Because of my Dogs….

I’ll never want for new and disgusting smells to discover.

I’ll always need that second cup of coffee.

I’ll know that someone thinks highly of me.

I’ll remember that naps are good but playing is better.

I’ll never want for something to smile about.

I’ll always need a lint roller in every room and two in the car.

I’ll know that someone is waiting for me to come home.

I’ll remember that leftovers shouldn’t be.

I’ll never have a permanent place on the bed.

I’ll always need to look both ways before crossing to the bathroom at 4AM.

I’ll remember to keep my tongue inside my mouth when I’m sleeping.

I’ll never have vacuum that meets my standards.

I’ll always have an excuse to leave boring parties.

I’ll never run out of things to photograph.

I’ll remember to look down when I want to pick myself up.

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Kevin Myers

Kevin Myers is a passionate animal lover, pet enthusiast, and dedicated writer. With over a decade of experience as a professional pet blogger, Kevin has gained a wealth of knowledge and insights into the world of pet care. He firmly believes that every animal deserves a loving and nurturing home, which has driven him to adopt and foster numerous pets throughout the years.

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