Why does my cat keep patting my face?

Cats may be the most mysterious creatures in the world. They have a hundred ways to express themselves, and each expression can mean a hundred different things. So, you are not the only one to wonder ‘why does my cat

How do I tell the sex of a bearded dragon?

If it has a beard, it must be male. That rule doesn’t really hold in the animal kingdom. Species like bearded dragons sport their spiky beard quite proudly regardless of their sex. And no one even judges them for it.

The 13 Best Automatic Cat Feeders

You wish you were there to take care of your fluffy friend all the time – BUT you can’t be! Doesn’t mean you have to spend half your time at work worrying about their diet. That is what automatic cat

13 Best Cat Multivitamins and Supplements

Isn’t it amazing how cats can gracefully survive a 20-story fall – but lose their entire balance due to a minor ear infection! Your furry friend may be the nature’s toughest survivor but the breed is susceptible to many health

How to tell if my pufferfish is pregnant?

I have two pufferfish that swim actively in the tank. But lately I observed one of them behaving strangely. I became anxious and observed it all the time. Apparently, the water condition was perfect and there was enough food in

Why Do My Ghost Shrimp Keep Dying?

Ghost shrimps aka the glass shrimps are popular for being easy to keep aquarium pets. Yet, it’s fairly common for them to die soon after they’re brought home. So, why do ghost shrimps keep dying? Well, shrimps, in general, are

Nerite snails crawling out of water?

A fish tank is incomplete (to me) without snails. I added a couple of nerite snails, and they looked adorable in my tank. They’d crawl slowly throughout the tank, eating all the algae in their way. All was great until