10 Best Poodle Grooming Styles

Poodles are tiny, adorable little dogs with shiny eyes and big personalities. They are the perfect pet to receive a makeover. Since some people like carrying their pets around everywhere, they want their fur babies to look just as stylish as they do. Aside from concerns about your dog’s appearance, grooming helps maintain their coat and prevent tangles.

Here are some of the best grooming styles for your poodle. Get inspired!

The Cupcake Cut

If you want your dog to look like an adorable little snack then giving them a cupcake cut with a tiny swirl on top is a great way to get your point across. The pointy head and rounded ears on each side of the poodle’s head make them look like a cupcake. 

Most poodle parents don’t like how stylized and dramatic their dog’s features are with this haircut. However, that does not mean your furball isn’t  “sweet enough to eat” while they’re rocking this look. 

The Teddy Bear Cut

The Teddy Bear cut is one of the most popular haircuts for poodles and miniature dogs. It’s common to spot a small dog on the street with this cut. Pet owners love just how adorable their poodles look cosplaying as a stuffed teddy bear. 

This cut leaves the hair mid-length and the main focus is rounding out the poodle’s shape. The Teddy Bear cut takes considerable time and effort, so visit an experienced groomer for this look. Bear in mind keeping their fur clean is very important to sustaining this look.

The Short Cut

Are you tired of long hair getting tangled and knotted up? Don’t you just wish your poodle’s hair was more manageable? There’s an easy fix, a short cut. With the coat trimmed close to the body, it relieves all your excessive grooming worries.

This haircut may look neat, but it comes with some compromises. You should ensure your poodle stays warm during the winter since the shorter coat might make it harder for their bodies to trap heat. 

The English Saddle Cut

This super popular haircut is a different take on the classic lion cut. The poodle’s head features all the hair that goes down to the back, chest, and shoulders. The saddle cut also includes a rounded tail and additional pompoms surrounding the paws of the poodle’s bare legs.

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As if to imitate an actual saddle, the hair on the chest and belly is kept at the same length while the hindquarters are shaved close to the body. Some stylists prefer adding more pompoms to the limbs too.

The Continental Cut

A dog show staple, this haircut is also known as a lion cut. The poodle has hair on its back, chest, and shoulders. It is a style that has been in demand for several years now. This is a classic and graceful style that helps your poodle stand out.

The limbs are hairless but feature the same pompoms as the saddle cut near the paws. The hair on the tail gets rounded off, and your poodle loses most of its body hair. It is a designer look and can be difficult to maintain without regular grooming.

The Scandinavian Cut

A modern style for the poodles of today! This haircut is still in trend for a couple of reasons. It is a streamlined version of the English saddle cut minus the pompoms. 

It’s a simple cut that requires shaping the hair with the body and cleaning up the patch around the tail and the head. The ears and the top get rounded off, and they look soft, just like the dog’s tail. Some people prefer leaving behind some extra hair on the hind paws. While this cut looks just as good as the English saddle or Continental cut, it is much easier to maintain.

The Puppy Cut

The Puppy cut is a simple grooming style that involves shaving the hair all over your poodle’s body to an even length. You can customize this look to your liking and round out the hair around the head if you prefer. This simple cut requires little maintenance and you can wait longer between grooming sessions since the hair is cut shorter as compared to other styles.

It is a great way to have your poodle look as cute as the first day you met them. Your dog can look like a brand-new puppy with its clean, short hair and bright gleaming eyes. The hair gets cut to suit the natural shape of the poodle’s body.

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The Summer Cut

Your dog has to cope with all the heat it has to endure while traveling or going on walks with you. If you live somewhere that gets super warm during the summer, you should consider getting your poodle this haircut.

This cut focuses on getting rid of all the hair that might contribute to retaining heat. A long coat doesn’t just get dirty but can also make your dog feel stuffy. Shaving the hair close to the body helps your poodle stay cool when it’s hot out. For aesthetic purposes, groomers tend to leave some hair on the tail, head, and around the ears.

The Town Cut

If you love how your poodle looks in the Scandinavian cut but it’s too hot outside, you can opt for the Town cut. The face, neck, belly, and feet are shaved while the ears are kept fluffy. It’s the perfect look for a stylish poodle that stays cool when the weather’s too hot.

The Royal Dutch Cut

The Royal Dutch cut, also called the banded Dutch cut, features a shaved face, neck, and waist. The hair around the face and the front of the paws get shaved off. The neck and waist get cut to resemble a band-like shape around the dog’s body. The rest of your poodle’s hair gets poofed up and rounded out for a classy, timeless look.


Whether you want to give your dog the teddy bear cut or the high-maintenance continental cut, just keep their comfort in mind before making any decisions. Consult your local groomer about the styles your poodle can adopt based on the climate of your region. A professional groomer can guide you about what cut would look best on your poodle and be the most comfortable for them. The cut you opt for will require care and maintenance regardless, so choose one that you can upkeep easily.

Enjoy this video of a poodle grooming session from one of our favorite YouTube channels.

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