The 13 Best Rat Toys and Wheels

Rats are energetic and intelligent creatures that cannot do without toys. The more toys you have in their cage, the happier they’ll be. They constantly seek entertainment and rely on their owners to keep them alive, happy, and entertained.

Finding rat toys can be challenging. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best rat toys and wheels on the market. Let’s dive in!

The Best Rat Toys and Wheels

1Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel4.5Fabric
2Living World Teach N Treat Toy4.6Plastic
3Oxbow Woody Combo Small Animal Chew Toy4.3Safe, natural materials
4Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler4.2Natural wood
5Ware Fun Tunnel Play Tube Small Animal Toy4.5Durable Stain Resistant Plastic
6Kaytee Perfect Chews for Rats4.5Wood
7Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy, Fun Pet Balls4.7Natural materials

Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-Nels

These long tubes give your rat a chance to explore a tunnel system. But unlike other tunnels, this isn’t one straight pathway. The Flex-E Funnels are flexible, and you can twist them however you want. Your rat will have non-stop fun with his Kaytee FerreTail Flex-E Fun-nel. This funnel toy stretches out into an eight-foot-long tunnel. You can also increase the length by connecting more tunnels.

This tunnel toy is part of the FerreTrail Series. You can connect this tunnel to any other product in the series using a connector ring. So, you can create a whole playground with different toys for your rat. It’ll let your rat explore new toys and fun activities every day. The versatility of this product makes it one of the best-rated rat toys.

Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel

Tunnels are excellent toys for rats, but this tunnel may exceed your expectations. In addition to offering a nice hideaway for your rats, it also makes playtime fun and exciting. The tunnel has crinkle paper for added fun. As your furry critter crawls through it, the tunnel makes loud noises. Most rats love the sound and will run through the tunnel listening for the crinkles.

This tunnel has a 6-inch opening and is 23-inches long. It’s small enough to fit in your rat’s cage but large enough to give your pet space to run. Plus, the diameter is small enough to provide a cozy environment for your rat. The Kaytee crinkle tunnel toy is machine washable, making cleanup a breeze.  

One of the best features of this tunnel is that it can connect to other tunnels. If you buy multiple crinkle tunnels, you can build a new territory for your rat to explore. To encourage exploration, you can also hide food at one end of the crinkle tunnel. Exploring and exercising are great activities for rats, so this tunnel toy gets a high score.

Living World Teach N Treat Toy

Rats are intelligent and curious creatures, but people don’t often give them a chance to express their intellect. The Living World Teach’ N Treat is one toy that puts their intelligence to the test. This toy isn’t about letting a rat crawl through tunnels. It’s about training your rat and stimulating his brain.

This toy is simple to set up and is great for many small animals. You’ll have to place treats in the holes. Then, cover up the holes with blue pegs. When you give the toy to your rat, it must figure out how to slide the pegs to find the treat.

You shouldn’t worry if your rat can’t figure it out immediately. This is a learning tool, and your rat may take time. You can help your rat and show him how to get the treats. This toy also promotes bonding between you and your rat. There aren’t many enrichment activities for your rat. This toy is unique because it brings you and your rat closer.

As your rat learns how to get the treats, you can change things up. Changing the configuration makes your pet work harder and makes him think more. You can also test his memory by going back to the initial configuration. This is one of the best rat toys because it tests your rat’s mental abilities and creates a stronger connection between you and him.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to leave your pet alone with this toy. If you leave it in your rat’s cage, he could end up destroying it. The Teach N Treat toy has plastic, and it’s not a chew toy. Overall, it’s an excellent toy for your rat.

Oxbow Woody Combo Small Animal Chew Toy

This toy is more than just a chew toy. It’s a 2-for-1 chewable toy that your rat will love. Oxbow Woody chew toy can help nurture your rat’s mind and body. Your rat can move the Oxbow chew toy with ease. It also comes with wooden shapes and a chew-friendly stick with fun textures.

This toy is small enough for rats to handle. It’s a pet-safe, stimulating chew toy for your rat. This toy is suitable for most small animals, but it works great for rats. You can even buy the same toy in a smaller size. It has an innovative design that meets your pet’s instinctual needs. If you’re looking for a toy to entertain your rat while you’re away, this one is an excellent choice. It keeps your pet active and entertained.

Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler

If your rat loves to chew, this toy is a great choice. It is made out of wood, which makes it excellent for chewing. It also has a bright color that your pet might enjoy. This toy has an intricate design and looks like a wooden knot. You can watch your curious rat nibble and gnaw away at the Kaytee Knot Nibbler.

This toy also has a small wooden ball in the center, making it even more appealing. At 4x4x3.25 inches, the Kaytee Knot Nibbler can withstand weeks of tough play. It provides entertainment and is good for your pet’s health. Chewing keeps your rat’s teeth healthy and strong.

Ware Fun Tunnel Play Tube Small Animal Toy

Our next pick is a top-rated tunnel toy for your rat. Ware Fun Tunnel Play Tube satisfies your pet’s natural tunneling instincts. It’s an ideal way to interact with your rat. The tunnel has expandable plastic that can stretch up to 39-inches.

It’s a best-seller because it encourages exercise and provides hours of playtime for your rat. The product has durable plastic, which is stain and moisture resistant. It is perfect for small animals like rats and ferrets. Plus, it is easy to clean and store. You can fit this flexible toy inside your rat’s cage for added fun.

Kaytee Perfect Chews for Rats

Rats love to nibble and chew, and this toy is perfect for your rat’s entertainment. It also helps keep your rat’s teeth trim and healthy. You can give your rat the Kaytee Perfect Chews Rat To to satisfy his natural instincts. This product has four chewable toys arranged in different shapes and vibrant colors. Plus, the chewable toys look like cheese, and rats love them!

It’s a budget-friendly toy, so you may want to buy multiple packs. This toy has no harmful chemicals and is pet-safe. It is also durable and can resist long-term usage.

Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy, Fun Pet Balls

The Niteangel is a pet-safe rat toy that uses natural materials. It has no glue, metal, or plastic materials. It helps your pet avoid boredom and encourages chewing. The product has a deep base that you can fill with a liter to let your pet rat tunnel and burrow. It has a natural cornhusk ball, seagrass ball, hyacinth ball, and rattan ball. It has a diameter of 2.6 inches, which is perfect for a pet rat.  

Simply set these balls in your rat’s cage and watch him dismantle them into sticks. You can also add some treats inside these balls to intrigue your pet rat.

eCOTRITION Snak Shak Edible Hideaway

The eCotrition Snak Snak Toy is popular for small animals like rats and gerbils. It’s an edible, honey-flavored activity log for your rat. It offers a tasty treat, a fun hideaway, and a natural chewing opportunity.

The realistic hut design is edible, making it a fun addition to your rat’s cage. It can stimulate and entice your rat. It contains all-natural ingredients and is 100% safe for pets. Plus, it is easy to maintain and clean. It has a thatched roof and a satisfying texture for chewing. Get the eCotrition Snak Snak Edible Hideaway to satisfy your pet rat’s natural instincts!

Niteangel Luxury Double Bunkbed Hammock

The Niteangle Luxury Hammock is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a toy to keep your pet rat busy. 

It can fit up to five adult rats. It has superior-quality, soft fabric for added comfort. Your rats can lounge or snuggle inside for warmth and privacy.

You can attach it to your rat’s cage with clips. It has quilted material and is a perfect hammock for your rats. They can play, nap, or jump inside this hammock for fun! It has four durable straps and can attach easily to your rat’s cage. Plus, it is machine washable for quick and easy maintenance.

Oxbow Timothy Club Tunnel Small Animal Hideout

This is a two-layer wooden hut that also serves as a play area for your pet rat. It encourages nesting and chewing instincts in rats and other small animals. It has all-natural wood, which is safe for your rat.

It has a 100% edible construction, which means your rat can eat and sleep in one place! The pet house measures 10 x 7.5 x 7 inches and has a 4cm diameter. It’s comfortable for rats to crawl through. You don’t have to fret about assembling this toy because it is pre-assembled. It uses high-quality Timothy Hay and is perfect for the environment. It is woven by hand and promotes your pet’s natural instincts and curiosity.  

Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy, Rat, and Ferret Cotton Rope Nets

This is a sturdy climbing toy for your pet rat. It has a cotton rope and allows one or two rats to play together. It encourages your rat to climb and exercise and curbs the use of overgrown nails. You can easily connect this activity net with any wooden and metal cages. The package comes with clips to help you attach this toy to your rat’s cage.

Rats can use this as a hammock or platform, a vertical climbing ladder, or a challenging ramp. You may combine this toy with a rope bridge for more activities. You may also hang this durable cotton rope in different directions with the attached clips. It is one of the best-selling rat toys by Niteangle and a perfect choice for your furry critter!

Niteangel Small Animal Suspension Bridge, 21.8-in By Niteangel

Here’s another great product by Niteangle. This perfect rat toy reinforces the habit of mountaineering. It has pure and natural wood that measures 21.8-inches by 2.8-inches. It allows your pet rat to explore and enhances its agility. This pet product also helps your rat maintain its coordination and balancing skills.

You can place this toy in any rat cage with a quick link fastener. The toy bridge has a horizontal ladder that allows your rat to sharpen its mental abilities. This untreated wood toy is completely safe for pets to gnaw and ensures healthy teeth growth.

Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Exercise Wheel

Exotic Nutrition’s Silent Runner Exercise Wheel is a great toy for any rat. Rats need exercise, and an exercise wheel is the best way to encourage your pet rat to run and play. This wheel has a dual ball-bearing design, so it doesn’t create a squeaking noise like other exercise wheels. It doesn’t have a center axle, which reduces the risk of rats getting tangled or caught up while playing.

The exercise wheel measures 10 x 9 x 3.75 inches and has a textured surface, so it’s easy for rats to run without slipping. It is available in three sizes, but small is the perfect choice for your pet mouse. The heavy-duty wheel design prevents tipping, so you don’t have to worry about the injury while your rats are playing.

Ware Flying Saucer Small Animal Exercise Wheel

The Ware Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel is another amazing way to encourage your rats to run, play, and make use of excess energy. Shaped like a regular saucer, this silent wheel has a flat surface and a plastic hub. It’s exposed, so you can see your rat run around. Because it has a flat surface, this wheel is safe for fur and tails. It is effortless to clean and comes in small, medium, and large sizes. You’ll find that medium is the right size for most rats.

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider

The best rat toys are not the most expensive, but they are the most flexible, durable, and easy to maintain options on the market. Popular rat toy manufacturers don’t compromise quality. If you don’t know where to begin your search for the best rat toys, you can follow this guide. The top factors you need to consider are:

Type of toy

The type of toy you want to buy for your rat is very important. The common types are chewable, cuddling and sleeping, running and climbing, and digging toys. No toy type is better than the other. It all depends on what activity your rat enjoys the most. Go for the multi-dimensional toy that provides more than one activity.


Toy safety is non-negotiable. For the pet rat’s safety, you should choose a durable product with no part that can break off unless it is an edible toy. Some flimsy plastic toy parts can choke your rat, and you should avoid them at all costs. Plus, you need to ensure that the toy has safe materials with no harmful chemical painting.

Style and Color

These may not be critical factors, but you may want a rat toy that blends seamlessly into the cage style and color. Rats normally prefer earthy colors like dark green and brown because these colors give an illusion of their natural habitat.  


Size matters when choosing rat toys with holes such as pet houses and tunnels because you don’t want your rat to get stuck inside them.


Most rat toys have materials such as wood, silicone, soft fabric, metals, chewable and safe plastic. Ideally, these materials are safe and durable. Make sure the toy material meets standard safety and construction regulations before you purchase it.


You’ll find rat toys in a wide range of dimensions. You should measure your rat’s cage before you choose a toy. Keep in mind that the rat toy should not occupy most of the cage space. Always choose toys that you can attach to the cage with clips.


When it comes to the costs of buying toys, you can have a specific budget. But you should never compromise quality for a cheaper price. Be prepared to pay more for a safer, durable, and multi-dimensional rat toy.

Types of Rat Toys

Rats are active, intelligent animals that require mental stimulation and exercise. There are many fun toys you can choose for your rat, including:


Rats have natural instincts to make and use tunnels. You can offer store-bought tunnels or let them make their own. You can place tunnels made of PVC or hardened plastic in the cage or hang with stainless steel wire hangers. PVC tunnel toys are inexpensive and easy to clean. Be sure to choose a tunnel with a large enough diameter to prevent your rat from becoming stuck.

Exercise Wheels

Exercise wheels provide an excellent way for a rat to exercise. Be sure to choose a safe wheel, one that cannot trap the rat’s feet or tail. We recommend choosing solid wheels over those with wires. Rats require a wheel with a 10-inch diameter. You can hang some exercise wheels on the top or side of the cage. Always monitor your rat while he plays in an exercise wheel.

Climbing Toys

Ropes, ladders, branches, and cement bird perches provide numerous climbing activities for your pet rat. You can attach climbing toys to the top or sides of the cage.

Chewing Toys

Pet rats need toys they can chew. This is essential for their dental health because their teeth keep growing. Good chew toys for rats include Nylabones, rawhide chews, wood, and cardboard chew toys. Paper tubes, cardboard boxes, and egg cartons make inexpensive chew toys.

Push and carry toys

Many rats enjoy small toys they can carry and push. Sturdy plastic cat toys will bell make good toys for rats or other small animals. Always monitor the habits of your pet rat, and be sure to buy toys that make your rat happy.

Making Rat Toys at Home – DIY

Pet rats are playful and intelligent. They need a variety of toys to keep them active and amused. With a little creativity, you can make inexpensive and entertaining DIY toys to supplement store-bought toys.

Safety First

The most important thing when making a pet toy is that it is safe. Anything you give your rat should be non-toxic. You should also watch for any pieces that your rat might swallow. Small bits can cause a digestive tract blockage. Threads of fabric and ropes can also cause intestinal blockages, and loose threads might become wrapped around your rat’s toes. Fleece toys are a great choice because they don’t include threads or ropes.


Cardboard boxes, paper towels, and toilet paper make good rat toys. Boxes are good for hiding in, though your rat will often shred it fairly quickly (but that’s fun too!)

Another great idea is to take cardboard boxes and other items to create a playhouse for your rat’s enjoyment. Tape together a variety of boxes and create a network of rooms connected by ramps, doors, bridges, and ladders.


Most rats and other small animals love shredding paper. Plain brown paper bags are great for shredding. You can crumple up the paper and make a fun ball. Your rats will love digging and hiding in a plastic bin or box filled with shredded or crumpled paper. Tissues and Paper towels are also good for shredding, and your rats can make a soft bed out of these. Try wrapping or folding a piece of paper around a favorite treat; shredding and unwrapping the treat will keep your little rat busy.

Wood and Nuts

Rats need to keep their teeth in good addition, and wood is excellent for chewing. Make sure wood is non-toxic and untreated. You can use branches from apple or willow trees, but make sure they are pesticide-free. Hard-shelled nuts offer good chewing opportunities and a tasty treat inside. Offer them sparingly as nuts are high in fats.

Digging Box

Most rats adore a digging box. Take a cat litter pan or other plastic box and fill it with plain sterilized potting soil. Plant some wheat grass or birdseed and water it to let the seeds grow for a bit, then let your pet rats go crazy in the box. To minimize the mess, avoid watering the box for a day or two before giving it to your rats. You can also place it in a bathtub or spread a tablecloth around the box to contain the mess. Your rats will enjoy digging in the soil and chewing the sprouts or seeds.

Tubes and Tunnels

PVC pipe is indestructible and has various sizes and configurations. You can buy it at a hardware store. Buy a straight piece or use connectors to create a network of tubes. It’s important to choose the size for your rat, so it can crawl without getting stuck. If you know how to use a sewing machine, you can also make collapsible tubes out of fleece or other fabrics. Sew a ring cut from a wide cardboard tube or a plastic bottle into the ends to keep the collapsible tube open. You can also cut off the sleeves of old sweatshirts to make tubes or a sleep sack.

Enrichment Ideas for Pet Rats

Most people know that a nutritious and balanced diet is essential for their furry friend’s health. But, did you know that enrichment opportunities are also essential to your pet’s health and happiness? Here are some fun and easy ways to provide enrichment for rats each day:

Support instinctual behaviors in a fun and challenging ways

Rats and other small animals are intelligent and curious creatures with natural instincts to chew, play, explore, and hide. You can support these instinctual behaviors by filling your pet’s habitat with natural and safe chew toys and hideouts. Rotate these items frequently to keep your pet rat engaged with their habitat and surroundings.  

Keep it safe and natural

Every element of a rat’s daily routine should be safe and natural. Choose enriching toys carefully, and go for items made from safe and natural materials. Some examples of pet-safe materials include woven hay, untreated woods, natural fibers, apple sticks, and vegetable-based dyes.    

Provide spatial challenges

Everyone benefits from a change of scenery, and rats are no exception! Try rearranging elements of your rat’s habitat to provide mental stimulation and fun spatial challenges. This can be as simple as putting your rat’s hideout or food dish in a different location in the habitat. Rats will love this spatial challenge, and you will have so much fun watching them explore the “new” environment.  

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