Can a Dog Get Pregnant While Bleeding?

Your dog’s pregnancy is a complicated process, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Bleeding before and during pregnancy is one of the most common complications, and it can be horrifying for dog owners.

So, can a dog get pregnant while bleeding? Yes, though it’s not as common as you think. Your dog can still get pregnant if the bleeding is due to the heat cycle. But, if the bleeding is due to another health issue, such as a uterine infection, your dog may be unable to carry a pregnancy to term.

This article explains female dogs’ bleeding problems during and before pregnancy and how to handle these issues.

What Causes Bleeding in Dogs?

One possibility is that she has an infection in her reproductive tract.

Dogs also bleed during their first days of the heat cycle, the estrous cycle. It’s also the period before the time when they’re most fertile.

Other potential causes include:

Usually, vaginal bleeding during the heat cycle isn’t a cause for concern. But, if your dog is bleeding during pregnancy or is not in heat, take it to the vet immediately for diagnosis and treatment.

Why a Dog Can Get Pregnant While Bleeding

Below is an explanation of why a dog can get pregnant while bleeding.

Red Vaginal Discharge During Heat Cycle

The red vaginal discharge appears during the estrous cycle, which is the main reason a dog will get pregnant while bleeding. Unlike in humans, where menstruation is due to the ova not getting fertilized, it’s flushed out. Dogs bleed before and not after they become fertile.

Thus, you can avoid unwanted pregnancies from your pet by keeping them away from male dogs during this stage.

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It’s Difficult to Predict Ovulation

It’s not easy to predict a dog’s ovulation period. To forecast ovulation, you must know your dog’s behavior and general well-being. Fertilization can only occur when your female dog begins ovulation. Hence, it’s essential to predict the ovulation period.

The first days of estrous are the safest period to avoid unwanted pregnancies for your pet. Some dogs’ ovulation begins on the ninth day of the heat period. For other dogs, ovulation occurs from the third to the seventeenth day. That makes it difficult to predict the estrous period with accuracy.

It Is Easy to Miss Your Dog’s Estrous Start Period

Most pet owners rely on blood discharge to determine the beginning of the estrous cycle. But it’s easy to miss this sign.

The release can occur in a different color, like yellow or even pink, instead of the usual red. Also, the dog can clean the discharge before you see it.

If you want to know when about your dog’s ovulation period, you can ask your vet to track their fertility through some blood tests.

Survival Period of Sperm

The male dogs’ sperm can survive up to eleven days in the uterus. Breeding and ovulation are two different activities, meaning that even if your dog hasn’t ovulated at the time of breeding, they can still get pregnant if their ovulation happens a few days after.

How to Tell if My Dog is Pregnant

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about dog pregnancy and bleeding in female dogs.

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How can I tell if my dog is in heat?

Every dog is unique, but there are several ways to determine if your dog is in heat. Some common symptoms include bloody discharge, a swollen vulva, changes in tail position, behavioral changes, and increased licking of the genital area.

You can also ask your vet whether your dog is in heat.

How often does a female dog go into heat?

A dog’s heat cycle, and the accompanying bleeding, usually happen one to three times a year, depending on the dog.

How many days does a dog ovulate?

A dog usually starts ovulating 48 hours after the bleeding phase. The eggs released during ovulation usually last around three to four days.

Will a dog stop bleeding if they get pregnant?

Yes. Your dog may bleed for the first ten days of pregnancy, which is normal. But after these ten days, the bleeding should subside. While some bleeding is normal during pregnancy, heavy or constant bleeding can signify a problem.

Heavy bleeding may indicate an infection, uterine rupture, or a miscarriage of the litter. Always consult your vet if you notice abnormal bleeding during your dog’s pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of misinformation out there about whether a dog can get pregnant while she is bleeding. Bleeding can be caused by many circumstances, including the start of your dog’s heat cycle.

So, can a dog get pregnant while bleeding? Pregnancy can occur if your dog is bleeding as part of its heat cycle, but it’s not very likely. To tell if your dog is pregnant, it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian.

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