How to Stop Oscar Fish Aggression?

Oscars battle in different ways. They may push each other around and will regularly jump at one another. Another form of aggression in Oscars is ”jaw” or “lip” locking. This is the point at which they confront each other head-on and attempt and seize each other’s mouths.

How to stop Oscar Fish’s aggression? Even if the Oscars initially hurt each other, don’t be excessively rushed and part them up straight away. Watch their conduct and see what they do in the middle of these episodes of savagery.

If they are decent and amicable and mostly stay civil with one another, then you honestly don’t have anything to stress over. If it is evident that both fish can’t stand each other, then you might proceed to isolate both fish.

Oscars have been known to kill other Oscars in the tank. And while it’s anything but a typical event, it can occur. Likewise, Oscars that have lived harmoniously for quite a while can also begin to fight all of a sudden.

Oscar Fish Fighting – Stop it, Mating? Aggression (Video)

Oscars and Their Aggression 101

More about Oscar Fish’s Aggression

Lip locking, pursuing each other around the tank, and different types of harsh conduct can regularly be a pre-rearing custom. Owners frequently get exceptionally energized when they see their Oscars doing this.

The only way you can check whether you have a reproducing pair or not is by observing eggs being laid and the male fertilizing them. When you have watched your Oscars doing this two or multiple times, you will realize what signs to search for.

It’s important to note that when Oscars lock jaws, it’s not necessarily driven by hatred or aggression. In fact, even in a rearing pair of Oscars, occasional irritations and minor scuffles can occur.

However, it’s important to note that these interactions usually don’t result in serious harm. While there may be a few cuts and wounds, maintaining excellent water quality can help these injuries heal relatively quickly.

In the wild, fish frequently show a territorial nature. If you are encountering hostility where one Oscar is picking and harassing another, it likely could be a case of Oscars fighting over their territory.

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In some instances, revising things in the tank, i.e., moving decorations, wood, and rocks, can help decrease aggression because nature can have a positive effect on these fish.

This may allow the other fish to find a territory for themselves instead of getting singled out wherever they are in the tank.

Picking the Right Fish

While you can house other fish with Oscars, it’s important to remember if a fish can fit into an Oscar’s mouth, it may become a meal!

Oscar fish can coexist with most other cichlids of similar size. However, the ideal companion for them is the silver dollar fish. Silver dollars are large, fast swimmers, and they even help clean up after the Oscars have finished eating.

Avoid placing small to medium-sized catfish with Oscars. If the Oscars attempt to eat them, the catfish’s spiny bones can become lodged in the Oscars’ throats, potentially leading to fatal consequences.

Finding the Right Tank Size

You should guarantee that your tank is sufficiently large for various fish.

The recommended tank size for a single Oscar fish is 55 gallons. However, as they can grow up to 12 inches in length, they may eventually outgrow this tank. If you plan to keep other fish with Oscars, it’s advisable to invest in a larger tank that can hold more than 70 gallons of water.

Feed Well

To ensure the health of your Oscar fish, it’s essential to provide a well-balanced diet. In the wild, Oscars consume a variety of foods, including other fish, insects, worms, and even fruits and vegetables. When keeping Oscars in captivity, you should supplement their diet with high-quality fish pellets. As your Oscar grows and reaches its full length, consider introducing foods like raw shrimp to its diet.

The Last Resort

Oscar fish can be difficult to foresee. If you see your Oscar fish acting excessively aggressive to other fish in the tank, expel it instantly and put it in a different aquarium. For the most part, it will battle fish for territory and nourishment.

Oscar Fish Quality

Oscars eat a considerable amount of food and deliver a great deal of waste, so filtration should be high-powered. While the exact technique for filtration doesn’t make a difference excessively, Oscars can be damaging toward a few types of filters.

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In most respects, Oscars are not lazy. A stylistic layout must be kept to a minimum because these fish will move throughout the tank, disrupting your decorations.

All you need to add is sufficient rock to cover the glass in addition to a couple of bits of bogwood to make the sorts of obscure niches and corners that Oscars appreciate.


With regards to picking tank mates for Oscars, a specific level of meticulousness is required. The perfect circumstance is to keep only Oscars. But if you really have to add other fish, make sure it’s large (as discussed above).

Silver dollars, tinfoil spikes, silver sharks, and other medium-to-vast tutoring fish make the perfect tank mates with Oscars.

Are Oscar Fish Aggressive by Nature?

Oscar fish, in the wild, are like the tough guys of the underwater world. They’re not afraid to show a bit of aggression, and that’s just part of who they are. These fish are natural-born predators, chowing down on other fish and critters in their habitat.

When we bring them into our aquariums, that feisty nature doesn’t just disappear. Nope, they might still throw their weight around a bit, especially when it comes to protecting their turf or getting their share at feeding time.

To keep things peaceful in your tank, it’s a good idea to house Oscars either on their own or with some bigger, equally tough fish. And make sure there are plenty of spots for them to hide in the tank – it can help keep their temper in check.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you feed Oscar fish? 

Feed regularly. You will need to bolster your Oscar’s diet every few hours. Pick the correct food. There are particular nourishments available intended to influence your Oscar to become bigger. Tidy up after Oscars. With the expanded food allow there will undoubtedly be extra yield.

What should be the temperature of an Oscar fish tank? 

Get a sufficiently large tank. Before owning any fish, you need a home for it. Keep the water warm and maintain a neutral pH. It is proposed to keep the water temperature somewhere in the range of 74- and 81-degrees Fahrenheit. Change 10-15% of the water week after week. Oscars are muddled fish.

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