Why Does My Cat Insistently Meow At Me While I Shower?

Aren’t cats the cutest creatures alive? But they can be annoying sometimes when they meow too much.

And if your cat goes crazy while you take a shower, then you have come to the right place to know the answer.

So why does your cat meow at you while you take a shower?

This kind of behavior is normal for cats so do not worry. It might be that your cat want to join in on whatever you are doing but while you take a bath, it meows because it does not wants to get wet. Another reason might be that it just wants your attention.

But are there any other reasons for your cat to behave like this?

And how can you take a bath calmly without your cat meowing constantly?

Keep reading to know the answers:

Reasons Why Your Cat Is Meowing While You Shower

Here are all the possible reasons:

  • If your cat normally follows you around the house, then it is meowing because it wants to join you but can’t because it does not want to get wet. So it is basically telling you to get out of the bath.
  • It might be a reason that your cat just wants your attention. So it keeps meowing so that you might give it some attention.
  • If you usually give it food after going through your morning routine, then it meowing to get through your morning routine (bathing) faster, so that you can give it the food quicker!
  • A cat’s nose plays a vital part in it to differentiate between people. So when you go for a bath, it can’t smell you because of the soap and shampoo. And it gets worried, which results in it to meow to give a feeling that it is upset.
  • Your cat might get scared when you go to bath because it might think you just vanished behind the curtain. It does not know where you are and so it might be meowing to call you.
  • The cat might be scared of the steam and all the noise made by the water.
  • Some cats feel that their owner is in danger and so they might be calling you to get you out of the bath.
  • Your cats wants you to play with it in the shower.

This all is just a normal type of cat behavior and you do not need to worry about it.  Here is a video to help you understand cat behavior:

But there are some ways to prevent your cat from meowing while you take a shower. Continue reading to find out!

How to Stop Your Cat from Meowing While You Take a Bath

Close The Door:

The simplest way is to just close the bathroom door while you take a shower. Your cat won’t see you so it would not be able to meow at you because it wants to join you or just wants some attention.

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But this can result in some other problems. Your cat might get scared and start scratching the door. It won’t be able to see you so it will think you are in danger. So you might as well just keep the door open if you can.

Keep Poking Your Head Out:

If you want to let your cat in the bathroom while you take a shower but you don’t want it to keep meowing, then keep poking your head from behind the curtain to let your cat know that you are still there.

Or you can head pat your cat when it meows too much. It will help your cat keep clam while you take a shower.

Other than following these two ways, you can just ignore your cat while you take a shower. Because now you know that there is nothing seriously wrong because of which she is meowing.

Or you can just train your cat to be quit. Read the next section to learn how to do so.

Train Your Cat to Stop Meowing


If your cat meows because of food but it’s not time to feed it yet, then just do the following things:

Feed According To A Routine:

Only feed your cat when it’s time. If you feed your cat without any proper routine, then this might result in your cat becoming spoiled. What this means is that the cat will start meowing whenever it wants to eat something, which will bother you.

So what you need to do is to make a feeding routine and stick to it. Only feed your cat according to that routine.

Ignore Meowing:

If your cat keeps meowing before the time of feeding, just ignore it. Do not pay attention to your cat meowing as it will encourage it to keep meowing for food. You can move to some other room to ignore your cat’s begging. Then come back to feed it when it’s time.

This way, the cat will know that meowing is ineffective and it will only receive food when it’s time, so it won’t start meowing from that time onwards.

Appreciate Good Behavior:

Remember to always keep appreciating your cat for good behavior. Feed it with some snacks like tuna fillet (which is a cat’s favorite) whenever it obeys you. This way, your cat will know what bothers you so it won’t do anything you do not like.

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However, it’s just as important not to go overboard with treats. This is because feeding too many treats can cause your cat to become obese and overweight. And an overweight cat can develop a ton of problems over time.

Things To Look Out For

Here’s the deal:

Mostly when your cat is meowing, it’s not a thing to worry about. But if you see the following signs in your cat, then something might be wrong:

  • Change in meowing pattern or intense meowing.
  • Change in meowing sound.
  • Change in behavior.
  • Change in voice.

There might be a medical problem with your cat if it shows these signs. There might be a disease or an internal infection that your cat is suffering from, which is the reason for the crazy meowing.

For this matter, you might want to consider taking your cat to the vet to get a check-up of your cat. Not only will this help in maintaining your cat’s health, but will also give you a peace of mind and reassurance that your cat is okay.

Related Questions

Why is my cat obsessed with me after I shower?

Your cat recognizes you by scent. So it marks it’s “territory” with little nips. This is because after you take a shower, the scents your cat left by rubbing against you earlier is washed away. So they start marking the scent when you come back from taking a shower.

Why do cats bother you on the toilet?

There might be various reasons cats like to join people in the bathroom. Their litter box might be in there, so it could be a room that smells very familiar. Cats also might enjoy the cool, smooth surfaces of sinks and tiles.

Why does my cat attack me when I get in the shower?

The playful bite might be a way of telling you that you shouldn’t go in the shower, kind of like scolding you. Another reason a cat would like to be around a shower is because of the steam that it emits. The steam is actually good for the respiratory, making it easier for the cat to breathe.


Cats are very playful creatures. And understanding your cat’s “language” and behavior is important for you and your furry friend to communicate. Your cat’s meowing is not always unnecessary and it might actually mean something.

I hope that now your cat’s meowing won’t bother you much. Keep loving cats!

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