8 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Suddenly Sleeping on the Floor

If you’re wondering why your dog has suddenly started sleeping on the floor instead of more comfy options, you’ve come to the right place. 

Why does your dog sleep on the floor? Dogs may choose the floor if the weather and their bedding are too warm. They may prefer the floor because they’ve gotten used to sleeping there. The bed might be worn out, itchy, uncomfortable, or the wrong size. Some other reasons include:

  • The bed makes strange noises
  • Your dog likes a certain spot in the home for sleeping
  • The bed is in a cold room

If your dog has stopped sleeping next to you and now sleeps on the floor, we’ve got your answers. Read on to find out more.

So, Why Is My Dog Suddenly Sleeping on the Floor?

There are at least eight possible reasons why a pup may start sleeping on the floor suddenly instead of sleeping on its bed. Maybe the filling has become lumpy or worn out.

If you got this dog bed to fit a puppy and you now have a fully grown dog, it may be too small for your dog now. In this case, you should consider purchasing a bigger bed for your pup.

Additionally, if you recently got your pup a new bed, your dog may prefer the floor because it’s not used to the new bed and prefers the familiarity of the floor. 

Additionally, if you recently got your pup a new bed, then your dog may prefer the floor because he’s not used to change and became very familiar with sleeping on the floor. 

Another major reason may have to do with the temperature in the home. If the weather is hot indoors and outdoors, your dog may prefer a cool floor to a heated bed with sheets and blankets. If you put the bed in a cold room or space, your dog may select a warmer area. 

These are the main reasons why your dog may sleep on the floor. You will find further information and potential solutions below.

The Hot Weather

In the heat of the summer, dogs often prefer the coolness of the floor. Warm air rises, and cool air sinks, so the floor is usually the coolest surface in the house, especially if there are air conditioning vents on the floor.

If the bed is too stuffy, your dog may prefer a cooler area to lie down. Removing the covers and bed sheets may entice your dog to lay on the bed. Consider getting an elevated dog bed, which stays cooler in the summer.

The Bed Is Not Comfortable and the Wrong Size

Uncomfortable beds can cause your pup pain and irritation. Additionally, dogs may have preferences for their bedding, much like humans. Some dogs like soft and fluffy bedding, while others enjoy a hard, firm mattress.

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If the dog bed is too soft, you could try making it firmer with more padding to see if your dog starts sleeping in the bed again.  

Your Pup Prefers Sleeping on the Floor

Sometimes dogs just like sleeping in a particular spot. Perhaps there is a specific smell to that spot, or maybe that spot offers them a view of the door so they can see you when you come home.

If you want your pup to sleep on a dog bed, make sure the bed is as comfortable and nice as the floor where he lies down. Place the bed in the same place where your pup usually sleeps.

Your Dog Sleeps on the Floor Out of Habit

Do you have a new puppy in your home, and she’s been sleeping on the floor? Your canine may do so because she’s spent her early days sleeping on the floor. Dogs are creatures of habit, and they like routines.

Adopted dogs especially may have gotten more used to sleeping on floors. Even if your pup starts sleeping in a bed, it may go back to the floor if it is anxious or nervous. 

The Bed May Be Worn Out or Itchy

The bed might pose discomfort for your dog, and its worn-out surfaces could bring pain to your pup. Are there any spots that are too firm or too flat? Is there a bunched-up area your dog dislikes? By using the palm of your hand, you might also find that the fabric on the dog bed is too itchy.

Does your dog have trouble standing up in the bed? Does the itchiness and wear-and-tear irritate your pup? If so, then it might be time to upgrade to a new dog bed with itch-free fabric.

The Dog Bed Is in a Cold Room or Space

Some dogs, especially those with short hair and no undercoats, are very sensitive to the cold. If you’ve moved your dog’s bed into an area that’s cooler than usual, it may find it too cool for comfort. You might find your pup roaming to a warmer room and sleeping on a rug in front of the fireplace. 

Your Canine Has Found Their New Favorite Spot

A pup might prefer a particular area in your house to relax and take a nap. The reason may have nothing to do with comfort at all. Your dog may just like that particular spot

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In this case, you can have your dog start using his bed if you place it in that favorite spot. Does your pup like sleeping by your bedroom door? Then leave the bed there.

The Bed Makes Unpleasant Noises and Squeaks 

The fabric and material of the dog bed might make unpleasant noise that wakes up your puppy. Firm cotton and waterproof fabric may have noisy qualities associated with them. Dogs also tend to have great hearing, so minor sounds or squeaks could be twice as loud to a canine.

Anytime your dog moves around in his sleep, the sound of the bed may wake him. To solve this problem, try making the bed quieter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below, we’ve provided some of the most common questions we get about why dogs decide to change their sleeping places.

Why Does My Dog Change His Sleeping Place?

Your dog might have changed where he sleeps due to any sore spots on his body. If he used to sleep on the wood floor, your pup might choose a bed or cushion for a softer area due to his soreness. Make sure to check your dog for injuries if the sleeping place changes.

How Do Dogs Choose Who to Sleep Next To?

In the wild, dogs tend to sleep together in packs. They love to sleep together tightly and cuddle up to remain warm and provide protection to each other. In the typical family, dogs tend to look for the pack leader. 

If the dog believes you’re the leader of the pack or family, then he will probably try to sleep next to you. It’s healthy for a dog to sleep next to the owner.

Why Has My Dog Stopped Sleeping on My Bed?

Your dog might have stopped sleeping on your bed next to you. The reason may be an external environment issue or a potential injury/health problem. Also, your dog may merely feel upset and prefer to sleep alone.

If your dog has significantly changed her sleeping patterns, you might want to ask your vet about this to check out any potential health issues.

Before You Go

Now that you know many of the possible reasons why your dog might have started sleeping on the floor, it’s time to pursue solutions to help your pup sleep in a bed.

Try to make the dog bed more comfortable and maintain the right temperature. Place it in your pup’s favorite spot. Before you know it, Sparky will take a nap in his soft and comfy bed.

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