Hair in Dog Poop – Why? What To Do?

It’s no secret that dogs make some of the best pets. But sometimes, they get into things they shouldn’t, which can mean hair in their poop.

Why is there hair in your dog’s poop? Hair in your dog’s poop means they’ve ingested it from somewhere. Whether it’s because they’re bored, it was by accident, or they have Pica, there are ways to prevent it from happening in the future.

If you notice an unusual amount of hair in your dog’s poop, finding the root of the problem and then finding a way to prevent it is essential. Keep reading to learn why there’s hair in your dog’s poop and what you can do about it.

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Why Is There Hair in Dog Poop?

There can be hair in your dog’s poop for various reasons. For there to be hair in your dog’s poop, they have to eat it from somewhere. Most of the time, it’s not due to a medical condition, but it can be.

They’re Looking for Attention or Are Bored

Puppies and dogs might eat hair when bored or seeking your attention. Even if you think you’re providing them with enough love and entertainment, they may see the hair in your hairbrush as exciting or a way to get your attention.

When they’re looking for your attention, they may participate in behaviors, like eating hair, to get a reaction from you, despite if it’s terrible for them.

Your Dog May Have Pica

Pica usually occurs in older dogs. It’s an eating disorder that makes them compulsively eat non-food items. Treating it can ensure they stay safe and see less hair in their poop, whether it’s a psychological problem or another medical condition.

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Your Dog Ate Hair on Accident

Dogs are curious animals, and if they’ve never eaten hair before, they probably don’t know that they’re not supposed to. Sometimes, if shedding hair gets on the ground, they might eat it accidentally when playing, eating treats, or licking the floor.

They Lack Certain Vitamins or Minerals

Dogs have instincts that we don’t. One of these is to eat certain things when they’re lacking vitamins or minerals. As odd as it may seem, if they’re constantly eating hair, then it could indicate they’re lacking a specific vitamin or mineral from their diet.

What To Do if There’s Hair in Dog Poop

You need to know why there’s hair in your dog’s poop before deciding the appropriate method to take to prevent it in the future. The solution can be as simple as vacuuming a little bit more or something more serious, like taking your dog to the vet to diagnose an illness.

When your dog eats hair, it can sometimes be innocent. It might be a strand or two passing through their poop, or it can be more serious. If you’re seeing it in their poop, it’s a good sign because their body is naturally passing it. Human hair can cause their stomachs to back up, which can cause a slew of problems.

They can have stomach pain, loss of appetite, constipation, and can be very dangerous without medical care. Whenever you see large quantities of hair in your dog’s poop, there are several things to do.

Take Them to the Vet

One of the first things you should do is take them to the vet to ensure they don’t have Pica or lack a vitamin or mineral. Unfortunately, without knowing why your dog eats a lot of hair, you can’t do much to stop them.

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Pica is diagnosable without a medical test, but your vet will want to check your dog’s stomach and ensure it’s okay. As for vitamins and minerals, they’ll perform several tests to ensure they’re healthy. If they have vitamin or mineral deficiency, they can prescribe medication or vitamins to curb hair cravings.

Keep Them Busy

Dogs get bored just like humans, requiring a significant amount of attention. If your dog’s getting into hair because they’re bored or want your attention, you can fix this.

Whether it’s because your dog isn’t getting enough walks, you work long hours away from home, or they dislike their toys, here are some tips to assist you in keeping them from eating hair:

  • Hire a dog walker to help when you work all-day
  • Try enrichment activities
  • Set aside specific times a day to give them 100% of your attention

Keep All Hair Brushes Out of Their Reach

Removing your dog’s access to large quantities of hair is a critical step. Without access, they’re less likely to eat the hair. Whether you’re putting it in a drawer, out of reach, or keeping them out of the room you keep it in, removing the temptation is helpful.

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Final Thoughts

Seeing large amounts of hair in your dog’s poop can be alarming. While passing it is a good sign, visiting their vet can ensure they don’t have a severe health issue. Dogs have human hair in their poop because they’re curious, bored, attention-seeking, or have Pica.

Addressing the root cause of them consuming hair is the key to stopping the behavior. If you see hair in your dog’s poop, remove access to hair brushes, take them to the vet to ensure they’re healthy, and give them a lot of love and affection to ensure your furry friend is happy.

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