My Dog Killed & Ate a Mole – Will He Get Sick?

Moles can rain havoc in your yard or garden. It can be a welcome surprise if you find out that your dog kills and eats them. But wait, can he get sick from that?

So my dog killed a mole – will he get sick? If your dog kills a mole, it can only get sick if the mole has already been poisoned or had a disease. However, if the mole is perfectly healthy, killing it brings no harm to your pet. Moles transmit various bacteria and parasites to other animals, including dogs that like to play around, eat, or kill them.

Read on to determine whether you should be concerned about your dog getting sick if they just killed a mole.

What Happens When a Dog Kills and Eats a Mole?

Moles are small black or brown animals in the rodent family. They exist in abundance across North America. Should your dog kill or eat a mole, observe him closely to see if it shows symptoms of illness.

Dogs are born predators. Whenever they see something moving, they instinctively want to chase it and catch it. Usually, they are only looking to play around with a mole. But if a dog hasn’t been well trained or properly fed, they are likely to kill the mole after playing with it.

One of two things may happen when a dog kills and eats a mole. If the mole is healthy and void of parasites and diseases, it makes for a sumptuous snack for your dog. If the mole is sick, your dog is in danger.

Moles carry parasites on and inside their bodies, and their feces harbor harmful bacteria. If your dog kills a mole, there’s a good chance that they risk exposure. If ingested, moles have sharp claws that may cause serious injury to the dog’s mouth and throat.

Do Moles Carry Diseases for Dogs?

Moles live in the wild and pose little to no harm to dogs. However, exposure to external factors means these tiny rodents collect impurities that could make them sick. They pick up everything from parasites to viruses or even bacteria. If your pet interacts with an ill or parasite-infested mole, they are likely to get sick too.

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If your dog kills and eats a mole, they are at risk of contracting illnesses such as:


Rabies is one of the most notorious diseases that can prove fatal to dogs. If your dog eats or gets bitten by a mole with rabies, they are at risk of contracting the disease. It’s advisable to keep up with your pet’s shots to prevent them from spreading and contracting rabies.


Moles burrow deep into the ground and in the trash. It’s no surprise that they harbor numerous parasites in their skin and bodies. If your dog kills and eats a mole, it may ingest tapeworms that live inside the dead mole. The tapeworm can thrive in your dog’s digestive system for months without being detected.

Stomach Upset

Dogs love digging in the dirt and putting different items in their mouths that they shouldn’t. Usually, it’s harmless, but when playing with a sick mole, they may ingest dirt, parasites, feces, and other impurities on the ground and the mole’s skin.

As a result, your dog will suffer stomach upsets that may leave you rushing to the vet for medical assistance.

Flea and Tick Diseases

Fleas and ticks on the mole’s body can quickly jump onto the dog. These parasites can cause diseases in your dog, such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Rashes, Lyme disease, Joint Muscle pain, Anaplasmosis, etc.


Bartonella is a bacterial illness transmitted via fleas. Fleas thrive in their numbers on a mole’s skin and around their dens. Usually, when a dog is roughing up a mole right before killing it, fleas jump from the mole or the grass and onto the dog, which is how your dog contracts Bartonella, a serious disease affecting dogs and humans.

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What to Do the Moment Your Dog Kills a Mole

Quickly evaluate the scene to establish whether or not the dog has killed and eaten the mole. If you locate the dead mole, check to see if your dog is ok. Open the dog’s mouth to see if it’s bleeding because of injuries it sustained from the bites and sharp claws of the mole.

Keep the Dog From Swallowing the Mole

You may do little to keep your dog from killing a mole, but you can certainly stop them from eating it. When the mole stops fighting, the dog will lose interest and leave it alone. But a notorious dog will want to eat the mole after killing it. If you are present, keep your dog from eating the mole.

Watch out for symptoms like:

  • Muscle pain
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Seizures
  • Visible trembling
  • Irregular heartbeat

Contact Your Vet

Even when you see nothing that causes alarm, it’s safe to call your veterinarian for a quick consultation. If there’s a reason for you to be concerned, you should immediately go to the nearest vet facility for immediate medical attention.

My Dog Killed a Mole – Will He Get Sick? Final Say

Veterinarians advise that while it’s healthy to let your pet play and interact with nature, it’s always wise to stay vigilant as a pet owner.

A mole scampering away at a distance triggers your dog’s hunting instincts and is an excellent opportunity for your dog to flex his muscles. However, there are risks involved if the mole in question is sick. Your dog could be in danger should he kill or eat it.

So your dog killed a mole! Above is everything you need to know about what would happen.

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