The 8 Best Cat Exercise Wheels

This (updated) guide reviews all of the best cat exercise wheels you can buy this year.

Do you have a lazy cat who is content to lie around your home all day? Cats need just as much exercise and mental stimulation as any other animal, so why not introduce an exercise wheel into your home? Exercise wheels are a great way to keep your pet entertained and allow them to burn off some energy.

This post will look at the best cat exercise wheels in 2023 based on our detailed 40-point inspection. We’ve included options for all budgets, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home. We’ve taken into account features like size, design, and safety to ensure that your cat can use their exercise wheel safely and for as long as possible.

The 8 Best Cat Exercise Wheels

Top ProductsTop Features
#1. Star Cat Wheel
(Best Overall)
High-quality, sturdy construction for endless exercise and fun
#2. Laddawan Cat Exercise WheelSuitable for smaller cat breeds and kittens
#3. HYPULY Cat Exercise WheelMost durable with Allen Wrench attachment
#4. NBVNBV Cat Exercise WheelBest for precision engineering, versatile design
#5. Penn Plax Spin Kitty Cat Exerciser WheelMost attractive design
#6. ZWEBY Cat Exercise WheelBest multipurpose, user-friendly design
#7. Fenteer Cat Exercise WheelBest all-around performance, highly-durable
#8. Grufle Cat Wheel ExerciseLightweight and compact design, easy to move around

Best Cat Exercise Wheels Revealed

#1. Star Cat Wheel

  • Sturdy and solid design with stabilization rollers to keep wheel centered
  • One solid piece construction for rings, making it quieter
  • Pins included to prevent the wheel from rolling if desired
  • Handle slots in the base for easy carrying

The Star Cat Wheel is an innovative, premium product designed to provide cats with a fun, engaging exercise experience. This cat treadmill features a patent-pending Moving Fish feature that will capture any bored feline’s attention and energy. Safety is top-of-mind for the Star Cat Wheel’s creators, with careful consideration given to minimizing gaps between the frame and wheel and providing low ground clearance. The highest quality materials are used in construction, including premium birch wood.

The extra-wide running track allows up to two cats to ride together, while an XL-size wheel diameter of 47.2 inches provides cats with maximum satisfaction. The golden ratio of 7:3 ensures optimal rollability, while the pet-friendly carpet promotes comfortable scratching without wearing out. As a bonus, this exercise wheel for cats is incredibly quiet, perfect for providing cats and their owners with peaceful nights of rest. Cleaning is also easy thanks to UV-coated wood that can be wiped down with a wet cloth or tissue.

#2. Laddawan Cat Exercise Wheel

  • Easy directions and assembly
  • Sturdy and good quality construction
  • Quiet operation with low rumble sound
  • Replaceable carpet strip for running on

This cat exercise wheel is an ideal way for your small animal to stay active and fit without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. It features a safe and sturdy construction, providing your pet with absolute safety while running. It has a wide base and large wheel, featuring a concave design that ensures the gaps do not catch the cat’s feet. The inside of the wheel is further lined with terry carpet for extra comfort and can be removed for easy cleaning. It also incorporates a special fixed piece, increasing its stability and weight-bearing performance.

The cat exercise wheel also offers silent operation because its silent pulley at the bottom allows your cat to exercise at night without disturbing anyone else in the house. Moreover, this exercise wheel was crafted with precision from solid wood and hand-applied with non-toxic, odorless, pet-friendly waterproof varnish. As a result, it is highly durable as well as safe for your pet.

#3. HYPULY Cat Exercise Wheel

  • Comes with directions and all the necessary hardware
  • Well made with good fit and finish
  • Highly durable and sturdy construction
  • Assembly is relatively easy and fast

The HYPULY Cat Exercise Wheel for Indoor Cats allows cats to stay active, stay healthy, and have fun. This large 42.5-inch cat treadmill exerciser promotes active pet play, allowing your pet to strengthen muscles and maintain a healthy weight.

The cat wheel is crafted with genuine wood and can support up to 45 lbs., giving your pet a safe and durable piece of equipment. The smooth-spinning treadmill is designed to spin freely when the brake is unlocked, so your cat can walk, jog, or run in either direction with an even gait. Plus, the wide base keeps it stable and prevents it from sliding on carpets or hardwood floors. You can help them reduce stress, anxiety, or other separation issues by providing them with something to focus their mind and stimulate their body.

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#4. NBVNBV Cat Exercise Wheel

  • Pre-sewn velcro to attach carpet to wood
  • Extra hardware and odd bits included
  • Instructions include illustrations
  • Large enough for multiple cats

This innovative cat exercise wheel has a quiet running wheel that offers a great way to exercise and keep cats healthy. It has a unique fusion design of a silent running track and solid wood multi-layer craft board, providing durability and stability while in use. The wheel’s inside diameter measures 39.37″, offering plenty of space for movement and ease of use.

In addition to being an exercise wheel, it also serves as a scratchboard, since it is lined with sisal rugs inside and outside. The wood construction is easy to clean, and the sisal floors can be vacuumed when necessary. It also features an advanced TPE caster system, which minimizes operational noise and eliminates annoying noises. Its locking mechanism allows for control over the cat’s movement over time.

#5. Penn Plax Spin Kitty Cat Exerciser Wheel

  • Quiet and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Spin smoothly and with ease
  • Well-made and high quality

The Penn-Plax Spin Kitty Cat Exerciser Wheel is ideal for anyone looking to provide their cat with physical activity and reduce their boredom. Run around and play without leaving any floor marks or skids, thanks to the sisal carpet lining that offers a secure grip while running. The 29.5” diameter wheel holds cats up to twenty pounds, making it suitable for cats of most sizes.

Besides being an exerciser wheel, the Spin Kitty doubles as a scratcher. The sisal carpeting provides an excellent surface for cats to practice their claws on – this also helps to keep their claws sharp and healthy. The wood construction is not only durable and sturdy, but it’s also easy to clean – just spot clean with a wet rag or sponge and vacuum the sisal carpet when necessary.

#6. ZWEBY Cat Exercise Wheel

  • Can be customized to fit any space and needs
  • High quality materials
  • Easy installation
  • Durable for long-term use

The Cat Exercise Wheel is an innovative product designed to help cats lose weight, exercise, and remain active even when indoors. It features a silent running wheel that’s wear-resistant and comfortable, making it an enjoyable experience for cats. The multi-functional design is perfect for cats of all sizes, while the heavy-duty construction ensures stability and reliability.

This exercise wheel for cats is constructed with high-quality materials, including wood and scratch-resistant cloth, adding to its durable construction. This makes it perfect for cats to safely play and exercise in their home. It also has a removable and washable cloth cover, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance.

#7. Fenteer Cat Exercise Wheel

  • Versatile and multi-functional
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Compact design for easy storage and transportation
  • Cost effective

The Fenteer Cat Exercise Wheel is an ideal choice for cats and kittens that need to get some extra exercise. The wheel is made from solid wood, making it durable and stable, and the thick grip mats make it scratch-resistant, making it suitable for most cats. The wheel also has a low-noise design, allowing cats to exercise without disturbing their owners.

The wheel’s design encourages active play and regular exercise, which helps keep cats healthy by reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, joint pain, and other health issues. It is easy to use and lightweight, making it easy to move around the house or even take outdoors when traveling.

#8. Grufle Cat Wheel Exercise

  • Durable materials that make the product resistant to wear and tear
  • Adaptable features that allow for a variety of uses
  • User-friendly design
  • Intuitive controls

This cat exercise wheel is a great way to keep your cat entertained and healthy. It has several features that make it stand out from other exercise wheels on the market. Firstly, its bottom axle is designed with silent pulleys so it won’t disturb neighbors. Additionally, the track is 13 inches wide, meaning it can comfortably accommodate cats of all sizes.

The safety of the cat is also taken into account, with the gap between the base and roller being less than 6mm. This means there’s no risk of your pet getting stuck with their paws in the wheel. The wheel’s base has also been reinforced and is coated with a pet-specific waterproof varnish just to add an extra layer of protection.

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Best Cat Exercise Wheels – A Buyer’s Guide

Ready to buy an exercise wheel for your cat to keep them entertained and in the best health? This guide has all the information you’re looking for.Frequently Asked Questions


When choosing an exercise wheel for your cat, size is an important factor. You want to ensure that the wheel you choose will fit comfortably in your home and won’t be too large or heavy for your cat to use. Measure your available space before shopping to determine the size of the wheel that works best for you.


The price of a cat exercise wheel can range from a few dollars to several hundred. Before purchasing, determine what features you need and what are nice-to-haves. Compare the cost of different brands and models and make sure that the product you choose is within your budget.


When shopping for a cat exercise wheel, look for a well-made and durable product. Research different brands and read customer reviews to ensure you select a product with good-quality materials and construction that will last for years.


When selecting an exercise wheel for your cat, it’s essential to consider safety a top priority. Look for a product with no exposed fasteners or sharp edges that could potentially harm your pet. Pay attention to the noise level when in use—you don’t want a loud, clanky wheel to startle or scare your feline friend!

Noise Level

Your cat’s exercise wheel should not be excessively noisy when in use, as this could cause stress or discomfort for your pet. Check online reviews or ask questions at the store regarding the noise level so you can be confident in selecting a quiet, peaceful workout experience for your cat.


Choose an exercise wheel made from durable, quality materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Look for wheels with smooth surfaces and rounded edges, which won’t damage furniture or scratch carpets when moved. Consider artificial turf options if you want something low maintenance with no mess.


Aside from function, you also want to consider the aesthetics of your cat’s exercise wheel. Look for products with comfortable designs and pleasing colors & patterns that fit into your home’s décor. Check out wheels with adjustable inclines if you want something more challenging for your feline friend!


When selecting an exercise wheel, comfort is key! Look for wheels with adjustable sizes and settings to accommodate cats of different body sizes and weights. Choose products made of soft materials, such as plush carpeting or artificial turf, as these will provide extra cushioning while in use. Look for wheels with adjustable angles so your cat can get the right angle for their workout routine!


Certain brands may offer additional accessories such as toys, climbing platforms, scratching posts, etc., which can enhance the overall experience of using an exercise wheel. Consider these additional items when selecting an exercise wheel, as they will add variety and entertainment to keep your cat engaged during their workouts.


Many products require minimal assembly and tools, so check user manuals before purchasing. Also, look into the warranty policies of each brand. Select an exercise wheel with a manufacturer’s guarantee, if applicable.


The wheel should be stable enough, so your pet feels safe while running on it. Consider how well-balanced the product is—does it spin smoothly or jerkily? Are there any wobbling issues when in use? Read user reviews and test out the product before purchase to ensure stability!


If you plan on moving your cat’s exercise wheel around, look for lightweight products made from metal or plastic materials so they are easy to maneuver when needed. You also want to make sure that the size of the wheel fits through doorways without any trouble. Measure out the width and height of possible entryways beforehand.

Learn all about the benefits of exercising your cat and why you must introduce a cat exercising wheel. This video has it all!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of a cat exercise wheel?

The main benefits of a cat exercise wheel include increased physical activity and mental stimulation, improved cardiovascular health, better sleep habits, and increased bond and trust between pet and owner.

How do I know if my cat needs an exercise wheel?

Whether your cat needs an exercise wheel depends on their individual activity levels and weight. If they are overweight or inactive, then an exercise wheel could be beneficial. However, if your cat is very active and has an average weight, then an exercise wheel will only keep them entertained temporarily.

How do I get my cat to use an exercise wheel?

To get your cat to use an exercise wheel, introduce them to the wheel with positive reinforcement. Begin by placing treats around the wheel and encouraging them to explore and move around it with toys. Once they become comfortable with the wheel, you can start slowly introducing them to running inside of it.

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