How Many Guppies Can I Have Per Litre(s)?

Guppies are small and vibrant freshwater fish. If you’re planning on stocking guppies, you need to know the right tank size for guppy fish.

Keeping one guppy per liter isn’t good. Guppies become unhappy and frustrated in a small tank. The lack of space restricts their movement and inhibits their growth. So, the minimum tank size for one guppy is at least five liters. If you want to keep five or more guppies, you will need at least 40 liters of water in a fish tank. 

Let’s talk about this in detail.

How Much Tank Space Do Guppies Need?

The general rule is to have one 3-5 liters of water per inch of fish. However, this estimate refers to the final size that the fish will grow into as an adult.

When you bring a fish home, it will most likely be young. So, you cannot accurately calculate your fish’s space needs by its current size. Consider how big your fish will be as an adult fish to buy the ideal tank size.

A fully grown guppy male will be 1.5 inches long. Adult guppy females are bigger and grow up to 2 inches. Keep this factor in mind when you’re choosing a tank. Five liters of water per fish is the minimum recommendation. Some guppies can grow to be 2.5 inches. So, it will be great if each guppy has at least 10 liters of water.

If you are new to fishkeeping, you can start with a few guppies. Ten liters of water per guppy fish will make it easy to manage. Once you are familiar with the fish-keeping process, you can add more guppies to your fish tank.

Guppies are active and friendly fish. They thrive in the company of other fish. So, experts recommend keeping guppies in groups of three or more. If you are a beginner, start with at least five fish and then grow your collection.

For five guppies, your fish tank should hold at least 40 liters of water. However, there is a catch – you might need a tank size with a capacity of more than 40 liters, and here is why:

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A fully stocked aquarium will have a décor, substrate, water filter, plants, air pump, and other equipment. All these items occupy space, and the tank will hold less than 40 liters of water when fully stocked.

For five fish, your fish tank should hold at least 40 liters of water even when it is fully stocked. If you want your guppies to be comfortable, invest in a bigger tank. You should consider getting a bigger tank if you plan to expand your guppy collection in the future.

Prepare For Guppy Fry

Guppies are fertile fish that can reproduce in an aquarium when the conditions are ideal. If you have male and female guppies, they can mate and produce young fish with alarming frequency. In most tanks, the adult guppy fish will eat the babies if you do not separate them after birth.

Despite this risk, some of the fries will survive and grow into adults. The guppy population in your tank will increase when this happens. So, choose a large tank size to accommodate the new guppies.

Dangers of a Small Fish Tank

Shortened Life Span

A juvenile fish growing up in a small tank will experience stunted growth, atrophied muscles, spinal deformities, and other developmental health problems. As a result, a stunted fish will have a short life span.

Fighting for Space

Imagine if you had to share your room with another person for your entire life. It might be fun being roommates for a while, but their constant presence will start to get on your nerves. This is what happens when multiple guppy fish are forced to coexist in a small tank.

You need a large tank for fish to find secret hiding places and corners to get away from their tank mates.

Poor Water Quality

A balanced nitrogen cycle is important for a healthy aquarium. Fish waste increases ammonia levels in the water.

Cramping fish into a small tank can wreak havoc on water quality. So, you’ll need to perform frequent water changes and vacuum gravel. Poor water quality often leads to fish deaths.

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Stress and Illness

An overpopulated fish tank can cause stress in the fish. You should consider this factor when you’re stocking guppies in a small tank.

A healthy fish is happy and relaxed in its environment. It’s better equipped to fight off sickness. Signs of stress include behavioral abnormalities and parasitic or fungal infections.  

Potential Issues in Overpopulated Fish Tanks

Overcrowding will adversely affect the well-being of your guppy fish. You will struggle to keep the water parameters stable in an overcrowded fish tank. Some of the potential issues associated with overcrowded tanks are:

  • Reduced oxygen levels and increased demand for food in the tank.
  • More guppy fish will lead to higher ammonia levels of water due to greater waste quantities.
  • Demand for resources and space can lead to aggression.
  • Lack of space can hinder the growth of young guppy fish.
  • Increased burden on the water filtration system.
  • Frequent partial water changes are necessary to maintain the hygiene levels of the aquarium.

Some aquarium owners prefer to keep their tanks crowded since they will be livelier. If you prefer this arrangement, you’ll need to take a few extra measures.

Firstly, invest in a high-quality filter to handle higher waste levels in a crowded fish aquarium. Use biological filter media as it supports the beneficial bacteria in the aquarium. It will allow them to clean the tank efficiently. You can also add plants to the aquarium. Both fixed and floating aquatic plants can reduce water toxicity and improve oxygen levels.

Be diligent about tank maintenance activities and water changes. With constant monitoring and regular cleaning, you can create a healthy environment for your guppies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many fries can a guppy have?

The female guppy takes a few hours to produce all of the fries. The average female guppy gives birth to 40 or 60 guppies only.

Are guppy fish easy to keep?

The Guppy is one of the most popular freshwater fish for beginners and seasoned aquarists. They add vibrant color to fish tanks and are peaceful, cheap, and very easy to maintain.

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