Are Bombay Cats Friendly and Affectionate? Or are they Mean?

Different cat breeds have different personalities.

But, the question is: What cat breed suits you?

Bombay cats, with their mild tempers, might just be the right choice for you.

Let’s Find Out!

Are Bombay cats friendly and affectionate? Or are they mean?

Bombay cats are friendly, affectionate, tolerant, and easy going cats. Bombay cats might look mean, but in reality, nothing is farther from the truth.

These black furred and button-like eye fluffy creatures might give off a dangerous vibe.


These lovely cats are anything but mean.

Bombay Cat Friendliness

Bombay cats are amiable.

They are pretty shy and weird initially, but once they get to know, they will surely love you.

The major and essential criteria in a friendship is to spend some quality time together.

So when Bombay cats become friends with you, they will want your time and a lot of attention.

They will sit next to you even when you are doing things like reading the newspaper.

Bombay Cat Characteristics

Sociable and Outgoing

Bombay cats are friendly, confident, and social.

These fluffy creatures love to play with children as well as other pets.

They enjoy spending time with their owner.

Bombay cats get bored and upset when they are not given the proper amount of time.


Bombay cats are affectionate and love attention

They love spending time on the owner’s lap.

They might MEOW before directly jumping on your lap.

Bombay cats also love to be petted.

Which cat doesn’t?

They love to be close to you, most of the time that is how Bombay cat shows affection.

They follow people they like.


Bombay cats are not only friendly; they are loyal too.

They tend to get super attached to the owner.

They do get close to other family members but more extremely close to their owner.


Bombay cats can easily bear the presence of any other pet.

Another good reason for having a Bombay cat is that it can tolerate your dogs too.


If you are a dog owner and want to own a cat too, so go ahead and choose a BOMBAY.

These cats also adapt to change very easily.



By looking at them for the first time, you might think that Bombay cats are independent and are not concerned about anyone around them.

Or in simpler words, you might conclude that these cats are MEAN.

Though very few are independent.

But after spending just one day with a Bombay cat, you will have to change your perception about this lovely feline.

Bombay cats are not mean instead they are dependent and sometimes clingy too.

They don’t like being alone.

Unlike some independent cats, Bombay cats get attached to the owner and become dependent on them.

However, these cats want to dominate.

They love having control when there are other cats around.


These cats play well with children and elders and are super active.

And really enjoy their play time.

You can provide your beautiful cat with toys and can have another cat if you are unable to provide them with enough time.


Bombay cats are active and love getting involved in different activities.

They have a lot of strength too.

Because of this strength, they are capable of jumping high on trees and high shelves.

Better remove all fragile thing from your house.

However, as Bombay cats get older, they become less active and calm and do not take much part in activities.


Bombay cats are super sensitive and they get upset when ignored.

So when you mistreat Bombay cats, they really mind it.

They don’t like punishments instead they want to be treated in the nicest way.

Smart intelligent

Bombay cats are really smart and intelligent

They will find ways to open up boxes or climb on a shelf.

Their smartness will surely surprise you.

Secondly, because of these two traits, Bombay cats learn things easily.

These cats learn and adapt quickly and can also learn different tricks.


Bombay cats are not aggressive at all.

However, they get a bit aggressive when they don’t get due attention.


Not all, but some Bombay cats are rather talkative.

They will MEOW before jumping into your lap or to have your attention.

These cats are not noisy but super talkative.


Bombay cats, like many other cats, are curious.

They won’t mind sitting near the window for a longer time and watch what’s happening outside

Such an inquisitive nature can bring these cats much closer to their owner.


As I said, Bombay cats are curious and smart; these cats also stare a lot.

Yes, it can make people uncomfortable when they have no idea about this characteristic of Bombay cats

So they do stare at things and people, not with bad intentions but just to check out things and know about them.

However, prolonged staring also indicates that the Bombay is angry.

These cats with unique personalities have unique physical appearance too.

Let’s check out their breed.

The Bombay breed

Bombay cat is basically a product of different genetic combinations.

They are named after Bombay, a port in India.

The Bombay cat is muscular with heavy boning.

Their coat is mostly black and short.

Their eye color is mostly copper, gold or sometimes blue too

This look shows that they have a mysterious personality.

Interesting Bombay Facts

  • Their walk is different than other cats. So yes you can easily distinguish Bombay cats from other breeds
  • Mostly Bombay cats are entirely black
  • Keeping a check on your Bombay’s diet is essential they tend to get obese fairly quickly.
  • Their physical appearance portrays that they are surprised and shocked.
  • Easy to groom

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  1. I’m sure my cat is a Bombay, but he has Olive green eyes, do some Bombay cats have green eyes. He’s very loving and affectionate, our family loves him! We are so lucky to have him as part of our family ❤️

  2. yes they have most shades of greens and often copper for eye color.
    if you are ever unsure what your cat’s breed is you can take a test


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