The 7 Best Mouse Traps in 2023

This (updated) guide reviews all of the best mouse traps this year.

We spend most of our days worrying about ourselves, the people around us, our houses, or our jobs. In between all of that, if your house were to be infested with rodents, all hell would break loose! Rodents, especially rats and mice, are notorious for crawling into houses.

They can be found across all continents and in most terrains. There is always a chance a rat is nesting in some dark corner of your house. Since they’re known for carrying dangerous diseases, it is important to find a solution before the problem gets too big. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best mouse traps for you using our 40-point inspection.

The 7 Best Mouse Traps

Top PicksTop Features
#1. Feeke Indoor Effective Mouse CatcherABS plastic and stainless steel body
Highly sensitive to weight
Hand-free set-up to avoid injury
#2. Victor M156 Metal Pedal Mouse TrapQuick and effective to use
Made of sturdy, sustainably sourced wood
#3. Victor M123SSR Quick-Kill Mouse TrapLarge bait cup
Easy to set up with one finger
Safe to use near children and pets
#4. Owltra Indoor Electric Mouse TrapFully electric and safe to use
Inescapable for rodents
Magnetic latches and ergonomic design to ensure safe disposal
#5. Blinc Humane Mouse TrapTrap mice without killing for safe release
Easy to clean design
See-through material
#6. Tomcat Press ‘N Set Mouse TrapTrap mice without killing for safe release
Easy-to-clean design
See-through material
#7. JT Eaton 410BULK Jawz Mouse TrapHigh-tension spring for easy elimination
Easy placement in small spaces
Set up easily using your hand or foot

#1. Feeke Indoor Effective Mouse Catcher

  •   The traps are made of durable materials
  • You can set it up easily by pressing down the handle with your hand. It won’t close again unless it gets triggered.
  • Comes with a detachable bait tray for placing any bait without having to open the trap!

This mouse trap is highly sensitive; it takes just 0.025 lb of force to trigger the trap. Set it up in some secluded/isolated area, away from children or pets. In case you need to close the device, trigger the mechanism with a long stick. Be careful with it and remember to keep your hands safe, don’t use them to close the trap once it’s been set up.

#2. Victor M156 Metal Pedal Mouse Trap

  • A conventional spring-loaded trap that’s been in use for 120 years.
  • Made of wood. Easy to clean and dispose of efficiently. 
  • The small size of the wooden frame ensures that anything larger than a rat won’t get fatally wounded by the product.

These traps are made with sustainably grown wood in Pennsylvania, America. Victor has been in business for over 120 years making mouse traps. This design is for those looking for the simplest of mouse traps that ensure the elimination of rodents. You can also dispose of the trap after use since it is made of wood.

#3. Victor M123SSR Quick-Kill Mouse Trap

  • The bait is placed inside at a distance near the trap’s trigger. This makes it harder for the rodents to steal any bait without eventually trapping themselves.
  • Effective design principles ensure that you open the trap in the safest way possible with guidelines indicating where to keep your hands while you set it up.
  • No toxic materials or harmful radiation.
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The light material and small design ensure that the trap can be placed in a number of tricky places. Since the bait is hidden from rodents, you can reuse it multiple times before having to replace the bait. The highly sensitive and precise trigger ensures that any rodents that come into contact with the trap are eliminated.

#4. Owltra Indoor Electric Mouse Trap

  • A very power-efficient device that can get rid of up to 60 rats on one set of A4 batteries.
  • Using electricity makes sure the device is considerably safer than other alternatives that use chemicals or toxins to eliminate rodents.
  • An infrared sensor ensures your children or pets won’t accidentally injure themselves.

Fairly humane yet effective, this battery-powered tool can get rid of all your pests. The current ensures a painless death while the magnetic hatch on top opens for easy disposal. Just make sure to set it up in the right place, and be careful with how you disable the trap once it’s set up.

#5. Blinc Humane Mouse Trap

  • Breathing holes are designed for trapped animals so they do not die of suffocation. 
  • The ABS material is durable and ensures that no animal escapes.
  • See-through ABS material helps you spot when the trap is full. Prevents animal agitation with a clear view of the environment.

These traps are specifically designed to not kill animals. They are used to reintroduce animals into the wild and are more humane than the traditional mouse trap. The ABS material makes it easy to clean and reuse. These traps are fairly simple to use, with a generic bait compartment and lever design.

#6. Tomcat Press ‘N Set Mouse Trap

  • The button on top ensures your fingers never come into contact with the trap.
  • Made of wood and is extremely durable and hard to get out of.
  • The unique design helps you place the bait into the trap without having to open it all the way.

These traps are disposable as they are harder to clean but can be reused as needed. You can set it up easily and keep your hands safe due to the button on top. This product also comes in a bundle with sticky traps, which can be strategically used along with this to rid your house of rodents faster.

#7. JT Eaton 410BULK Jawz Plastic Rat Trap

  • The tab provided for the product ensures that it can be easily set up using your hand or foot.
  • A high-tension spring is used to power the trap, ensuring easy elimination.
  • An easily accessible bait cup helps you place liquid or solid bait without having to open the trap.

This small and lightweight mouse trap can be placed anywhere you deem necessary, even in small spaces. Keep your hands safe since you can also use your feet to set up the trap. To completely set it up, press the tab until the clamp is straight vertically. This helps eliminate false alarms.

Buyer’s Guide

Now that you know about the best mouse traps you can get, let’s learn a little more about how you can find rats in your house as well as the different types of traps available to you.

Types Of Mouse Traps

Once you’ve determined that you have a rat infestation, the next challenge is choosing the right method of extermination. There are many different types of mouse traps and poisons on the market, so it’s important to know what is right for your situation.

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Snap Traps

Snap traps are a popular choice as they are cheap and easy to set up. However, they can be tricky to set up correctly and may not be effective for larger or more wary rats. They can also cause injury to anyone operating them.

Poison Bait

Poison baits are another option. You can easily find such baits across most stores, with varying levels of lethality. They can be extremely efficient, but the unwanted downside is that this makes them extremely dangerous to children or pets. If not stored and handled correctly, they might be lethal.

Glue Traps

These traps use a layer or adhesive to trap rodents and are easy to set up and not harmful to humans. They can also be used effectively to curb a large infestation as one parchment may trap more than one rat, ensuring a quicker termination. However, using a glue trap can pose some risks as animals may urinate out of fear and increase the chances of contamination.

How To Spot Rat Infestations

Rats are extremely smart and adaptable. People can go months before realizing they are dealing with an infestation. It doesn’t help that rats are nocturnal, making them even harder to spot. Owing to these traits, they can become very harmful pests. They chew on electric wires, make nests inside any openings in your walls, as well as carry diseases that can infect you and your family.

One of the biggest challenges is finding out how big of a rat problem you have. Rats are small and agile, making it difficult to spot them. However, there are some telltale signs that you need to watch out for. If you find droppings anywhere around the house or chewed wires, or are having issues with your wiring, you might have a rat problem.

Another important sign to keep an eye out for is scratching and squeaking sounds you might hear coming from the walls or ceilings.

Other Challenges With Rat Infestations

Another challenge when exterminating mice is ensuring that you get rid of all the rodents in your home. Rats are social animals and tend to live in groups, so even if you manage to catch or poison one rat, there may be others hiding in your home.

Rats and mice can also quickly become resistant to certain types of pest control methods, making it important to switch up your tactics if you’re not seeing results. It helps if you can find out where they are nesting and what routes they use. Placing traps that stand in their way will help you get rid of more of them.

Health Risks

Mice and rats can carry diseases such as salmonella, rabies, and hantavirus, which can be transmitted to humans through contact with rat droppings or urine. There have been countless cases of people contracting diseases from rodents because of unwanted exposure.

Most of these cases arise in areas where cleanliness is an issue, but that’s not always the case. If you’re attempting to exterminate mice and rats in your home, wear protective gloves and a mask, and properly dispose of any dead rodents or contaminated materials as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are chemical baits better than organic baits?

Although they are more lethal in most cases, baits with toxic chemicals can harm members of the house as the residue of the toxin might make its way to a child or a pet. If you have a good trap, organic baits work best.

What mouse trap would work best for me?

The choice of trap very much depends on the environment you are working with, the kind of infestation you are dealing with as well as what outcome you are looking for. If you just want to get the rats out without killing them, you can opt for a humane mouse trap.

What is the most humane way to deal with a rodent infestation?

The most humane way to deal with a rodent infestation, if it hasn’t gotten out of control, would be to get non-lethal traps. If the problem has grown too big, electric traps would be the most efficient.

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