Top 13 Small White Dog Breeds

Who are small white dog breeds best for? Can I keep a small white dog breed if I want a loyal and loving pet?

Here’s your answer:

A small white dog breed is for anyone who finds it challenging to keep larger pets. Their small size makes them easy to handle and more suitable for compact indoor spaces. And while some of these breeds may be high maintenance, they’re often less work than larger breeds.

Smaller dog breeds are some of the cutest dogs you can keep as pets. But don’t let their small size bluff you. Despite their small size, most white dog breeds have big and prominent personalities. We all know big white dog breeds like Samoyeds and Japanese spitz, but what about the smaller ones?

This blog will discuss the different kinds of small white dog breeds and why they will be the perfect addition to your family. 

So if you’re looking for a lovable pint-sized dog that can fit in your handbag, keep reading!

Top White Dog Breeds Unveiled

Coton De Tulear

This adorable fluffy white dog is named after a city in Madagascar. These dogs are perfect for families with kids since they are affectionate and cuddly. Most people prefer Coton De Tulear because this amazing breed doesn’t shed much hair. So if you struggle with pet hair around the house, consider getting this breed. Coton de Tulear doesn’t require extensive training and they are the ideal lap dogs.

However, this breed can be quite high-maintenance when it comes to grooming. If you don’t brush their fur often, it can become matted.

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This is another popular small white dog breed that has long, silky fur. These lap dogs usually weigh less than 7 lbs and are a great choice for first-time dog owners. Maltese dogs tend to be affectionate and highly social.

Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of compliments about this breed! These charming white dogs are friendly and aren’t hard to train, either. They also don’t shed much, making them easy to care for.

But this breed requires a lot of attention and is prone to separation anxiety. Leaving them alone for a long time might lead to outbursts.


The Pomeranian breed looks like a small ball of fur. These cute toy dogs can be as small as 3 lbs and are the perfect handbag puppy. Pomeranians descend the German spitz, making them excellent indoor watchdogs. 

These tiny furballs are friendly and another good option for people with children. This is also the ideal breed for the elderly since they don’t require a lot of exercise. You can take them on short walks or exercise them inside your home.

However, remember that this breed is highly vocal and will bark at everything, even shadows!

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Bichon Frise

This is one of the most popular white dog breeds out there. Bichon Frise dogs are also known to be playful, gentle, and quite sensitive. This is another good option for people with fur allergies since they don’t shed as much.

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Bichon Frise dogs have curly white fur that forms a cloud-like shape around their face. They make excellent pets because of their gentle nature and ability to socialize with other pets. This breed isn’t very vocal and mostly only bark to get your attention.

But like most lap dogs, you cannot leave them alone.

West Highland White Terrier

A list of adorable small white dogs isn’t complete without the west highland white terrier! This Scottish breed is perfect for active people since they are energetic. Also known as a “westie”, this breed is a good option for a family dog.

They tend to be quite independent and a happy breed, often running around the house. White terriers don’t like to sit still, so you’ll have to play around with this breed quite often. They have a high excitement level and love to bark at birds and even sounds.

This is a great breed for first-time owners, although they sometimes tend to be stubborn.


No, this dog isn’t named after the popular spaghetti dish! It is named after the Northern Italian city of Bologna, where it originated from. Although it is a playful breed, this dog tends to be a bit more on the serious side.

A Bolognese pup is your best bet if you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t require much exercise. This breed loves to cuddle on laps and isn’t too hyper or energetic. They are also intelligent, so you don’t have to go through trouble while training them.

This breed is known to be quite calm and doesn’t bark as much. 

Toy Poodle

This is one of the oldest breeds known for its elegant looks. Toy poodles can be recognized by their curly fur, especially around their ears and legs. They tend to have longer necks that add to their graceful personality.

If you’re looking for a calmer dog that is loyal, pick a toy poodle as your next pet. These intelligent dogs love physical activity and are very responsive. This may not be an ideal dog for families with kids since they are small and delicate.

This super lovable breed is high maintenance and requires regular grooming, or their fur may become matted. You can find them in white and shades of brown. 


The Havanese breed is similar to the Bichon Frise. This breed is ideal for people that live in apartments or smaller houses. It makes for a good house dog, and they easily get along with other pets.

They are gentle dogs that aren’t on the vocal side. Havanese dogs will mostly only bark to keep you alert. Since they have a thicker coat, they require a lot of grooming.

You need to brush them daily and get them groomed every few weeks. They are a cuddle breed that loves to stay close to their owners.

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If you’re a fan of small dogs, you must know all about chihuahuas. They are pint-sized breeds with huge personalities. Although they tend to be sassy sometimes, this dog won’t leave your side.

You have to be delicate with these dogs due to their small size. This makes them unsuitable for families with small children. However, if you train your children to be gentle, a chihuahua can also be a great family dog.

The only downside is that chihuahuas tend to bark a lot. They have a loud yappy bark, but you can always train them to be quieter.

Chinese Crested Dog

This unique-looking dog will be a head-turner if you carry them outdoors. It can easily fit onto your lap and handbag. Although mostly hairless, this breed only has fur on its face, ears, tail, and around its legs. This makes them a good pick for people with fur allergies.

The Chinese Crested Dog is an obedient breed when it comes to training. They are very affectionate and love staying by their owners’ side. These dogs require their skin to be massaged since it can be quite sensitive.

Toy American Eskimo

Looking for a loyal dog that loves to spend time with you? A Toy American Eskimo could be the best pick for you. These dogs have fun-loving personalities and are quite protective.

Not only do they get along with children, but they are known for their gentle nature. They have a fluffy white coat that needs to be brushed regularly since they shed.

Make sure you socialize with your American Eskimo dog, or they might start barking at strangers.


This breed is covered head to toe in silky fur and was seen as a royal dog in ancient China. If you live in an apartment or a small house, this is the perfect dog for you. They don’t take up much space and won’t run around the house either.

Although they do bark quite a bit, their bark isn’t sharp or yappy. You don’t want to leave this cutie alone for a long time since it is prone to separation anxiety.

Instead, these dogs should be socialized and stay close to their owners.

French Bulldog

This miniature bulldog is oh-so cute! They are known for their pointy ears and short coats. French bulldogs are a social breed that gets along well with pets and children.

Not only are they easygoing, but they love to play as well. They have quirky personalities and are quite affectionate toward their owners. This is a good option if you’re looking for a gentle dog that doesn’t bark a lot.


Small white dog breeds all have one thing in common. They are lovable, playful, and super adorable. Getting a small white dog is a great option for people looking for a fluffy friend.

Although they don’t take up much space in your home, they will fully occupy your heart! We hope this blog post helps you pick your ideal small white dog.

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