

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Scottish Deerhound

This breed is not just unique for its color but also for its overall look. These dogs have long legs and shaggy grey coats. These gentle dogs love their human companion and always portray loving and friendly behavior. This is an active breed that loves to chase birds and play around.

If you’re planning to get a Scottish Deerhound as your pet, make sure there’s ample of space in your house to cater to their requirements. They love to run around and rarely ever sit still. This is also not an ideal breed if you have other pets since it might try to chase them.

Old English Sheepdog

Originally used as a herding dog, this breed is incredibly loving. They are known for their big fluffy coats covering most of their faces. If you love cuddly dogs, this is a great pick for you. These dogs adapt well to their new homes and love to play around. They would love to play outdoors too. Old English Sheepdogs socialize well with other dogs and any pets you may have.

Due to their thick coat, this is a high-maintenance dog. You have to brush their coat frequently to avoid knots and matting.

Socialize your dogs with humans and other pets!



Contrary to popular belief, Pitbulls are actually very loving and adore cuddling with their owners. They often have quirky personalities and are extremely loyal to their owners. This breed requires some extra training, but it’s totally worth it!

Pitbulls are also quite devoted and need to be socialized from an early age. This allows them to be more trusting of strangers and other dogs. They also make excellent guard dogs and are protective of their owners. However, they do tend to bark quite a bit. You’ll have to exercise your Pitbull daily since they are quite energetic and love to run.

Here’s how you can tire out highly energetic dogs!

Siberian Husky

This wolf-like breed is known for its grey fur and striking blue eyes. Huskies have a thick fluffy coat, and they are related to the spitz breed. These dogs are quite intelligent and can be trained easily.

They are gentle and make great family dogs. This is also because they prefer being in packs rather than being independent. Huskies are also social, so they get along with other pets well. Just like the Alaskan malamute, this breed does not do well in warm weather. This is an ideal dog for people living in places where it’s colder all year round.


Whippets are a great medium-sized breed that doesn’t have as many health issues as other dogs. They are related to greyhounds and have very short coat. This breed is known to be quite friendly and doesn’t bark a lot, either.

These dogs are also quite tolerant, which is why this is a good choice if you have children. This breed is very patient and intelligent as well. Training them is fairly easy, but they do require a lot of attention. Whippets can get needy, and they love to cuddle their owners. They are medium-energy dogs that require daily walks.


This adorable breed has a bear-like face with shades of silver and grey. If you’re into fluffy dogs, this is a great pick for you. This dog originates from Holland and is known to be quite playful. They love the extra attention and enjoy playing games outdoors. This is another breed that is known for being intelligent. Not only are they fast learners, but training them is also an easy process.

This breed doesn’t bark much but may bark at strangers they find suspicious. Overall, this is an affectionate dog that is great for families.

Norwegian Elkhound 

If you are looking for an alert guard dog to keep your family safe, this is the best four-legged protector you can keep. This dog was originally trained to hunt animals like deer and bears. They have a thick fluffy grey coat and pointy ears, similar to the spitz breed.

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This breed gets along well with children and respects its owners. Not only are Norwegian Elkhounds very affectionate but loyal. However, if you have other smaller pets, this may not be a good choice for you. Since this is a hunting breed, they may chase smaller pets.


Keeping up with adorable teddy bear dogs, this is another fluffy gray dog breed. The Pumi originates from Hungary and is known for its cute little tail. They have tightly coiled grey fur and an adorable expression.

This dog is on top of our list when it comes to affectionate dogs. Not only do they enjoy a good cuddle, but they get along with other pets too. However, this is an energetic breed, so you’ll need to exercise them daily. If they get bored, they may bark a lot, so you need to keep them occupied. This is a loyal dog that will always stay by your side.


This dog has a unique look and generally sports a grey coat. They also have folded triangle ears, thick eyebrows, and furry beards. Another distinctive feature of this breed is its tiny tail. When it comes to loyalty, the schnauzer takes the cake. Not only are they loyal to their owners, but they are loving toward the whole family. This makes them ideal family dogs, especially if you have children.

Schnauzers are also tolerant, so they’ll be patient with kids. This is a fearless dog that will protect its owners without being aggressive. This breed does tend to bark a lot to let you know their mood.


Have you ever seen a dog that looks like a mop? This breed is known for its tight curly fur that looks like dreadlocks. It is so long that it often covers their eyes. Despite looking like a pile of yarn, this dog is a great choice for canine lovers. Not only is it adorable, but very obedient as well. They are fairly easy to train and listen to their owners without throwing tantrums.

This is also a good guard dog option since the puli breed is protective of its owners. You don’t have to groom this breed’s fur until they are at least eight months old.


French Bulldog

This crossbreed is known for its pointy triangle ears and small size. French bulldogs are a toy breed and are small enough to fit in handbags. They have a playful personality and are very lively as well.

If you don’t have enough space in your home, this is a good pick for you. This breed is very friendly and gets along well with other pets. They also love snuggling, so you’ll have to give them loads of attention. French bulldogs can easily adapt to new environments. However, they can develop health problems as they grow older. They require extra care when it comes to health and grooming.


If you love unique-looking dogs, this is an ideal pick for you. Poodles are popular due to their elegant looks and puffy fur around the ears. Although you can also find medium-sized ones, toy poodles are more popular.

This breed has a long neck and legs covered in curly fur. Poodles are great family dogs since they are very playful and loving. They are full of energy and require daily exercise to keep their mood in check. This breed is at the top of the list when it comes to intelligence. They are highly obedient and trainable. 

Cairn Terrier

This Scottish dog has little pointy ears that give them a charming look. Although mostly seen with a brown coat, you can also find this breed in the grey variety. This fearless dog stays alert and is very protective of its owners.

Not only do they have a mild temper, but this breed is ideal for families with children. They are super playful and love to run around, especially in open areas. However, this breed is known to dig holes and chew at things. Since they are highly intelligent, you can easily train these habits out of them.

Final Takeaway 

Grey dogs are truly a blessing, our perfect four-legged companions for life. Grey dogs are rare, which is what makes them extra special. No matter what sized furry friend you’re looking for, there’s an option for everyone.

These loving creatures are devoted to their owners and make excellent cuddling companions. We hope this article helps you open your home for a fluffy grey friend.

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