How long (distance) should I exercise my Husky puppy?

Huskies are naturally cold-weather creatures and were bred for pulling heavy sleighs.

And because they’re fast and light, they’re extremely efficient at these tasks.

But none of us can get them to pull sleighs, so how long should you exercise your husky puppy?

A husky was originally bred to pull sleighs. They are creatures with a lot of energy that they have to release somehow. They require at least 30-45 minutes of running every day along with various games to be played. Apart from this, they are extremely intelligent, so you need to challenge their minds as well.

How Much Exercise Does A Husky Need?

So what are the best exercise routines and games for husky puppies? Find it below!

How much exercise is required for husky puppies

Your husky puppy is one of a kind. They need to exercise regularly every day to grow up into a strong adult with lots of stamina. Also, they need mental training as they are extremely smart dogs. Their everyday exercises must include:

  • Daily routine walk
  • High-Intensity exercise
  • Mental stimulation

These are some of the basic things that should be regularly done while raising a husky puppy at home.

Walking your husky puppy

This is one of the greatest ways to keep husky puppies entertained as they can get bored at home. Walking also serves as a bonding time between you and your husky puppy.

The walking time must be measured from the first day of training as a puppy. The husky puppy can start to walk at around the age of 3 months. In the beginning, you must walk them for 15 minutes every single day.

As they get older, you can gradually increase the walking time of your husky each month. Start off by walking them 15 minutes each day for the first month. In the second month, add 5 minutes to the 15 minutes, then 5 more to that in the next month and so on. After reaching the age of 10 months, your husky must already be able to run for at least 40-50 minutes in a single day.

Best games to play with husky puppies

For most people, it’s difficult to take out time from their tough routine to walk their husky every day. But the puppies have to release all of their stored energy one way or another. And that can be solved by playing games with them.

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Fetch the ball

Huskies are quick learners and love to play games. And when they see a ball or a toy, they’ll totally go crazy over it. Some can even do almost a hundred rounds of fetching a ball without getting tired. But that doesn’t sound very relaxing at all for your arm.

Thus, you should look for an automatic ball launcher to keep so that the puppy can play by itself for as long as they want. You can easily train your husky to run the machine and keep themselves entertained while you work.

Frisbee toss

Huskies tend to love chasing and fetching frisbees just as much as they love chasing after balls. If you’ve got no idea how to start, follow these instructions:

  • Throw the Frisbee in the air just a little above the ground
  • When they get better, throw the frisbee a little higher
  • Keep practicing until they get perfect at catching it

In just a few weeks, your husky would be jumping in the park fetching the frisbees like a pro.

Gardening with your husky

Huskies love to dig. From a young age, they develop a love for digging into the sand. Try taking out your husky puppy in the garden and see how they go crazy with their paws. Not to mention that it will serve as an amazing bonding time for both you and your puppy.

And aside from the fun part, this is also an amazing way for a husky puppy to drain the built-up energy in them. It’s gardening time for you and digging time for your puppy. However, some special care is needed to be taken in the summertime as the sand gets extremely hot. To prevent any mishap:

  • You can wet the sand so the puppy doesn’t burn itself while digging
  • Get a small bucket for sand and put it inside the house so it doesn’t get hot

In addition to this, you can hide toys or bones in the sand for your puppy to find and bring to you. Puppies tend to bring everything back to their owners to show their love and care.

Take care of their mental health

As mentioned before, huskies are a very intelligent breed. They need to be mentally challenged to keep them happy and satisfied. If they aren’t given enough mental stimulation, it can lead to excessive barking, digging, escaping, and destructive behaviors.

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There are plenty of activities for the enrichment of your puppy’s brain like puzzle toys, chew toys, and many more. These can be a great source for your puppy’s mental growth and to also keep them busy and entertained.


These are the most ideal toys for your husky puppy to play with as they are challenging their brain as well as testing the husky’s skills to solve a problem. Apart from this, they play a great role in keeping your puppy busy while you are busy with your chores.

Chew toys

Chew toys are essential for husky puppies. This is because chewing releases endorphins that help your husky puppy get relaxed. More than that, chewing toys help soothe the gums of puppies and help with teething.

Stressful behavior in husky puppies

There are times your little puppy might start getting anxious by living inside the house for too long. In the same way, they also get depressed due to boredom by staying indoors, keeping in mind that they are an active breed that has a lot of energy to release.

Getting stressed out could make them lose control and result in:

  • Digging aggressively
  • Loud barking
  • Ripping the bed sheets
  • Stealing everything they find
  • Chewing furniture
  • Jumping on you or hurting you

There are many more things that a husky puppy can do as destructive behavior.

It’s necessary to avoid keeping the puppy isolated for too long and to provide them with regular mental stimulation so they don’t resort to such behavior.


As discussed above, you must regularly take out your husky puppy for a walk. And not only every day, but with increasing time while still following the rule of five minutes per month. Avoid keeping them indoors for a long time as this will frustrate them.

Ideally, you should try and practice all of the above-given methods to ensure that your husky puppy stays healthy and active. A puppy that gets enough proper physical exercise and mental stimulation will grow up into a healthy husky adult!

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