1000 Best Pitbull Names – For Boy & Girl Dogs

Pitbull is a dog breed that has been misunderstood for the longest time because of their larger than life personality and brawny appearance. Just like any other pet-friendly dog breed, Pitbulls are sweet, great as pets, and have a lot of love to offer.

If you have recently gotten yourself a Pitbull puppy or have a new litter coming up and can’t decide what to name the newest additions to your family, we’re here to save the day. We will help you choose a name that would perfectly suit your fearless, bold, and beautiful dog.

So before you sit down to have that big conversation with your family about what to name your new four-legged buddy, check out what we’ve got for you. We have compiled the best Pitbull names in this article to help you get the inspiration you need. This article has above 1000 suggestions that will help you give your new Pitbull the perfect name.

200 Most Famous Boy Pitbull Dog Names

Is your new canine pal a boy? We have some excellent choices here. Even though these are great dogs and make excellent pets, there’s no denying that your adorable Pit is also a strong and powerful dog. You cannot ignore their unique personality, dominance, strength, and athleticism.

If your Pitty boy has all these features, you can definitely find some great name options here:

1. Andy2. Elfie3. Archie4. Benji
5. Basil6. Buddy7. Carter8. Danny
9. Charlie10. Eddie11. Freddie12. Finn
13. Harrison14. George15. Hank16. Jhonny
17. Jacky18. Karl19. Leonard20. Leo
21. Manny22. Noah23. Mason24. Pete
25. Oscar26. Sammy27. Robin28. Tim
29. Tyler30. Toby31. Victor32. Will
33. Zack34. Blade35. Bruno36. Bruiser
37. Blitz38. Ares39. Butch40. Dozer
41. Diesel42. Hercules43. Gage44. Maverick
45. Mack46. Rex47. Odin48. Nitro
49. Sampson50. Rocky
51. Spike52. Sumo53. Tank54. Zeus
55. Thor56. Bear57. Chance58. Buddy
59. Oliver60. Spot61. Scout62. Teddy
63. Chomp64. Genghis65. Spud66. Rambo
67. Tamale68. Tanker69. Whopper70. Daddy
71. Dominatrix72. Sir Thomas73. Petey74. Stubby
75. Grunt76. Champion77. Brutus78. Jack
79. Sargeant80. Bud81. Cole82. King
83. Comet84. Bambam85. Dashing86. Barrack
87. Maddox88. Blitzer89. Fangs90. Onyx
91. Jax92. Thurman93. Viper94. Jet
95. Chip96. Kane97. Zack98. Mercury
99. Puck100. Pandora
101. Faunus102. Helle103. Jupiter104. Narcissus
105. Cupid106. Alpha107. Alonzo108. Angelo
109. Alfalfa110. Asher111. Aston112. Axel
113. Baltimore114. Bandit115. Beau116. Benjamin
117. Birch118. Brody119. Carter120. Brandon
121. Casino122. Ceaser123. Caviar124. Cub
125. Bruce126. Carter127. Carlton128. Charles
129. Colonel130. Coley131. Danzy132. Cruzer
133. Cracker134. Dameon135. Cody136. Dasher
137. Dash138. Dayron139. Donald140. Dijon
141. Earl142. Sabastian143. Duke144. Elias
145. Edgar146. Emerson147. Eliot148. Flakey
149. Flicker150. Fynn
Photo by Makarand Sawant from Pexels
151. Georgia152. Gordon153. Gideon154. Gizmo
155. Hanger156. Handsome157. Harley158. Hobo
159. Igloo160. Irvin161. Hopper162. Izar
163. Jarvis164. Jimma165. Jax166. Kale
167. Joro168. Hope169. Jazlyn170. Kiddo
171. Lancer172. Leeroy173. Kruger174. Krusty
175. Klaus176. Koby177. Lord178. Marco
179. Lynard180. Mika181. Maximus182. Mozzi
183. Maxi184. Mylo185. Mugsie186. Neil
187. Neo188. Nano189. Nytron190. Odi
191. Scooby192. Spooky193. Scruffy194. Sentinel
195. Tequila196. Tad197. Tim198. Tintin
199. Toro200. Titan

200 Most Famous Female Pitbull Names

Give your Pit girl an impactful name with a feminine touch. From strong names that represent strength in Greek mythology to names that are both cute and cuddly, your rugged female Pitbull deserves only the best. And in this list, we have made sure you get all the variety of choices for best female Pitbull names.

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Check them out yourself.

201. Anna202. Bella203. Abbie204. Betsy
205. Cassie206. Darla207. Clara208. Dinah
209. Ellie210. Edith211. Eva212. Frankie
213. Florence214. Paris215. Kiki216. Katie
217. Faye218. Maddie219. Lola220. Maisy
221. Nora222. May223. Mary224. Penny
225. Olivia226. Queenie227. Poppy228. Rachael
229. Zara230. Wanda231. Violet232. Sally
233. Tessa234. Willow235. Bailey236. Honey
237. Lucy238. Sade239. Ruby240. Bonnie
241. Molly242. Lily243. Chloe244. Coco
245. Roxy246. Pepper247. Blossom248. Daisy
249. Ginger250. Princess
Photo by Neil Ryan Sarana on Unsplash
251. Sophie252. Riley253. Gypsy254. Ella
255. Rose256. Sydney257. Zelda258. Pippa
259. Dolly260. Ivy261. Samantha262. Grace
263. Millie264. Brandy265. Maya266. Happy
267. Lexi268. Paisley269. Ember270. Dixie
271. Jasmine272. Delilah273. Zilla274. Whiskey
275. Islay276. Echo277. Athena278. Kali
279. Sugar280. Lady281. Baby282. Vega
283. Vixen284. Prada285. Fiona286. Nova
287. Vegan288. Nala289. Diva290. Sweetie
291. Adira292. Cleopatra293. Aurora294. Aura
295. Blair296. Donna297. Hera298. Iris
299. Helena300. Fortuna
301. Zoe302. Aaleya303. Africa304. Zora
305. Zinki306. Perry307. Alexa308. Lana
309. Aspen310. Yuki311. Winnie312. Winter
313. Yin314. Xin315. Weather316. Leah
317. Williah318. Venna319. Wilma320. Velvet
321. Wendy322. Una323. Valerie324. Unique
325. Ursula326. Trinity327. Sissy328. Tutu
329. Sasha330. Tiara331. Susie332. Tesla
333. Tianna334. Stella334. Shy336. Missy
337. Rosie338. Skyler339. Royale340. Sallar
341. Russia342. Samara343. Quin344. Sahara
345. Penelope346. Petunia347. Osha348. Pansy
349. Oprah350. Paige
Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels
351. Ombre352. Nicky353. Misty354. Mona
355. Mindy356. Felicia357. Bonita358. Brisa
359. Liza360. Mana361. Gracie362. Norma
363. Acadia364. Samus365. Jada366. Nina
367. Lobo368. Eldora369. Elsa370. Ziva
371. Zucchini372. Silk373. Lulu374. Pearl
375. Mabel376. Gloria377. Zilla378. Tessy
379. Hailey380. Skye381. Zurich382. Cali
383. Greta384. Autumn385. Gucci386. Dianna
387. Flower388. Kahuna389. Jezebel390. Nyx
391. Rogue392. Queen B393. Sheba394. Flo
395. Juliet396. Fabio397. Stubby398. Champ
399. Pamela400. Darlene

100 Tough Pitbull Names

Now ‘tough’ is what describes a Pitbull. But if your Pitbull is super tough, the names we have picked in the list below is surely going to meet your standards. Below are top 100 names for tough Pitbulls that could be used for both male and female dogs.

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401. Boxer402. Arnie403. Chopper404. Brawler
405. Chomper406. Craggy407. Crash408. Digger
409. Devil410. Deezer411. Jaws412. Machine
413. Punch414. Monster415. Rock416. Punk
417. Rowdy418. Smasher419. Tiger420. Panther
421. Blaze422. Brawny423. Calvin424. Gigi
425. Harlow426. Kenzi427. Kenya428. Liberty
429. Meeko430. Montana431. Nakita432. Storm
433. Stormy434. Spirit435. Boom436. Sage
437. Hulk438. Thanos439. Rovido440. Levin
441. Tsuyoi442. Atticus443. Flex444. Topaz
445. Gunner446. Silvery447. Sky448. Kahn
449. Buster450. Tucker
Photo by Mati Mango from Pexels
451. Chevy452. Tyke453. Drake454. Ace
455. Enzo456. Polo457. Wayne458. Prince
459. Throne460. Aladdin461. Zedd462. Apache
463. Frisco464. Sam465. Samurai466. Bullet
467. Warrior468. Hippie469. Scar470. Hammer
471. Cig472. Battle473. Beast474. Bolt
475. Angus476. Warlock477. Arlo478. Echoer
479. Thunder480. Piper481. Connor482. Crockett
483. Blixen484. Kit485. Bandit486. Buff
487. Draco488. Huntington489. Huntsman490. Hagrid
491. Copper492. Destiny493. Dakota494. Legend
495. Mystique496. Sunny497. Power498. Strength
499. Wolverine500. Hunter

100 Cute Pitbull Names

Is your Pitbull an adorable little fluffball? Despite their brawny appearance and dominant personality, a Pittie can be a very playful and lovable. They are highly energetic, especially as pups and can do all the adorable things that may encourage you to give them a cute name just like they are. These names are suitable for both female and male Pitbulls.

If that’s what you’re looking for, we have some interesting options for you here:

501. Bubble502. Bumblebee503. Cutie Pie504. Darling
505. Dinky506. Flossy 507. Fairy508. Giggles
509. Gummy510. Lolly511. Burrito512. Baby
513. Cheeky514. Jazz515. Pickles516. Phoenix
517. Potato518. Poppet519. Rascal520. Puzzles
521. Rebel522. Sparkle523. Swash524. Sparky
525. Sugar526. Tinker527. Bells528. Trixie
529. Trickle530. Apple531. Twirl532. Arrow
533. Armor534. Ammo535. Babyboo536. Aviator
537. Blizzard538. Cob539. Boomer540. Coopersmith
541. Comell542. Dexter543. Duster544. Dee Dee
545. Drizzle546. Eclip547. Feather548. Eight
549. Fern550. Gail
551. Flash552. Galaxy553. Fortune554. Halo
555. Inspo556. Ice557. Hotshot558. Hobbit
559. Kaboom560. Jay-Jay561. Ion562. Jakobie
563. Kaos564. Keeper565. Skipper566. Mac
567. Anastasia568. Latte569. Frappucino570. Koko
571. Mojo572. Pixel573. Mia574. Napa
575. Nibbles576. Neon577. Omega578. Ozy
579. Oz580. Rainbow581. Quartz582. Paws
583. Peaches584. Patches585. Rusty586. Tron
587. Snyper588. Smoothie589. Timber590. Tattoo
591. Team592. Vireo593. Vervain594. Wally
595. Tye596. Victory597. Sandy598. Dessert
599. Delicious600. Music

100 Cool Pitbull Names

Name your cool little fur buddy a name that matches their aura. We have an interesting list of 100 cool Pitbull names here to give you the inspiration you are looking for naming your Pittie. Some of these names would suit your Pit girl, some are for boys, and others are unisex so you can use your favorite one despite your dog’s gender.

601. Zoie602. Zipper603. Yara604. Yeti
605. Xoxo606. Bebo607. Urban608. Tamara
609. Roxette610. Byte611. Giant612. Brock
613. Hogan614. Bugsy615. Ryder616. Cobra
617. Carsei618. Sarge619. Raven620. Vader
621. Calder622. Bane623. Gerik624. Tared
625. Knox626. Tao627. Gator628. Jaguar
629. Walrus630. Iron631. Cragy632. Jagger
633. Sparta634. Gamora635. Hades636. Lex
637. Otto638. Zander639. Mauser640. Colt
641. Jab642. Liddel643. Floydd644. Suede
645. Faber646. Dempsey647. Goti648. Wyatt
649. Tui650. Pink
651. Lanksy652. Vito653. Clyde654. Camo
655. Rocco656. Marnie657. Nena658. Bronco
659. Wes660. Etta661. Sabre662. Aero
663. Pablo664. Liam665. Ceilo666. Nessa
667. Verdad668. Lance669. Waldo670. Chandra
671. Bronte672. Cassiopeia673. Electra674. Goldie
675. Golden676. Gold677. Jewel678. Diamonds
679. Sapp680. Zee681. Vic682. Tex
683. Troop684. Tori685. Coach686. Flourish
687. Captain688. Viola689. Zuzu690. Zola
691. Yogi692. Vienna693. Toto694. Lotus
695. Tara696. Lilo697. Stitch698. Simpson
699. Deli700. Boozo

50 Unique Pitbull Names

Does your Pitbull has a unique personality. Don’t worry, we have a list to cover you. Pitbulls are amazing dogs with distinct features. But if your canine companion really stands out, give him or her a name that’s as unique as them.

These unique Pitbull names are worth checking out.

701. Umbar702. Mars703. Dynamo704. Bullseye
705. Jinx706. Domino707. Ratchet708. Dragon
709. Ego710. Dollar711. Cash712. Crown
713. Gadget714. Tanner715. Thatcher716. Biscuit
717. Bacon718. Big Mac719. Blatacoze720. Giorgio
721. Peanut722. Nachos723. Romeo724. Taco
725. Red726. Kuala727. Tulle728. Bumble
729. Donut730. Arriba731. Arabesque732. Snowfleek
733. Sundae734. Highball735. Limbo736. Pudding
737. Zuma738. Pixie739. Flurries740. Cypress
741. Melonade742. Genie743. Buttercup744. Starling
745. Hermosa746. Karma747. Santana748. Dynasty
749. Mamacita750. Bliss

50 Brindle Pitbull Names

Brindle Pitties are gorgeous, and I am sure your pup is no different. There can be a range of colors and patterns on a brindle Pitbull all streaked into a base color of tan or brown.

Naming a brindle Pit can be a little challenging because you would always want a suitable name for your pup. Here are some lovely names you might want to check.

751. Stu752. Pogo753. Snoopy754. Paisley
755. Summer756. Twinkles757. Tanya758. Huntress
759. Dawn760. Marine761. Oakley762. Attila
763. Teel764. Fonzi765. Aroz766. Capone
767. Sable768. Cavali769. Medusa770. Trin-Trin
771. Charlotte772. Nessie773. Toto774. Gerard
775. Blur776. Dotty777. Smooch778. Blairy
779. Camo780. Marbles781. Freckles782. Dashy
783. Fleck784. Mosaic785. Patchy786. Mottle
787. Pip788. Pluto789. Speckle790. Smudges
791. Spotty792. Spatter793. Splat794. Sprinkles
795. Sprinkler796. Tint797. Stripey798. Streak
799. Piebald800. Pinto

50 Blue-Nose Pitbull Names

Choosing the right name for your Blue Nose Pitbull is another challenging task because if you’re referring to the color here, there’s a whole range you’re talking about. The Blue Nose pitbull has anything but the color blue in them, but that’s what makes them unique.

Their distinct grey color, attractive personality, and a hard-to-ignore aura truly deserve a name that suits them. The range of their grey shade starts from pale to charcoal. Let’s check out some interesting name choices that I believe are going to be such a perfect match for your Blue Nose Pittie.

801. Lars802. Astro803. Gaia804. Atlas
805. Xena806. Blu807. Cerulean808. Diesel
809. Navy810. Sapphire811. Oxford812. Cobalt
813. Lapis814. Ocean815. Azure816. Titus
817. Caution818. Vandal819. Saylor820. Gruff
821. Mysty822. Miracle823. Charcoal824. Aqua
825. Cyan826. Fog827. Flint828. Sabrina
829. Teal830. Thunderstorm831. Stone832. Smoke
833. Soot834. Smokey835. Gray836. Slatey
837. Silver838. Saxe839. Pumice840. Marina
841. Skylark842. Mistiq843. Pebbles844. Grizzle
845. Cloud846. Heather847. Dingy848. Peppery
849. Somber850. Dove

50 Red-Nose Pitbull Names

Red Nose Pitbulls flaunts some of the most interesting shades of orange and fawn. No wonder, picking a suitable name for them is so important. While you can choose any name you like for your Red Nose Pit, picking a name that you can associate with that color spectrum can be really interesting.

Here are our top picks for you. Check them out.

851. Powder852. Oyster853. Pearly854. Blush
855. Drab856. Amber857. Cherry858. Apricot
859. Coral860. Coppery861. Brick862. Flames
863. Ging-ree864. Marinara865. Merlot866. Peach
867. Marigold868. Roselette869. Pumpkin870. Redmond
871. Scarlet872. Teak873. Tawny874. Russet
875. Dahlia876. Chestnut877. Florid878. Rubicund
879. Wine880. Crimson881. Fuchsia882. Magenta
883. Burgundy884. Bloomingdale885. Carmine886. Claret
887. Puce888. Geranium889. Salmon890. Strawberry
891. Cupcake892. Candyfloss893. Cotton894. Candy
895. Glow896. Periwinkle897. Amethyst 898. Orchid
899. Plum900. Mauve

50 White-Nose Pitbull Names

The White Nose Pitbulls are absolutely stunning. They have this perfect pale fur and gorgeous looks. Keeping their glorious personality in mind, it only makes sense to pick a suitable name that perfectly suits them.

These are some of our favorite picks for White Nose Pitbulls:

901. Glossy902. Glory903. Crystal904. Clody
905. Chalky906. Cotton907. Casper908. Chilly
909. Frosty910. China911. Ghost912. Opal
913. Polar914. Snowy915. Lightening916. Talc
917. Macaroons918. Fawn919. Tiggy920. Milky
921. Waxen922. Wan923. Pasty924. Light
925. Ivory926. Shimmer927. Lustrous928. Glittery
929. Sparkly930. Lychee931. Button932. Coconut
933. Feta934. Beany935. Pasta936. Cookie
937. Buttercream938. Truffles939. Poppyseed940. Marshmallow
941. Vanilla942. Margarita943. Jelly944. Love
945. Fluffball946. Fluffy947. Snoman948. Twinkly
949. Glimmery950. Candice
Photo by Lucas Ludwig on Unsplash

50 Black Pitbull Names

The jet black coat instantly upgrades your Pitbulls personality. Combine it with their striking features and you have a dog that most dog lovers envy.

Of course, you will need a suitable name that matches your Pitt’s glory. We have our favorite options listed below:

951. Shadow952. Ebony953. Dusky954. Brunet
955. Ebon956. Stygian957. Wizard958. Cuddly
959. Ash960. Eclipse961. Coal962. Ashes
963. Lead964. Midnight965. Bloom966. Magic
967. Inka968. Guiness969. Olive970. Peppercorn
971. Shades972. Pitch973. Oreo974. Thunder
975. Tar976. Shale977. Mol978. Indie
979. Fefe980. Liliane981. Gia982. Gabby
983. Bubba984. Bree985. Buffy986. Cece
987. Bonbon988. Boe989. Ava990. Black
991. B-Ryder992. Dark Knight993. Blacky994. Envy
995. Lassie996. Dana997. Tabitha998. Supernova
999. Bullchic1000. Lilac

50 Brown Pitbull Names

If you’re looking for a suitable name that reflects the unique personality of your brown Pitbull, we’ve got you covered. Their pretty shades of brown give you such a wide choice to take your inspiration from.

These are my personal favorite names for brown Pitbulls:

1001. Bambi1002. Tweety1003. Precocious1004. Clique
1005. Confetti1006. Deja1007. Julet1008. Ellarie
1009. Cheers1010. Bitchette1011. Bunny1012. Paramour
1013. Fancy1014. Leather1015. Westie1016. Brownie
1017. Frida1018. Lumiere1019. Tux1020. Scandy
1021. Clover1022. Byron1023. Bave1024. Goodie
1025. Casanova1026. Slacker1027. Frenchie1028. Glossip
1029. Rocket1030. Topanga1031. Santa1032. Trippie
1033. Chicago1034. Lemonade1035. Glambag1036. Ziggi
1037. Candy Paint1038. Chi Chi1039. Tootsi1040. Hazel
1041. Choco1042. Cedar1043. Coffee1044. Cocoa
1045. Walnut1046. Muffin1047. Mocha1048. Hershey
1049. Chocki1050. Caramel

Choosing the Best Name for Your Pitbull

A Pitbull is one of the most desired breeds for dog lovers. Originally bred for sports like bear-baiting, the misinformation and negative press have always surrounded this breed with a bad reputation. But if you’ve owned a Pitbull, you’ll know what a joy it is to have these goofballs as your companions.

Pitbulls are amazing. They are friendly, loyal, caring, and courageous. This breed is also very powerful and strong. They are one of the smartest canine companions you can have. Since these dogs have such parallel features in terms of how they are and how they look, it can be a struggle to find a perfect name for your Pittie.

In this article, you will not only find an extensive list of 1000+ Pitbull names but also information that will help you pick the right name without making it tricky. Keep reading.

Keep the Name Short

Choosing an extensively long name with more than two syllables can be confusing for your dog. It takes longer for a dog to train with a name that’s too long to respond to. If you’re obsessed with a name that you think is too long, make sure you use a smaller nick name to make it more practical and easy for your canine friend.

Pick a Suitable Name

Since there are so many different types of Pitbulls, it is important to take your dog’s individuality into account and choose a name that matches with the personality. For example, if your Pitbull is sweet and naughty, a name like Marshmallow would suit her more. If you’re choosing a name for your White Nose Pittie, the name ‘Charcoal’ would contradict with their personality or even appearance.

Commanding Consonants

Names with commanding consonant such as a K or C is a good idea. This helps with early training as dogs tend to respond to names that they’re able to distinguish from the ambient noises.

Vowel Ending

Names that end on a vowel are a good choice as well. While it isn’t always necessary, experts suggest that such names work better with dogs. The sound of their name makes it easier to get their attention.  

Similar to Commands

Avoid a name that’s too similar to a command. Words that rhyme with the common commands like no, sit, come, stay should be avoided. Such names may confuse your innocent Pittie and may hinder the training.  


While you can pick any name for your Pitbull, following these guidelines suggested by experts will make the decision easier. Always take your dog’s response mechanism, personality, and nature into consideration to pick a name that really belongs to him or her.

Don’t forget to check out our list and share with us your favorite ones in the comments below.

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