Products Dog Lovers Want Invented

by Kevin Myers

  • GPS chips embedded in all dog toys with corresponding iPhone & Android apps for locating them.
  • GPS chips embedded in all dog pills with corresponding iPhone & Android apps for indicating whether they were swallowed or not.
  • A bed that can be made with dogs still on it.
  • An automatic coffee maker that is activated by the sound of a dog shaking its head first thing in the morning
  • A carpet fiber that is puke, pee, poo, mud, slobber, and fur resistant.
  • A light saber like nail clipper that can also cauterize should you nip the quick.
  • Cloaking technology that hides the fur on your clothes.
  • A towel absorbent enough that only one is needed to dry a dog.
  • Kiddie pools for dogs that last more than one summer.
  • Long leashes incapable of wrapping around human ankles or legs.
  • Toys that appeal to only one dog at a time.
  • Stuffed toys that last longer than a few minutes or toys that are priced based on longevity, manufacturers choice.
  • Pig ears that never endanger a dog’s health. (okay I admit that my dog Gavin put that one in there)
  • Self-mending socks.
  • A dog bed that feels comfortable to us so we have something to sleep on.
  • A hyperbaric chamber that keeps our dogs young forever.
  • Bark cancelling headphones.
  • A collar embedded with a lie detector so we know when that “I gotta go pee” look is just a ruse.

There’s room on this list for a lot more so please leave a comment with your ideas. Who knows, maybe your idea will spark a crowd funded puppy product prodigy for all dog lovers to enjoy.

Have a great weekend.


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Kevin Myers

When I first started writing on Dog Lover’s Digest back in 2009, I really had no idea what I was getting into. I began with the premise that I wanted to write about my experiences as a dog lover who had undergone an epiphany of sorts about dog training and dog behavior.

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