Does Oscar fish like to play with Toys?

Many Oscar fish enthusiasts wonder if Oscar fish like to play with toys. They also want to know why these fish like to entertain themselves.

Does Oscar fish like to play with Toys? Since the fish have primitive minds, they cannot comprehend the world or entertainment. However, one thing we know without a doubt is that the Oscar fish are frequently looking for a chance to explore. So providing them with a toy would have a positive effect.

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If you notice the fish, you will observe that they are moving all over the place or discovering something strange in the tank to engage themselves. It is in their tendency to entertain themselves with anything they can find in the tanks.

Why should I entertain my Oscar fish?

Oscars and numerous other fish are probably going to be sad when they are distant from everyone else in the tank. It is a good idea for the owner to find out about their normal living style and social structure. The most important thing to find out is how to keep them busy or occupied.

Always remember not to buy a single pair of Oscar fish as one of them might kill the other because of its aggressive nature. However, you can always buy them in numbers greater than two to keep them busy. The Oscar fish loves to move around and needs a lot of space in the tank, more than you might expect. So try to purchase a large tank for the Oscar fish. Giving them toys or engaging them in diverse exercises would be an astounding way to keep them occupied.

Toys are the finest form of entertainment for Oscars

If you purchase an Oscar fish, it is important to keep them happy and engaged. We are not just expected to think about their physical well-being but their psychological wellness as well.

In this manner, providing them with mental and energizing exercises and toys would lessen their pressure and stress levels. Moreover, it will create a joyful relationship with the owner. The more joyful they are, the healthier they will be.

As discussed above, there are a few toys which would keep the Oscar fish energized. Following is a list of toys that they might like.

Ping Pong Balls

A simple ping pong ball would entertain your Oscar.

They can play with it as a football and it can be pushed around to either of the two ends as a goal. Once they start playing with the ball, their fascination for it will only increase.

You can make it more enjoyable by adding floating plants in the tank. If your Oscar likes to play at the bottom of the tank, you can use heavier balls.

Bridges and Tubes

Just like many other fish, Oscar fish loves to move around in tubes. They find it amusing to chase other fish and move around freely. It would be even more fun if you place a floating tube near the surface of the water.


The Oscar fish loves to move around in water wheels by turning them. Some of the fish learn to turn the wheels by keeping stones on them. There are some water wheels that turn around automatically with a battery.

Such battery-driven wheels are perfect for fish which are hesitant in turning the wheels themselves. These wheels are made of plastic and can be purchased at any pet shop.

Aquarium Plants

Aquarium plants can be counted as toys for the Oscar. They can be used as hiding spaces and they also help to produce oxygen which is beneficial for them.

An Oscar can play with the ping pong ball between then plants with its peers as well. Just make sure that the plant does not have sharp edges that could cut the fins of the fish.


A floating mirror can be used to enhance the excitement for the fish. As we all know that the Oscar fish have a competitive nature, a small mirror can make them protective of their territory.

This technique can be used to reduce the boredom of your fish and make them exercise by flaring their fins.

Beware that this might cause problems for you as Oscar fish are known to fight their own reflections.

Floating Log

A floating log is indeed an amazing addition to your Oscar’s tank. It provides a great sense of a home. An Oscar can play, move around, sleep, or even build a bubble nest in it. Oscars can float in it on the surface of the water and communicate with their surroundings to kill the boredom.

Sinking Ceramic Log

A sinking ceramic log becomes the perfect place for Oscars to have a hideout. It will give them shelter in a playful manner. They can use this place to chill and rest.

Fluval Moss Ball

This is a fake moss ball that floats on the water. It is designed to keep the water clean and fresh. It usually absorbs and traps phosphates and nitrates in the water for up to 2 months.

This serves to keep your tank water fresh and stop the growth of ugly organic matter. Your Oscar will always be inquisitive of this toy.

Safety Measures

There are certain precautions that must be considered while providing toys to your Oscar fish. Safety of the fish should be your main priority.

  • Never use toys that have sharp edges.
  • There are a few plastic toys that have sharp spurs in them. You can make them secure by cutting down these edges with the help of a pair of scissors.
  • Metal is dangerous for Oscars as it contains harmful compounds. It is better that you never purchase toys which have metal in them.
  • Be aware of the toys that have a small size. These toys can be swallowed by the fish. It’s better not to purchase extremely small toys.
  • You should avoid those toys which have big holes as your Oscar might get stuck in them.


Toys frequently energize Oscar fish. However, it’s not necessary that your Oscar might like it. For example, sparkling toys may exhaust them. Colors also play an important role for the Oscar fish.

There are numerous fish which do not like the red color as it brings out aggression in them. Along these lines, it’s smarter to avoid such sharp colors at the time of purchasing toys.

Since toys bring joy, they diminish the feeling of anxiety and stress in Oscars. The fish are less inclined to get exhausted or become lonely when they are encompassed by fascinating and attractive toys.

The best sorts of toys are the ones that are adaptable and simple to move around. Moreover, you can use the toys to create a caring relationship with your Oscar

Related Questions

How to make an Oscar fish grow faster? To make any living individual grow faster, it is important to feed them often; every two or three hours. Always choose the right food for your Oscar. There are many food items available in the market that are basically designed to make your Oscar grow faster and healthier. In the end, make sure that the water in the tank is clean.

Are Oscars aggressive to other fish? Yes, Oscars are aggressive by nature. However, they can share the tank with other fish which have a similar size compared to themselves. Make sure that other fish are not too passive or aggressive. Over time, Oscars can build a friendly relationship by playing with other fish.

Does Oscar need a heater? It is essential to keep a track of your Oscar’s temperature. An ideal temperature of your Oscar should be between 74° and 81° F (23.5° and 27° C), so it’s better that you have an aquarium heater and of course, a thermometer. You need to maintain the tank as Oscars are quite messy.

At what age do Oscars breed? The Oscar fish matures sexually by the age of 14 months; when they are up to 6 to 10 inches long. The age for sexual maturity is not certain or fixed. There are many Oscars that do not spawn until they are 2 or 3 years old. The only authentic way to find out if the Oscar fish has reached sexual maturity is by watching their breeding tubes.

Do Oscar-bites hurt? No. The Oscars don’t have teeth, so it doesn’t really hurt. Neither will you bleed after their bite. However, large-sized Oscars like the Astronotusocellatus do have teeth and their bite can be really painful.

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