Is It Normal for a Pregnant Dog To Have Diarrhea?

By flipping the first two words in the question, “Is it normal for a pregnant dog to have diarrhea?” you have your answer, it is. Diarrhea is perfectly normal in pregnant dogs. And if you know about it beforehand, you are less stressed and better prepared for it when it happens.

Causes of Diarrhea in Pregnant Dogs

Many factors can cause gastrointestinal distress in pregnant dogs. The first possibility is that the pregnancy can cause the uterus to stretch, resulting in more pressure on the intestines.

Another potential cause of diarrhea is hormonal changes in your dog. The shifts resulting from the pregnancy can potentially upset your dog’s stomach and result in loose bowel movements.

There’s no need for alarm if your dog is experiencing bouts of diarrhea early in her pregnancy. If your dog is experiencing this later in the pregnancy, however, it could signify that the unborn puppies are not getting enough nutrients or that the mother might give birth ahead of schedule.

Everything you want to know about caring for your pregnant dog when they show signs of labor.

What Should You Do if Your Pregnant Dog Has Diarrhea?

Pet owners should closely monitor pregnant dogs during pregnancy, and if they are experiencing any adverse effects like diarrhea, you might have to implement changes to your dog’s lifestyle. These changes include changing your dog’s diet.

Plenty of foods containing nutrients promote a healthy G.I. tract for pregnant dogs. The recommended amount will vary depending on the size of your dog. Low-fat meats should not irritate your dog’s system and provide them with the protein they need. Examples include chicken breast, lean hamburger, and turkey.

Peanut butter is another source of protein that can help give your dog healthier stool. It can add much-needed mass to your dog’s intestines. It is crucial to ensure that your dog does not have an allergy before feeding them peanut butter.

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A general rule to adhere to if a dog is experiencing diarrhea during pregnancy is to ensure that its diet is high in fiber.

The amount of water your dog consumes can also impact the quality of her G.I. function. The recommended amount of water a dog should consume daily varies depending on size. Your dog should be drinking enough to stay hydrated, but too much water can lead to an imbalance in her body and result in diarrhea.

Common Signs of Pregnancy in Dogs

If your pregnant dog is experiencing diarrhea, it is essential to monitor her carefully and take her to the vet if she is experiencing the problem for longer than a full day.

It is not uncommon for pet owners to bring a stool sample to their vet to ensure that parasites are not present. These parasites can potentially spread to the puppies before the dog gives birth and afterward during nursing.

The average gestation period for dogs is around 62 to 65 days but can vary according to size and breed, according to the Merck Veterinary Manual. Not only can a dog experience diarrhea during this time, but there are also other ailments they are susceptible to, including severe discomfort, frequent urination after birth, and shaking or collapse.

The most common signs of pregnancy are an increase in appetite and weight gain. Dogs may also exhibit a swollen stomach, enlarged nipples, and low energy. In some cases, a dog can be more affectionate, but in others, it can be more irritable.

Pet owners dealing with this should schedule regular checkups with a vet during the pregnancy. Unforeseen complications are common, and you should report them to your vet.

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Generally, dogs should not receive vaccinations during pregnancy, but there are some situations where a vaccine might be necessary. It is also essential to ensure that your dog has received shots for fleas, ticks, and heartworm before pregnancy. This precaution will ensure that sicknesses that can lead to digestive issues are more unlikely to occur.

If your dog’s vaccinations are not current, your vet might vaccinate her during the pregnancy. While it is not ideal, it could be worthwhile if the consequences of not being vaccinated become a pressing issue.

The alternative is discussing a pet’s vaccination status during an exam before pregnancy.

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Dealing with a pregnant pet requires an incredible amount of effort from the owner. You must monitor everything the dog consumes, and regular vet checkups ensure the pregnancy goes smoothly. If the owner has not taken proper steps, the dog could become sick and face difficulties such as diarrhea during the pregnancy.

Helping a dog give birth to a litter of puppies can be stressful yet rewarding. Proper research and planning are necessary when considering if this is the right decision. It is also vital to monitor your dog’s diet and behavior and how the pregnancy progresses.

If you notice your dog exhibiting symptoms such as diarrhea, odd behavior, or other abnormalities, contact your vet immediately for assistance in giving your dog a healthy birth. The goal should be to lower the risk factor as much as possible. Anyone in this situation should prioritize the dog’s and her puppies’ well-being.

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