The 8 Best Dog Scratch Boards for Nails

This (updated) guide reviews all of the best dog scratch boards for nails you can buy this year.

Let’s get to it straight: Investing in scratchboard for your dog is worthwhile as it promotes nail maintenance, protects your home from destructive scratching, provides mental stimulation, improves fitness, strengthens the bond between you and your dog, and accommodates dogs with physical limitations.

Regular use of scratchboard can help naturally file down your dog’s nails. This post will look at the best dog scratch boards for nails in 2023 based on our detailed 40-point inspection. So, if that’s the product you’ve been looking for, you’ve landed on the right page.

The Best Dog Scratch Boards for Nails

Top ProductsBest Features
#1. Bruno & Coco Dog Scratch Pad
(Best Overall)
Most stress-free experience
#2. SEEPEARL Dog Scratch Pad for NailsRobust construction
#3. ASEWOTOS Dog Scratch Pad for NailsMost convenient design
#4. SPAKITCHCE Dog Nail Scratch BoardSuitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes
#5. FL Falatier Dog Scratch Board for Large DogsLarge size and extremely sturdy

#1. Bruno & Coco Dog Scratch Pad Review: Stress-Free Nail Care with a Treat!

If you’re a pet parent tired of the struggle that comes with traditional dog nail care, the Bruno & Coco Dog Scratch Pad is here to revolutionize your grooming routine. This versatile product goes beyond just nail trimming, offering a range of features that make it a must-have for any dog owner.

The Diverse Functional Design sets this scratch pad apart. Equipped with a nail-trimming sandpaper drawer and a treat compartment, it simplifies the nail care training process while making it a joyful experience for your furry friend. No more wrestling with clippers or the noise of grinders – just a stress-free grooming session.

The Treat Box adds an element of fun and positive reinforcement. Make grooming engaging by using treats during the process, turning nail maintenance into a delightful bonding activity.

With Replaceable Sandpaper, maintenance is a breeze. When the sandpaper wears out, just swap it with the new self-adhesive sandpaper included in the package. Bruno & Coco goes the extra mile by providing two additional replacement sandpapers.

#2. SEEPEARL Dog Scratch Pad for Nails

  • Designed with durable material
  • Protects your furniture and carpet
  • Promotes nail health
  • Versatile design with multiple scratching surfaces

The Dog Scratch Pad for Nails is a unique and innovative product designed to make nail care easier and more stress-free for pet owners and their beloved pups. The scratchboard is made from high-quality, natural bamboo, with three layers of Zhuzi boards treated with environmentally-friendly paint to ensure maximum durability.

This product offers an easy-to-use alternative to traditional nail clippers and grinders, allowing pet owners to train their dogs to use the scratchboard. The product comes with one instruction manual, two pieces of sandpaper, and six non-slip rubber bases, making it easy to adjust the board to a suitable angle for your dog. Furthermore, its fun design will make both you and your pup happy!

#3. ASEWOTOS Dog Scratch Pad for Nails

  • Fun to learn to scratch nails
  • Adjustable and convenient design
  • Safe to use for all dogs
  • The sandpaper can be replaced with ease

The ASEWOTOS Dog Scratch Pad for Nails is an ideal solution for dog owners looking for a gentle, stress-free alternative to nail trimming. This scratch pad offers an easy and happy way to trim your pet’s nails, as you can train your dog to scratch its paws on the pad by playing a game. Not only is this an enjoyable experience for your pet, but it works efficiently. After around ten scratches, your pet’s nails will be nicely filed.

The convenience and adjustability of this product make it a top choice for dog owners. It features four different adjustable angles (0°, 30°, 35°and 45°) so that it can easily accommodate all types of dogs, even those up to 90 lbs. The scratchboard design has three layers for long-term trim and is constructed with high-quality natural bamboo and protective paint. This ensures the durability and security of the product, as well as its waterproof and oxidation-resistant qualities.

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#4. SPAKITCHCE Dog Nail Scratch Board

  • Helps pets adjust to nail trimming quickly and easily
  • Can be used for large or small dogs
  • Reduces stress and fear of pets during the nail-trimming process  
  • Provides an incentive to motivate your pet

The SPAKITCHCE Dog Nail Scratch Board is a great solution for pet owners looking for an alternative to dog nail clippers and grinders. With its stress-free way of caring for nails, this product is designed perfectly for dogs with stress issues when trimming their nails in the traditional way. This innovative product allows pet owners to avoid panic or anxiety for their furry friends during nail care.

The scratchboard measures 13.78 inches long by 9.84 inches wide with a drawer depth of 1.18 inches to place treats at the bottom. It has a unique sandpaper surface to provide an effective and natural way of filing and trimming your pup’s nails over time. The package also comes with a set of pre-cut, replacement sandpaper giving pet owners long-term use without repurchasing any accessories.

#5. FL Falatier Dog Scratch Board for Large Dogs

  • Comes with a ton of refills on the sandpaper sheets
  • Can be mounted on the wall or left on the floor
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Turns filing into a game for the dogs

The FL Falatier Dog Scratch Board for Large Dogs features a wall-mounted design allowing dogs to file their nails without fear or anxiety. The board also boasts dual-sided sandpaper with 80 grit on one side and 100 grit on the other, allowing it to be used for any breed of dog size (small, medium, and large).

This board also features an extra-large size of 17″ x 10″, providing more surface area for easier and quicker grooming. Made from natural bamboo wood, it is treated with eco-friendly paint, making it waterproof, deformation-resistant, and oxidation-resistant. Additionally, it comes with two replaceable sandpapers that are made with a strong PET Self-adhesive back that is not easy to tear and leaves no residue behind.

#6. Homerays Bamboo Dog Scratch Pad for Nails

  • Solid and attractive design
  • Well packaged
  • Scratching environment for dogs provides a fun, stress-free experience
  • Comes with hand-filing tools

The Homerays Bamboo Dog Scratch Pad allows pet owners to experience a safe and stress-free grooming experience with their furry friends. This product comes as a gift set, including a scratch pad and three nail files, making it the perfect alternative to traditional nail grinders.

The scratch pad is made of 100% pure natural bamboo, making it durable, healthy, and environmentally friendly. The bottom edge is beveled so that it can be placed at any angle, and the anti-slip strip ensures stability. This makes the pad suitable for a variety of scenarios and allows for easy storage and portability.

#7. FEARNOTNAILS Dog Nail Scratch Board

  • Gives the dog more control over maintaining their nails
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Double-sided, allowing for extended usage
  • Quality material allows for filing in a more precise manner

The FEARNOTNAILS Dog Nail Scratch Board is the perfect tool for pet owners and groomers seeking a consistent and reliable method of at-home dog nail care. It is designed to create a positive association with trimming your dog’s nails, making it a great choice for those with dogs who are scared of dog nail trimmers, dog nail clippers, or dog nail grinders.

The board has a straightforward and easy-to-follow training process, which includes written instructions and an accompanying 4-minute video tutorial. As the largest board on the market, it can accommodate all sizes of dogs, from 10 lbs to over 100+. It features a double-sided coarse and soft grit max-bonded sandpaper that is glued on to keep it secure for at least two years with regular use by one dog. Furthermore, the bamboo board itself comes with a 5-year guarantee.

#8. Rundik Scratch Square for Dogs with Treat Box

  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Encourages healthy scratching for nails maintenance
  • Interactive treat box
  • Versatile design to accommodate various sizes of dogs

The Rundik Scratch Square for Dogs with Treat Box is ideal for caring for a pup’s nails. It is designed with four layers of high-quality natural bamboo treated with protective paint and built to last for years. The square also has a treat box that incentivizes the pup to use the scratch square.

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This product is an excellent alternative to nail grinders, making it a great choice for dogs who fear them. With easy instructions and patience, pet owners can train their fur babies to use the square and eventually trim their nails in a much safer way. The 10.3×14 inch pad is suitable for most breeds, ages, and sizes, so pet owners can have peace of mind that they don’t need to buy a new one if their pup grows in size.

Best Dog Scratchboards for Nails – A Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide has everything you need to know about getting the right dog scratchboard for nails.

Benefits of Buying a Dog Scratch Board for Nails

Here are the top benefits of buying a scratch board for your dog:

  • Regular use of scratchboard can help naturally file down your dog’s nails.
  • Dogs have a natural instinct to scratch and dig. Providing a dedicated scratchboard can redirect their scratching behavior away from your furniture, carpets, or other undesirable surfaces.
  • Scratching on a board engages your dog’s mind, promoting mental stimulation. It can help alleviate boredom, which is often the cause of destructive behaviors in dogs.
  • Scratching on a board requires your dog to engage their muscles, particularly in the shoulders, back, and legs.
  • Scratching can serve as a stress-relieving activity for dogs. It allows them to release pent-up energy and frustration, helping to calm their nerves.
  • Using scratchboard can be incorporated into your training routine, strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Scratchboard for Your Dog

When buying the best dog scratch boards for nails, there are several factors to consider to ensure you choose the right one for your pet:


Consider the size of the scratchboard in relation to your dog’s size. It should be large enough for your dog to comfortably use and allow them to fully extend their paws while scratching.


Look for scratchboards made from durable materials like high-density cardboard or natural sisal. These materials should withstand your dog’s scratching without easily falling apart or causing any harm.


Ensure that the scratchboard is stable and doesn’t slide or tip over when your dog uses it. A stable board will provide a safe and secure surface for scratching.


Opt for a scratchboard with a textured surface that mimics the texture of tree bark or a rough surface. This will help effectively file down your dog’s nails as they scratch.


Check for any potential hazards, such as sharp edges or toxic materials, that could harm your dog. Choose scratchboards that are free from any harmful substances and have smooth, rounded edges.


Consider whether you want a scratchboard that can be mounted on the wall or placed on the floor. Wall-mounted boards can save space and be at a convenient height for your dog, while floor scratch boards offer flexibility in placement.

User Reviews

Read reviews from other dog owners to gather feedback on different scratchboards. Real user experiences can provide valuable insights into the durability, effectiveness, and overall satisfaction of a particular product.

Here’s everything you need to learn about scratch pad training for your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my dog use a scratchboard for nail maintenance?

The frequency of using dog scratchboard for nail maintenance can vary depending on your dog’s individual needs. It is generally recommended to use the scratchboard once or twice a week, monitoring the length of your dog’s nails and adjusting the frequency as necessary. Regular observation and trimming may still be required to ensure the nails don’t become too long or cause discomfort.

Can I use a scratchboard for puppies or small breeds?

Yes, scratch boards can be used for puppies and small breeds. However, it is important to choose a scratchboard that is appropriately sized for their smaller paws and body size. Look for scratch boards specifically designed for small dogs, or consider using a smaller section of a larger scratchboard to ensure it is comfortable and safe for them to use.

My dog is hesitant to use a scratchboard. How can I encourage them to use it?

If your dog is hesitant to use a scratchboard, you can try a few techniques to encourage their interest:

  • Positive reinforcement
  • Scent attraction
  • Demonstration
  • Patience and persistence
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