Top 25 Big Fluffy Dog Breeds

Are you a snuggler? And a dog person too? Then you need a big fluffy dog in your life! Imagine snuggling up to them with your fingers buried in all that floof. Simply put, these fluffy dogs breeds were made for cuddling. Did we tempt you to look for one?

If we did, then you’re going to adore this list of the fluffiest big dogs! Just remember that you’d need to make space for them not just in your canine-loving heart. But these pooches will also require plenty of room on your couch — and life! That’s because these are ginormous creatures. For those of you who lack the space, consider housing a petite yet fluffy breed.

And now, let the fur fly:

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a large and gentle breed that has been around humans as early as in 3000 B.C. Back then, it served as sheep and livestock guarding dogs. Their exceptional hearing makes them capable of detecting predators approach from long distances!

Adhering to their ancestral purpose, the Great Pyrenese will intimidate intruders with more than their impressive bulk. They also have an impressively loud bark. For these reasons, we suggest that you work hard on socializing your Great Pyrenese. After all, you wouldn’t want them to take down any visitors they haven’t met before.

Chow Chow

A Chinese breed, Chows are big and muscular. The fluffiness of their coatis second to none. Originally, this multipurpose dog would serve its masters in several different ways. Chow Chows are great at guarding, for instance. But they are equally good as hunters and herders.

Most importantly, though, they make perfect snuggle pillows. There’senough fluff for you to lose yourself in if you bring this fantastic companion dog home. There will be major shedding for you to deal with, but their serious and dignified temperament more than compensate for that.

Old English Sheepdog

You cannot have a list of big fluffy dogs without the Old English Sheepdog. Aside from all the fluffiness, these dogs also charm with their great personality. They have a zest for life that you’d be hard put to ignore. For people who want an energetic and enthusiastic canine companion that also makes a great family pet, the Old English Sheepdog is it.

On the flip side, these dogs bond with their family quite strongly. So, if you leave them at home for extended durations, they can begin to experience anxiety. And even though they suit novice canine keepers, the Old English Sheepdogs need regular exercise — lots of it. Not giving them a chance to tire themselves out makes them more prone to acting out in destructive ways.

Golden Retriever

A very furry breed, the Golden Retriever gives you lots of reasons to spoil them. First off is the fact that their coat is soft, gorgeous, and golden. Secondly, they are very affectionate dogs, which is why you won’t mind how much they shed. Thirdly, they are huggers, so you can expect to get lost in all that furriness at all times.

In other words, Golden Retrievers are big lap dogs. No wonder they are always high up on the AKC’s list of most popular dog breeds in America.

Tibetan Mastiff

These dogs can grow to weigh more than 150 pounds and 26 inches tall. They may be gigantic, but they are generally huge softies. If you want a big fluff ball that will positively smother you with their love, then get yourself a Tibetan Mastiff.

This long-haired breed produces intelligent individuals that don’t take to intruders warmly. They tend to get along well with any other dogs and are quite gentle with kids.

They can be smart and independent, so training is a must. Only adopt one if you aren’t a novice dog owner. Finally, for those occupying the Sun Belt, the weather there generally too warm for a Tibetan. Their shagginess provides insulation and is for the colder climes.

American Eskimo

The perfect family dog is affectionate, first of all. They should also be excited about life and intelligent enough to protect your home: an apt description or the American Eskimo Dog.

They are energetic and curious creatures that need new challenges daily. When bored, they can engage in destructive behavior.

Finally, get an Eskie if you work from home or are a stay-at-home individual. These Velcro dogs want to stick around you throughout the day. Think of them as your adorably fluffy but curious shadow. Lavish them with lots of love and cuddles.

Alaskan Malamute

Check out this Giant Alaskan Malamute:

Want a cuddle buddy as large as a Siberian Husky? Then go for an Alaskan Malamute. Be warned that these large dogs can weigh more than a hundred pounds!

Now for the fuzzy part. Malamutesdon’talways come wrapped in long coats, but Alaskan Malamutes do have a double coat. An outer layer of fur overlaysa much softer fuzzier one. The latter keeps them warm and snuggly in the frigid cold. But more importantly, it makes them so huggable!

Aside from being good for snuggles, Alaskan Malamutes are also independent creatures. They are energetic and require plenty of exercise. Despite their independence, your Malamute will still love to play with you.

Finnish Lapphund

Anyone looking for a cute fuzzball should adopt a Finnish Lapphund. Their name indicates where they are originally from, i.e., Lapland in Finland. Lapphunds are hard workers whose ancestors would herd reindeers!

After retirement, this breed found a home with dog lovers. They make incredibly friendly furry companions and bond with family and friends easily. What’s more, they have an innate desire to please the people they bond with and obey them.

Since they’re extremely energetic, keep them on their toes with plenty of activity. One thing to know is that this breed has a strong barking instinct.

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Australian Shepherd

Aussies or Australian Shepherds are ​party animals. They have endless amounts of energy, which is why you have to provide them with an active lifestyle. Australian Shepherds are always up for play and exercise, and their herding instinct remains strong. Rain or shine, you need to provide them with physical and mental stimulation. Don’timagine that you can tire out an Aussie with a long walk, either. Because when bored, they can get destructive.

Australian Shepherds have beautiful coats. You will find 14 varying colors vying for your attention. There’s also an extra helping of fluff on those multi-hued coats. Sure, all that excess hair means they will shed quite a lot. However, if you get past that, you’ll be able to see what makes the Aussies one of the best big fluffy dog breeds. 

Make sure to brush your Aussie’s coat every day and get a lifetime worth of hugs and snuggles.


Do you require a snuggle bunny? The staunch white, long, and thick fur of a Samoyed is perfect for this! They are as fluffy as dogs can get. Additionally, their fur becomes thicker around the neck, creating an honest-to-god leonine mane.

When you look at a Samoyed’s long fluffy tail needs brushing out to keep it mat-free. Samoyeds usually don’t weigh more than 50 pounds.

When it comes to their personality, Samoyeds are very friendly and family-oriented. After they bond with you, they can get separation anxiety if forced to spend too much time apart.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese mountain dogs are big and immensely lovable and thrive on attention from their family. They love spending time with you. While they are a working breed, Berners much prefer a calmer lifestyle. They would rather spend their days pleasing their owners.

In addition to being this adorable, Berners are also intelligent and have a love for learning. Thus, they will take to training quickly and easily. Once they’re home, you can even integrate them into the family routine as smoothly.

The only caveat that you might face in adopting a Berner is its size. They can amass more than 100 pounds. So, only get one if you have space for them.

Akita Inu

Any discussion on the fluffiest dog breeds would remain incomplete if we didn’t mention the Akita Inu. A highly popular type of canine in Japan, these dogs are now a part of its culture. You’ll even see them mentioned in Japanese media!

Like Alaskan Malamutes, Akita Inus have double coats. However, they are short-haired dogs. Even so, lying against their dense coat will make you feel as if you’re reclining against a soft pillow! So, they have the cuddling part down. Also, they bond with their owners for life.

Akitas aren’t small dogs. They may look small in photos, but an adult Akita Inu can easily weigh about 130 pounds! Akitas can also be strong-willed. You will need a good training regime to live peacefully.


Keeshonds have distinctive spectacles-like markings around their eyes, making them even cuter. Furthermore, they aren’t as large as most of the canines on this list andeasily keptin an apartment.

Keeshonds became popular long after their inception as a breed. Before that, you could only see them in their native Dutch habitat around the canal barges. Even today, they remain a sign of pride for Holland, as the American Kennel Club mentions.

Siberian Husky

The very lupine-looking Siberian Husky was originally a sled dog. You can see the evidence of its history in the thick coat that covers these dogs. Working in packs, the Huskies would pull sleds for their masters all over the Tundra.

They might have spread around the world today. But the Siberian Husky breed still produces quick-footed dogs. Their coat is perfect for snuggling, and then there’s that mischievous smile these dogs always seem to wear.

P.S. The undercoat will go through two big shedding periods annually. Hence, make sure you take a comb to it when that happens.

Lhasa Apso

A hundred years back, if you saw a Lhasa Apso, you experienced good fortune. Not much as changed when it comes to the belief many cultures have about this canine. Just one look will assure any dog lover that the Lhasa is a lucky charm.

If nothing else, their fluffy appearance will melt your heart. Big and fluffy, the coat of a Lhasa will require daily brushing. But if that labor of love is too much for you, just take them to the groomers. Cut the hair short but keep the luck!


Should you intend to get a Leonberger, you may have to move to accommodate them. They can tip the scales at close to 200lbs!

With such a big frame comes an ultra-dense coat. Back when the Leonberger roamed around in the German wilderness, that coat kept them warm. Now, it is perfect for you to snuggling. It is both lush and soft. Additionally, these are peaceful dogs that won’t run away from daily hugs.

Since they sport a double coat, the Leonbergers will shed heavily during some seasons. But even if you come back looking as if you have sprouted fur, those hugs would be worth the fluff!

Bouvier des Flandres

Counting the best dog breeds that have come out of France means including the Bouvier des Flandres amongst them. There are so many good things that we could tell you about this dog.

For instance, they have a strong personality andbond with their family with intense devotion. They are fantastic as guard dogs too. And if you want to raise herds, they will be by your side, herding your flock.

But you’re here for fluff,and that is something that the Bouvier des Flandres can provide! A soft, curly, and huggable coat that is perfect for cuddling.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

The soft-coated Wheaten Terrier is an Irish breed that hunted and guarded their masters’ homes about 200 years ago. While they share a common ancestor with the Kerry Blue and Irish Terriers, these fluff bunnies are a separate breed. It wasn’tuntil 1937 when they received the recognition of being a breed of their own.

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What is most unusual about the coat of a wheaten terrier is that it is hypoallergenic! Another unique trait they have is that they are only available in wheaten colored coats. The long, silky tresses, too, make these pooches instantly recognizable from other dogs.

Aside from the fact that you could lose yourself in the softness of their coat, there are other reasons to bring home a wheaten terrier. One would be that they are playful and fun-loving. Another is that their affectionate and responsive nature can charm any dog-lover. Thirdly, these terriers get on fine with other pets and any kids you have in your house.


The Briard is another ancient breed that had the same purpose as many others, i.e., herding. The Briard’s homeland gets so cold that even their faces required protection. Hence, facial fur!

Briards can grow as big and heavy as 75 pounds and are easily trainable. There is also cleverness, warmth, love, and fearlessness in them. They are the perfect fluff balls for any dog lover.

Estrela Mountain Dog

From the Estrela Mountains in Portugal comes the 100-pound Estrela Mountain dog. As a companion dog and livestock guardian, this breed has been around for centuries. Dominant and fierce, Estrela is perfectly suited as an outside worker. Its thick coat comes with an extra helping of fluff.

While it would be extra comfy snuggling up against the Estrela, these dogs can dig their heels in when facing a task they don’t want to do. You should have experience with independent dogs if you want an Estrela. In short, they’ll need socializing early on in their lives. Although they are stubborn, Estrelas make for good guardians.


The Cuvac descended from ancient arctic wolves and are from the freezing mountainous areas in Slovenia.

Cuvacs who grow up in loving homes will become dedicated to their family. They are innately courageous, which means they will guard their loved ones against intruders. Fearless and strong, the Cuvac is also a lively dog.

Catalan Sheepdog

The Catalan Sheepdog is a Spanish breed with a plush, shaggy coat. They are a medium-sized dog breed, unlike the other giants you see on our list. Even so, you could end up with a 50-pound Catalan Sheepdog! Hence, ask before you adopt.

These dogs shed in two stages. First, they will lose the fur on their front half, and then the second half will follow suit. Imagine how silly the Catalans look mid-process. Be prepared for people to ask if you forgot to shave half the body if you’retaking them outside like that!


Incredibly fluffy with sweetness to match is how anyone would describe a Borzoi. They make such great canine companions because of their docile natures. Those who don’tknow them well might think of the Borzoi as dumb. But that’snot true at all. They’requite intelligent and quickly adapt to unusual situations.

In addition to those qualities, Borzoi are a quiet dog. They are fiercely independent, which doesn’t mean they won’t let you hug those fluffy double coats.

All that said, keep your combs and brushes ready during fall and spring because that’s when the Borzoi shed.


The Tornjak is a Croatian Shepherd dog that hasbecome popular because of their skill at guarding livestockand is the last entry on our list of fluffiest big dogs. Their name translates into the Croatian word for a sheep pen. They came by it since that’swhere they spent most of their time as guard dogs.

The Tornjak has an immensely huggable fluffy coat. It has two layers and protects them during the snowy winter nights their ancestors spent outside. In other words, you can snuggle up to these fur babies for as long as you want to!

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Related Questions

How much do the fluffy breeds shed?

That would depend on the breed more than it would base on the type of their coats. In any case, both short-haired and fluffy dogs will shed. However, some dogs, such as the Labrador Retriever, usually shed more hair than many long-haired varieties, including the Shih-Tzu. You can control how much hair ends up on your carpet — or in your coffee. And you can also limit how much you pay the groomer on each visit. Regular grooming is how you do both.

How can I care for my fur baby’s fluffy coat?

The fluff is present due to the two-layered coats. So, if you want the former to stick around, you must keep the latter in good, healthy condition. With the right tools to tackle the mass of hair and some patience, grooming becomes simpler.

All dog-owners:

  1. Start by gathering those tools. A slicker brush will be great for the removal of matted hair. But it won’t detangle. Get a pin brush and slide it through the double coat. Fluff the coif with a comb to finish the task.
  2. The fluffier the coat, the more serious maintenance it will require. Most dogs on this list will benefit from daily brushing. That will prevent the hair from becoming matted, and it will reduce how much of it ends up on the rug.
  3. Prime locations for annoying mats include behind the ears, on the hind legs, and under the arms. Comb with a slicker brush to remove.
  4. Ask the vet how often to bathe them. They will also know which shampoo will suit the coat and skin type of your dog. Baths get rid of skin dander and extra hair.
  5. After a bath, take a wide-toothed comb to your dog’s coat. They will come out looking extra fluffy because of it.

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Does your fluffy-dog-love know no bounds? Do you still find them cute when others would think their massive forms to be intimidating? Just like other pups, these big galoots like affection. Cuddle up with them and hug them as often as you can!

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