Best Haircuts For Shih-Poo

There are many ways to give your Shih-Poo a new look. A quick trip to the groomer for the right hairstyle, and you make the already adorable more adorable. However, some factors can limit your options, like your Shih-Poo’s hair type and the climate in your region.

Becoming familiar with how these factors impact your pet is important, and by planning ahead, you can save money and valuable time.

Hair Type

Generally, Shih-Poos inherit the same type of coat their biological parents have. Interestingly enough, they can also develop a combination of both hair types. Their coats can range from anything between curly (Poodle) and straight (Shih-Tzu).

Styling their hair can be quite challenging and depends on its length, and in many cases, your region’s climate can limit your options. Cutting your dog’s hair short can help their skin breathe better under high temperatures, while longer hair may be harder to keep clean and unmatted but provides more insulation in colder climates.

Many options are available for your pet, and a professional groomer can give you a better idea about the best options for your Shih-Poo.


To ensure you get the best haircut for your dog, you should consider their tendency to shed, including how often and how much they shed. Luckily, Shih-Poo owners generally don’t have too much to worry about here. Their Shih-Tzu parents shed a little while Poodles shed little to no hair. As a result, Shih-Poos shed, but it’s far more manageable than breeds like the Alaskan Malamute or Golden Retriever. Most haircuts will work out well for your Shih-Poo.

Hair Styles

Most hairstyles will work well for your Shih-Poo. Consult your groomer and keep your dog’s hair type, shedding intensity, and the local climate in mind.

The Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is a very low-maintenance haircut for your Shih-Poo. The dog’s coat is kept short (1-2″) for the entire body, head to toe. Variations of this haircut include letting some or most parts of the coat grow to a moderate length with minor adjustments here and there. The puppy cut is the simplest option you have.

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The Lion Cut

If you want your Shih-Poo to have a distinct look, you can opt for the lion cut. Most of the body’s hair is cut short, while the hair around the face is exaggerated to mimic a lion’s mane. This haircut looks stylish and is pretty easy to manage as well. However, you should pay close attention to the mane. Keep it clean and untangled to prevent your dog’s face from collecting dust or debris.

The Teddy Bear Cut

If your Shih-Poo is an active dog that loves playing in puddles, you can choose the teddy bear cut. All the hair on your dog’s body is cut quite short (1/2-1″), including the face. It gives your dog a soft, rounded appearance like a teddy bear. This haircut is easy to manage, and you can conveniently clean your dog’s coat after outdoor activities.

The Top Knot

For a top knot haircut, the hair on the top of the head is clipped up and kept out of your dog’s eyes. Depending on your dog’s hair type, you can keep the ponytail long or short. This is a very practical haircut for active Shih-Poos. It helps them see better since they don’t have any strands of hair blocking their vision.

If your Shih-Poo’s coat grows long faster than you’re expecting it, then consider a haircut where you keep the body’s hair short. It makes it easier to manage their seasonal shedding habits.

The Short Cut

As the name implies, the short cut involves cutting down all of your pet’s body hair, leaving only the hair around the ears to grow longer, making shedding and cleaning easier to manage.

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Seasonal Changes

Shih-Poos cannot tolerate temperature extremes as well as other breeds. When deciding what haircut is best for your Shih-Poo, consider the climate in your region.

If you live in a tropical region, the temperature probably stays high throughout the summer. Clipping your Shih-Poo’s hair short is a better idea for the summer months.

If you live in a cold, mountainous region, winter probably lasts longer in your area. In this case, let your Shih-Poo’s hair grow long enough to keep him warm. You should still get a cut to prevent tangles, but avoid cutting it too short, or your furbaby will have trouble regulating his temperature.

Other Considerations

Unsurprisingly, some haircuts look better on some Shih-Poos than others. Your dog’s features play a large role in what haircut would look best on them. Whether it’s the eyes or nose, the haircut should enhance its best features. A professional groomer can give you a good idea about which haircut draws attention to your dog’s best features.

Another factor that requires attention is hygiene. The length of your dog’s coat also impacts the level of cleanliness. Urine, feces, and dirt can easily attach to your dog’s belly, hind legs, and genital areas. It is best to cut the hair in these areas short.

Your dog’s activity level is also an important factor to consider when choosing a haircut. Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors will do better with a simple and practical haircut where the hair is kept short.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with haircuts till you find the best one for your Shih-Poo. As long as you ensure hygiene and optimal hair length, you can be as creative as you like.

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