60 (Boy & Girl) Spanish Cat Names

Spain is a beloved country with unique traditions, fantastic food, and culture. It is one of the most diverse countries in Europe, with each town having its unique history, traditions, and food. Spain also offers gorgeous views, including its sunny beaches and mountain ranges.

If you love Spain or are of Spanish heritage, you are probably looking for the perfect Spanish name for your cat. While English names are okay, Spanish names seem much more suitable for our feisty felines. Keep reading to learn about the most beautiful Spanish names for your cat.

Male Spanish Cat Names

1. Aarón

Aaron is a popular Spanish name of Hebrew origin, meaning “high mountain” or “exalted.”

2. Abel

The Spanish name Abel comes from the Hebrew word for breath, “hevel.” This name was popular in England during the Middle Ages.

3. Abilio

Abilio comes from the Roman family name “Avilius,” whose meaning is unknown. Many believe the name means “able, proficient, and skillful,” like Pope Avilius of Alexandra.

4. Alberto

Alberto is the Spanish variant for the name “Albert,” which means “noble and bright.”

5. Adán

Adán is the Spanish version of Adam. If you’re considering naming your cat Adam, why not give him some flair and call him Adán?

6. Adelardo

Adelardo is a rare Spanish and Italian mixture derived from “Adalhard” or “Adalard,” meaning noble.

7. Adolfo

Adolfo and Adolfito are both Spanish versions of “Adolf” which means “noble wolf.” Is there a better name for your cat?

8. Adrián

This Spanish name comes from the Roman name “Hadrianus” meaning “from Hadria.” It was also the name of a 2nd-century Roman emperor.

9. Agapito

The name Agapito comes from the Latin name Agapitus or Agapetus, derived from the Greek name Agapetos which means “beloved.”

10. Agustín

Agustín is the Spanish version of the name “Augustine” and “Augustinus.” These names come from the Roman name “Augustus,” meaning “exalted” and “venerable.”

11. Aitor

Aitor is a Spanish and Basque name that means “good fathers.” It comes from a combination of the Basque words, “aita,” meaning father, and “or,” meaning good.

12. Baldomero

Baldomero is a Spanish name consisting of two Germanic elements: “bald” meaning “bold and brave” and “mero” which means “famous.”

13. Bruno

Bruno is a popular Spanish name for cats rooted in the Germanic element “brun,” meaning “armor, protection.”

14. Borja

Borja or Borgia derives from the name of the Spanish town, which comes from the Arabic word for “tower.”

15. Calisto

Calisto comes from the Latin name “Callistus,” meaning “most beautiful.” It has been the name of three popes, including the third-century pope Callistus I.

16. Carmelo

Carmelo comes from the Hebrew name “Karmel,” meaning “garden.” It is also the name of a mountain in Israel with several early Christian monasteries.

17. Carlos

Carlos comes from the Germanic name “Karl,” which either means “man” or “army warrior.” Other forms of Carlos include Carlito and Carlitos.

18. Casimiro

Casimiro comes from the Polish name Kazimierz, a combination of kaziti meaning “to destroy” and miru meaning “peace.”

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19. Damián

Damián is a Spanish and Czech name from the Greek word Damianos meaning “to tame.” Many Christian saints have been named Damian.

20. Eduardo

Eduardo is the Spanish and Portuguese version of the Old English name “Edward” meaning “rich guard.”

21. Fabio

Fabio is the Italian and Spanish version of the Roman family name “Fabius,” the Latin word for “bean.”

22. Guillermo

Guillermo is the Spanish version of the popular English name “William.” The name comes from a Germanic name Willahelm, composed of two elements meaning “desire” and “protection.”

23. Héctor

Héctor is the perfect name for your little warrior. In Greek mythology, Hector was the Trojan hero who killed Achilles.

24. Izan

Izan is the Spanish version of the English name “Ethan.” It comes from the Hebrew name Eitan meaning “enduring, resilient, firm.”

25. Jafet

Jafet is the Spanish version of the Hebrew name Japheth meaning “enlarged.” He was one of the three sons of Noah.

26. Lazaro

Lazaro is the Spanish version of Lazarus. Lazarus was a man from Bethany restored to life by Jesus.

27. Macario

Macario is the Spanish version of the Latin name Macarius which comes from the Greek name Makarios meaning “blessed, happy.”

28. Nereo

Nereo is the Spanish and Italian form of the name Nereus. In Greek mythology, it was the name of the sea god.

29. Telmo

Telmo is a shortened version of Santelmo, meaning ‘Saint Elmo,” who was a 13th-century Spanish priest.

30. Sabas

Sabas is a Spanish name from the Greek name Sabbas derived from sava, meaning “old man” in Hebrew.

Female Spanish Cat Names

1. Abril

Abril is the Spanish and Catalan form of “April,” which derives from the Latin word “apiere” meaning “to open,” referring to the opening of flowers in Spring.

2. Adela

Adela is the short Spanish version of names beginning with the Germanic element “adal” which means noble. Saint Adela was a famous Frankish princess. Common variants of Adela are Adelina, Adelita, and Adelia.

3. Adelaida

Adelaida is the Spanish version of “Adelaide” which means “noble kind.” Saint Adelaide was the wife of the Holy Roman Emperor, Otto the Great.

4. Adoración

Adoración means “adoration” in Spanish and is sometimes shortened to “Adora.” It refers to the event Adoration of The Magi in Christian tradition.

5. Abigaíl

Abigail is a common name in many languages, including Spanish. It’s rooted in the Hebrew name “Avigayil,” meaning “my father is joy.”

6. Águeda

Águeda is the Spanish version of Agatha, which comes from the Greek name Agathe meaning “good.” Saint Agatha and Agatha Christie are two famous women with the name.

7. Ainara

Ainara is the Spanish form of the name “Enara,” meaning “bird” in Basque.

8. Ainoa

Ainoa comes from “Ainhoa,” a town in Southwest France famous for an image of the Virgin Mary.

9. Alba

The name Alba comes from two distinct Latin and Germanic names. Alba means “dawn” in Spanish, Italian, and Catalan and is a popular name in Italy and Spain.

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10. Belén

Belén is the Spanish form of Bethlehem, the town in Judah where Jesus and King David were born. The name Bethlehem comes from Hebrew, meaning “house of bread.”

11. Bethania

Bethania comes from the name Bethany, meaning “house of affliction” or “house of figs.” Bethania was also a famous biblical town in Greece.

12. Brunilda

Brunilda is the feminine version of Bruno and means “armor, protection” or “brown.” Both names derive from the Germanic name Brünhild.

13. Carina

Carina is a popular name in Spain, although it is a Late Latin name. It comes from cara, which means “dear, beloved.”

14. Carmen

Carmen is a Medieval Spanish name from the Latin word meaning “song.” It is another form of Carmel, sometimes also used as Carmina.

15. Catalina

Catalina is a Spanish and Corsican name from the English “Katherine.” The name can have several meanings, but the most common is “pure.”

16. Divina

Divina is a rare Spanish name from the English word “divine,” meaning “godlike.”

17. Dulce

Dulce is a Spanish and Portugese name that means “sweet” and “candy.”

18. Elvira

The Spanish name Elvira comes from a Visigothic name meaning “true.” The name became popular after the 1988 film “Elvira: Mistress of The Dark.”

19. Flora

Flora comes from the Latin word flos, which means “flower.” Flora is also the name of the Roman goddess of spring and flowers.

20. Gisela

Gisela is the Spanish, Dutch, German, and Portuguese version of the name “Giselle” which means “pledge.”

21. Imelda

Imelda is the Spanish and Italian form of the name “Irmhild” composed of two elements, ermen meaning “universal” and hild meaning “battle.”

22. Leire

Leire is the Basque and Spanish form of “Leyre.” the name of a mountain in the Navarre region in northern Spain.

23. Mafalda

Mafala is the Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish version of the name Matilda. The name is of Germanic origin and means “strength in battle.”

24. Nuria

Nuria is a Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese name. It is also the name of a famous sanctuary in Spain.

25. Ovidia

Ovidia is an Ancient Roman, Spanish, and Romanian name from Ovidius. Publius Ovidius Naso was a first-century BC Roman poet famous for his works on love and mythology.

26. Serafina

Serafina is the Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Polish version of Seraphina which means “fiery ones” in Hebrew.

27. Tatiana

Tatiana is the feminine form of Tatianus, a Roman name from Taitus.

28. Ursula

While we all think of the sea monster from The Little Mermaid, when we hear “Ursula,” the name means “little bear” or “she-bear” in Latin.

29. Vilma

Vilma is a short and sweet name for your cat which is the short form of Wilhelmina.

30. Yaiza

Yaiza is the name of a town in the Canary Islands, Spain. In the language of the Guanche people, the native inhabitants of the Canary Islands, Yaiza means “one who shares equally.”

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