Are All Black Cats Bombay Cats?

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

Cats can be of different colors and shades. Their color and other physical characteristics depend on their specific breed.

Let’s see whether all black cats are Bombay cats or not?

Are all black cats Bombay cats? Not all black cats are Bombay cats, but all Bombay cats are black cats. Hence contrary to popular belief, not every black, short coat cat you see is a Bombay.

Still confused?

Let me make it easier for you.

Cat Colors

Cats come in different colors and different patterns. There are different breeds of black cats. In fact, black color cats are common to many pure as well as mixed breeds. So black color isn’t associated with any one specific breed

Any single coat color is called solid. A cat who is either coal black, brownish black or grayish black is called a solid black, but black cats can be of different types.

Like black fur, where the coat is black, and roots are white or locket cat which is entirely black but has a white patch on chest. Such cats are called as bi-color cats

But there can be any specific breed in which a particular cat color let’s suppose black would be mostly found. The well-known black cat breeds are American shorthair, European, and Bombay cats

Black American Shorthair Cats

Even American Shorthair cats are not just black; they have different colors too.

The American Shorthair is easy going and loving cat, which easily gets attached to people. Their color can be blue, golden or BLACK

Now coming back to Bombay cats, a product of a cross between Burmese cats and American Shorthair.

Among different black cats, it is essential to know how to identify Bombay cats because let’s not forgotten the fact that only color doesn’t determine the cat’s breed.

Bombay Cat’s Coat

They have got shiny, silky, jet black hair. They have short hair because both the parents had short hair. So you won’t find any Bombay cat with long hair. Because of this short hair, it’s easy to brush them

The best thing about Bombay cats is that you really don’t need to groom them every day and a positive thing about Bombay cats is that their hair doesn’t shed much.

Bombay cat’s eyes

They have big button-like eyes. Can be of copper or golden color.

Bombay cat’s body structure

A Bombay is a medium-sized cat which looks like a little panther and has a muscular body.

Bombay cat’s walk

Another way to identify them is by noticing their different and unique walk.


Bombay cats are heat seekers. No matter its hot or cold Bombay cats are mostly found under covers, on sofas or beds, and on laps. These cats love warm places

As Bombay cats were created to look like black leopards, so they actually look like little leopards. So Bombay cat’s breeder Nikki Horner decided to name them after a port in India called Bombay because In India you can find black leopard

It might be hard for you to distinguish between black American shorthair and Bombay cats. I have made it easier for you to differentiate between them.

Let’s find out!

Difference between Black American Shorthair and American Bombay cats

American Shorthair breed cats can have a variety of colors, including black while Bombay cats are only black. Both have round shaped heads, but their complete look is a bit different from each other. Talking about their personality, black Bombay cats are more talkative than American Shorthair cats. However, both of them have a somewhat similar appearance, but Bombay cat have larger eyes

Difference between American Bombay cat and British Bombay cat

Both of them are black cats


Now you would think why on earth they are called American or British Bombay cats and how difficult it would be to differentiate between them. One of the easiest way to know the difference is that British Bombay cats are a result of the cross between a Burmese cat and British black shorthair. British Bombay cats have black nose, toes, and copper to greenish eyes. The main difference between them is their eye color.

Interesting Facts About Black Cats

Unfortunately, black cats are stereotyped as bad luck to people and so many myths are associated with them.

But the truth is totally opposite of all the myths and rumors about black cats

However, some black cats do have mysterious personalities

Let’s see certain myths associated with black cats and their unusual characteristics

Black cats bring bad luck

The most famous myth is that black cats bring bad luck.


If a black cat crosses your path than its believed something terrible will happen to you.

If it crosses your path while you are driving then its generally considered something terrible will happen, it might be an accident

However, now people have started keeping black cats as their pets, which shows that the stigma that black cats bring bad luck is reduced.

Black cats bring good luck

In some cultures, it is also thought that black cats bring good luck and fortune. Therefore many people even accompanied them when going somewhere like sailors used to do. I won’t be lying by saying that black cats are a sailors best friends

Black cats were considered sacred

Earlier in some cultures, black cats were deemed to be sacred. Even killing black cats were forbidden. Killing them resulted in punishment to the person. So many myths are related to black cats, and in fact, some of them are really famous, but the truth is that our fortune and truth depends neither on black cat nor on any other cat. Now coming to the characteristics

Blacks cats had a bad reputation for some time, but now they pretty much loved by everyone. Besides having the most attractive color, they are really loving, playful cats and develop a powerful relationship with you. They will sleep near you and will love cuddling you

They have a mysterious personality. However, some of them are shy too

For many years black cats were the least preferred cats, but now people love keeping them as their pet especially Bombay cats

Related questions

Do all the cats of the same breed have the same color? No, that’s not the case at all. Cats belonging to the same breed can have different colors, shades, and even different patterns.

Does the color of cats have an impact on their personalities? Yes, the color of the cats has an impact on their personalities. For example, blacks cats have more mysterious character than white cats. But of course it’s not the color only which influences cats personalities

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