Does Irish Spring Soap Keep Mice Away

This (updated) guide reviews all of the best Irish spring soaps to keep mice away this year.

Mice infestations can be a huge nuisance, making it challenging to get rid of them once they’ve taken root in your home. In recent years, more and more people have turned to Irish Spring soap as a natural, low-cost way to keep mice away. But does it really work? This post will look at the best Irish spring soaps of 2023 to keep mice away that we’ve chosen based on our detailed 40-point inspection.

We’ll also provide additional tips and tricks for keeping mice away and protecting your home from future infestations. So, if you’ve been wondering if Irish Spring really works and which options are the best, read on to find out the answer!

Top Irish Spring Soaps Revealed

#1. Irish Spring Bar Soap for Men, Original Clean

  • Effective deer deterrent
  • Freshens skin and has a pleasant scent
  • Easy to cut into cubes and stake with wooden spikes
  • Cheap price value when buying 24 bars at once

The Irish Spring Bar Soap for Men is an excellent product that guarantees long-lasting freshness throughout the day. Its great scent and deodorant protection helps keep you feeling clean and invigorated. But this soap is even more unique because it works as a natural mice deterrent. Besides eliminating dirt, grime, and sweat from your skin, leaving it both smelling great and feeling silky smooth, the soap can also be used to effectively get rid of mice from your space.

The 3.7 ounce bars come in a recyclable carton pack of 8, providing plenty of soap to get you through the mice-eliminating process. What’s more, since the carton contains so many soaps, you can use them for bathing. It boasts 12-hour deodorant protection, so you can feel fresh and clean all day long. And while this formula is mild and gentle on your skin, it wouldn’t be so when it comes to eliminating mice from your house.

#2. Irish Spring Bar Soap for Men, Moisture Blast

  • Deterrent against deer in heavily populated areas
  • Deterrent against mice
  • Most cost-effective for households
  • Easy to cut into cubes

Irish Spring Moisture Blast Bar Soap for Men is not just the perfect product for deep cleansing with a moisturizing touch, but it is also an effective mice deterrent that could work wonders for you. Infused with flaxseed oil and a 98% naturally derived formula, this bar soap is gentle on the skin and provides up to 12 hours of freshness. The same flaxseed oil is the main active ingredient that keeps mice away.

This special formula can be a savior when it comes to eliminating mice from your space. Use effectively and get instant results. With 24 individual bars in each package, this soap can last long and is perfect for anyone interested in sustainability.

#3. Irish Spring Icy Blast Bar Soap for Men

  • Most Value for Large Families
  • Refreshing scent
  • Good value for money with 24 bars in one pack
  • Effective mice and deer deterrent

The Irish Spring Icy Blast Bar Soap for Men is one of the most effective multipurpose soaps that delivers great results in eliminating mice from the space. Not only it provides a long-lasting, fresh, and clean scent, but it works almost instantly to keep those pesky little creatures from crawling in from corners or hidden places within your house.

With twenty-four soap bars, this pack will keep you stocked up and smelling great all the time, while ensuring you never have to look for other mice deterrents again.

#4. Irish Spring Antibacterial Bar Soap

  • Most Refreshing Fragrance
  • Great antibacterial properties
  • Excellent mice deterrent
  • Great value for money
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And right when you thought the Irish Spring Antibacterial Bar Soap is only ideal for daily hygiene, we’re here with a surprise. This highly effective soap bar doesn’t only work against bacteria but also ensures your house remains clear of mice. The refreshing scent is invigorating while you take a bath using this soap, but your home smells great too, when you use it around the space to keep mice away.

Besides eliminating 99.9% of common harmful bacteria, and allowing you to go about your day feeling clean and protected, this soap bar will keep you worry-free by helping you get rid of the bothersome creatures once and for all.

#5. Irish Spring Pure Fresh with Charcoal Bar Soap

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Refreshing scent isn’t bothersome
  • Delivers excellent mice-repellent results
  • Cruelty-free method

With the active charcoal ingredient, this Irish Spring Pure Fresh with Charcoal Bar Soap is an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep their skin healthy and clean, and eliminate mice from their homes. The bar soap utilizes a combination of natural ingredients and charcoal to effectively work as a natural mice repellent.

This multipurpose product will take care of your personal hygiene and your mental sanity of enjoying a mice-free home, simultaneously.

#6. Irish Spring Men’s Body Wash, Black Mint

  • Most convenient mice deterrent
  • Excellent scent strength
  • Great formulation for personal hygiene
  • Excellent multipurpose bar soap

It’s not just the soap bars, but also the liquid wash that does its magic in clearing your house from the pesky creatures. The Irish Spring Men’s Black Mint Body Wash is a must-have natural product to remove mice from your home. Apart from helping maintain an invigorating and fresh scent throughout the day, this body wash is formulated with natural, paraben-free ingredients to ensure mice don’t enter your space.

Moreover, the body wash lathers up nicely, creating a rich, clean feeling after each use. So if you want to clean up yourself and ensure your house is clear of mice, this product is a must-have.

#7. Irish Spring Deodorant Bar Soap, Aloe

  • Refreshing deodorizer
  • Long-lasting scent guarantees lasting results
  • Trustable brand
  • Natural, cruelty-free mice deterrent

This product is your best bet if you want to get intense freshness and deep cleaning while ensuring you have a product that offers a cruelty-free method of removing mice from your home. Irish Spring Deodorant Soap has a great, invigorating scent that helps keep you feeling fresh and clean throughout the day. But if you want to use it as a natural mice deterrent, you won’t be disappointed.

Although very gentle on the skin, the active ingredients in this bar soap will ensure the mice wouldn’t enter the space it is in. Just follow the rules and get instant results. It’s a classic soap that has been trusted for generations and is now available in a convenient 20-count package, offering you great value for your money.

Irish Spring Soap to Keep Mice Away – A Buyer’s Guide

Ready to try your luck using the Irish Spring soap bar to remove mice from your space? This section of the guide will help you learn everything about using these amazing soap bars as natural mice deterrents and other tips to help you make the right choice.

How to Get Rid of Mice With Irish Spring Soap

Still wondering how to use these soaps to get rid of mice? While you can simply leave the soap out, depending on whether you’re using a bar or liquid soap, there are more effective ways to disperse the substance for optimal benefit. Here’s what you need to know:

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Using Soap Bar

  • First, select a fragrance for your Irish Spring Bar Soap. This post contains links to some excellent ones.
  • After that, put two or three bars near a warm window to soften it up.
  • Next, grate the soap and place it in a plastic bag.
  • Finally, scatter the shavings in cracks, corners, basements, drawers, and holes where mice are active. 

Using Liquid Soap

  • Fill a spray container halfway with Irish Spring liquid soap and the remaining half with water.
  • Shake the bottle vigorously to mix. 
  • Fill cracks, corners, and drawers with spray.
  • You can also use this mixture to clean up locations where mice gather.

Features to Consider When Buying Irish Soap for Mice

Consider the following when buying this natural product to get rid of mice.

Active Ingredients

When choosing a soap to keep away mice, checking the label for active ingredients that can repel rodents is important. Look for strong anti-rodent properties such as citronella, peppermint, or eucalyptus. Irish Spring soaps contain mild essential oils that act as natural repellents, making them a good choice for keeping mice away.


Irish Spring soaps vary in price, depending on the size of the bar and the number of bars purchased. Consider the cost of the soap compared to other products when making your decision.

Harmful Ingredients

As with any product, it’s important to check the label for any potentially harmful chemicals that may have been added to the soap. This will not only ensure your safety in case you use the soap for yourself, but also guarantee cruelty-free ways to remove mice from your home. The majority of Irish Spring soaps are free from harsh chemicals and all-natural ingredients.


Some people find Irish Spring soap’s strong, medicinal odor off-putting. However, this could be why mice and other rodents run away. Strong yet refreshing scents will not only help remove pesky mice from your home but also keep your space smelling great.


The amount of soap needed to create an effective barrier against mice can depend on the size and weight of the bar. Consider how many bars will be required for your particular situation when purchasing.


Different bars are better suited for outdoor use than others. With Irish Spring soaps, opt for formulations designed specifically for outdoor use, which contain extra-strength ingredients to repel pests and create a strong barrier against them.


In some cases, colored soaps may be more effective in deterring mice than plain white bars due to their contrast with the environment. Consider this when purchasing your product, if possible. Irish Spring offers both colourless and multi-coloured bars depending on your preference.

Here’s how you can use Irish Spring soap in your best interest. Learn everything about this rodent repellant in this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Irish Spring Soap keep mice away for?

There is no exact timeframe for how long the soap will keep mice away, as it can vary depending on the situation.

Is Irish Spring Soap an effective way to keep mice away long-term?

It may be effective in the short term, but it is not a long-term solution for keeping mice away permanently. Other methods, such as proper sanitation, should also be employed to prevent unwanted rodents’ return.

Should I place Irish Spring Soap near rodent entry points to keep mice away?

Yes, this is an effective way to deter mice from entering your space. The soap should be placed close to known mouse entry points, as they are most likely to be attracted by the scent of the soap.

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