The 8 Best Dog Thermometers in 2023

This (updated) guide reviews all of the best dog thermometers this year.

No matter the size or age of your pup, it’s important to pay attention to his health. As your pup’s best friend and caretaker, you’ll want to make sure you’re on top of any changes in his health, and one of the best ways to do that is with a dog thermometer. Not all thermometers are created equal, and some are more accurate than others.

In this post, we’ll reveal our top picks for the best dog thermometers of 2023, chosen based on our detailed 40-point inspection. We will also discuss the different types of dog thermometers and how to choose the best one for your pup. With these thermometers, you’ll be able to take your pup’s temperature quickly and accurately and take the necessary steps to keep your fur buddy healthy.

The 8 Best Dog Thermometers

Top ProductsTop Features
#1. iProven Pet Thermometer
(Best Overall)
Most accurate reading
#2. Sharptemp Veterinary ThermometerBest value, also suitable for barn animals
#3. Pavia Rectal Temp Veterinary ThermometerPremium quality product, reliable
#4. ADC Veterinary ThermometerFast and effective readings
#5. Aurynns Pet Dog Thermometer Most convenient design for animals
#6. MABIS Digital ThermometerMultipurpose digital thermometer
#7. Hurinan Pet ThermometerDurable and easy to use
#8. Sejoy Digital Dog ThermometerUnobtrusive design suitable for animals

The Best Dog Thermometers Revealed

#1. iProven Pet Thermometer

  • Beeps 10 times to indicate completion
  • good lighting for ease of reading
  • Accurate within the +/-0.2F temperature range
  • Small and tolerated by pets

The iProven Pet Thermometer is designed to measure your pet’s temperature accurately. Its flexible tip makes it comfortable to use and ensures accuracy. This thermometer gives precise results in only 20 seconds, eliminating the long wait times. Cleaning the thermometer is also incredibly straightforward since it is waterproof.

With the thermometer, you will also receive a handy storage case, allowing you to safely store the thermometer between uses and protect it from damage. The thermometer also remembers your last reading, will alert you when the battery is low, and will switch off automatically when not in use.

#2. Sharptemp Veterinary Thermometer

  • Easy to use and read
  • Convenient for equine temperature taking
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable and reliable

The Sharptemp-V Veterinary Thermometer is the perfect device to have on hand when measuring the temperatures of companion animals. With a fast read time of 8 to 10 seconds, this thermometer provides an accurate temperature reading. The large, easy-to-read 3/8”-high LCD blinks for stabilization and beeps once the accurate temperature is reached. Normal temperatures for common pets and farm animals are printed on the back of the thermometer for convenience.

Designed with durability in mind, the thermometer body measures 4” x 1-1/8” x 5/8” and fits ergonomically in hand with a woven nylon lanyard loops for comfort. The stainless steel probe has a diameter of 3/16” (5mm) and features a blunt end for safe insertion into animals.

#3. Pavia Rectal Temp Veterinary Thermometer

  • Easy to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • User-friendly interface
  • Accurate results

The Genuine Pavia Rectal Temp Veterinary Thermometer is suitable for companion animals and livestock. This thermometer is an excellent choice for veterinarians and pet owners alike. Its fast and accurate temperature readings provide reliable results in as few as six seconds. This thermometer is accurate to within 0.2°F and beeps when done.

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The ergonomic design of this thermometer makes it easy to use and perfect for taking temperatures of any size animal. The rugged exterior makes for easy cleaning with soap or alcohol, and no probe covers are required.

#4. ADC Veterinary Thermometer

  • Affordable and cost-efficient
  • Easy to read and use
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Comes with a helpful guide for animal temperature ranges

The ADC Veterinary Thermometer is perfect for a reliable dual-scale thermometer. Its range of 90°F – 111.9°F (±.2°F) and 32.0°C – 43.9°C (±.1°C) makes it great for measuring temperature accurately in any situation. The replaceable coin-type battery (included) provides up to 1500 measurements, ensuring the thermometer is always ready when needed. It also features a specially designed housing with a lanyard attachment for enhanced removal, making it easy to take wherever you go.

What’s more, the ADC Veterinary Thermometer comes with an integral carry case and five probe sheaths, allowing you to keep them all together and easily transport the device when necessary.

#5. Aurynns Pet Dog Thermometer 

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Suitable for different animals
  • Great value for money

The Aurynns Pet Dog Thermometer is a fast and accurate digital thermometer designed to measure the temperature of all types of pets quickly and accurately. It is suitable for big animals and fowl, allowing temperature measurement in oral and anus sites within 20 seconds. It also adds safety features, such as an alarm that will beep if the temperature exceeds the preset range and an automatic switch off.

When it comes to accuracy and speed, this thermometer has been specially designed to measure temperatures with great precision.

#6. MABIS Digital Thermometer

  • 60-second temperature reading
  • Retains last temp reading
  • Accurate readings displayed within a minute
  • Comes with a protective case

The MABIS Digital Thermometer is a versatile product for anyone looking for accurate, convenient temperature readings for adults, children, and pets. It comes with a convenient storage case, a battery good for approximately 3000 readings, five probe covers, and detailed instructions in both English and Spanish.

For pets, the thermometer provides accurate results to measure oral and rectal temperatures to 2/10th of a degree Fahrenheit. Additionally, the thermometer can recall the last reading making it easier to keep track of daily progress.

#7. Hurinan Pet Thermometer

  • Fast and durable reading
  • Waterproof and flexible
  • Easy to use with quick read time
  • Control handle for easy disinfection

The Hurinan Pet Thermometer is a must-have for any pet owner. This thermometer offers a fast and accurate rectal temperature reading in seconds. It also comes with a three-inch-long probe suitable for horses, dogs, cats, pigs and sheep.

In addition to its fast and accurate readings, this thermometer is also incredibly easy to use. It features a one-button operation, making taking your pet’s temperature hassle-free and stress-free. The sturdy, smooth exterior of the thermometer is easily disinfected with soap or alcohol and does not require a probe cover.

#8. Sejoy Digital Dog Thermometer

  • Quick and accurate readings
  • Small, convenient storage case
  • Intuitive instructions, simple operation
  • Accurate results

The Sejoy thermometer is a revolutionary device providing accurate, fast readings in 5-10 seconds. The thermometer has a memory feature that recalls and displays the last temperature taken, which helps track changes in temperature over time. The unit also has a three-color color-bar fever alarm that lets users easily detect and understand different body temperatures.

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The versatility of this thermometer is unmatched with its ability to test orally and rectally with its soft silicone tip and reliable stainless steel probe. It also had a waterproof design which makes cleaning the device easy.

Dog Thermometer – A Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to choosing the best dog thermometer, there are a variety of product features that you need to take into consideration. To help you make the most informed choice, here is a comprehensive buyer’s guide for choosing the best dog thermometer.


The thermometer’s accuracy is essential for accurate and reliable temperature readings. Usually, a highly accurate thermometer will have a narrow temperature range – usually within +/- 0.1°C or 0.2°F. Look for thermometers with high-quality sensors and indicate when to calibrate them to maintain accuracy.

Ease of Use

Make sure that you choose a thermometer that is easy to use. This means that inserting and reading the thermometer should be straightforward and intuitive. Check if your chosen thermometer comes with clear instructions on how to use it and that all the necessary parts are included in the packaging.

Battery Life

Choose a thermometer with a long battery life to minimize the need for frequent replacements. Many thermometers will come with either disposable or rechargeable batteries. However, it is important to check how often you must replace them for the thermometer to operate correctly.


To ensure your thermometer lasts, look for one made of durable materials such as stainless steel or tempered glass. Sometimes, manufacturers may offer plastic or rubber products, so check how robust these materials are before deciding on one.


When taking temperatures in dogs, size really does matter! Make sure your chosen thermometer is small enough to fit comfortably in your dog’s mouth or rectal area without causing any discomfort to your pet. It is also important to check how long it takes for the temperature reading not to stress out your pup while taking their temperature every time they get sick.


To make taking temperatures more comfortable, look for a thermometer with flexible tips. This will allow you to gently move the thermometer around inside your pup’s mouth without causing injury or pain.

Reading Speed

A good thermometer will take relatively few seconds or minutes to give you a precise reading. Make sure you check how long this takes so that you can quickly get an accurate measurement of your pet’s temperature whenever necessary.


Compare prices between different types and brands of dog thermometers so that you can choose one that fits your budget but still offers good quality measurements. Always be aware of hidden costs, such as shipping fees or repair costs, should something go wrong with your purchase, as these can add up quickly if not taken into account from the start.

Temperature-taking Methods

Different dog thermometers may offer various methods of taking temperature readings orally, rectally, or even through infrared technology, depending on the kind of temperature-taking method most suits your pet’s needs. Consider this when making your purchase, as some methods may be more comfortable than others when measuring internal body temperatures in animals.

Find out if your dog needs veterinarian attention for fever with this effective method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the thermometer need to be calibrated?

Yes, the thermometer should usually be calibrated before use to ensure accuracy.

Is the thermometer accurate?

Digital thermometers are generally considered to be more accurate than traditional mercury thermometers, but it all depends on the quality of the thermometer and proper calibration.

How easy is it to use?

Digital thermometers are usually very easy to use and typically have simple instructions on the packaging.

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