Are Bombay Cats Vocal? Do They Meow A Lot?

The fact that cats respond to what you say and even find a way to convey their message is nothing less than a miracle.

Cats are excellent companions for introverts. They can talk, play, and have loads of fun.

And if you’re looking for the most vocal, talkative cat, Bombay cats are the ones for you.

So do Bombay cats meow a lot? Bombay cats are much more vocal than other cats. They are talkative and often meow when they are hungry, about to jump on someone’s lap, or want attention.

Being vocal helps a Bombay cat to express their emotions and feelings. In this blog, we will learn more about this incredible feline breed and why they make such great pets.

Bombay Cat’s Meow – What’s So Special?

A Bombay cat’s meow is distinctive. However, it is important to note that these cats are talkative but not noisy.

So it’s essential to pay attention to your cat’s meow. Different kinds of meows have different meanings.


The important thing is that not all Bombay cats have this characteristic.

Expressing Emotions

Bombay cats can express their feelings through communication. If they want to communicate something, they can meow a lot.

They won’t hesitate to let you know if they are sad, happy, or excited.

Bombay’s Meow Before Jumping On Someone’s Lap

Bombay cats often emit a soft “Meow” before hopping onto someone’s lap. Renowned for their affectionate nature and love for warmth, these cats have earned a reputation for frequently occupying laps, beds, or cozy spots under covers.

The preceding “Meow” could stem from excitement or a way to communicate their impending presence, almost like announcing, “I’m coming!”

Bombay’s Meow When Hungry

Be prepared for this one because when they are starving, they scream for food.

They won’t hesitate to jump onto your bed even if you’re sleeping, making it clear that they’re seeking food. Their vocal requests are hard to miss!

Conversation With Their Favorite Person

Bombay cats also respond when their favorite person is talking to them.

So yes, they can hold a relatively long conversation. Their way of talking gives an expression that two humans are talking to each other.

Indeed, Bombay cats possess a broad vocal range that allows them to effectively communicate and convey their emotions. This characteristic makes them wonderful companions, particularly for individuals who enjoy solitude or consider themselves loners. Their ability to engage through communication can offer comfort and companionship to those who prefer a quieter lifestyle.

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Your Bombay cat will approach you and initiate interaction by rubbing their heads against your body. This endearing behavior serves as a way for them to initiate conversations or express their thoughts and opinions about various matters.

The language barrier isn’t really a problem for them.

Asking for Attention

Bombay cats are famous for always trying to get the attention of people around them. One of the common strategies they use is that they become vocal.

To get your attention, they can meow constantly.

In case you get irritated by a Bombay cat’s meow, I would suggest buying an engaging toy for your cat to keep her distracted.

When They Are In Pain

Like many other cat breeds, Bombay cats also tend to meow when they are in pain. If they experience an injury, such as something heavy falling on them, their immediate reaction might be a loud and distressing “MEOW” that serves as a form of vocalization indicating pain or discomfort.

Crying at Night

Bombay cats, like many other breeds, can vocalize at night. Their level of nocturnal vocalization can vary depending on their individual personalities and surroundings.

Some cats might be more vocal during the night, while others may not make much noise. If a Bombay cat is consistently crying or meowing at night, it could be due to various reasons, such as seeking attention, hunger, discomfort, or even illness.

If the behavior becomes excessive or unusual, it’s a good idea to consult a veterinarian to ensure there are no underlying health issues.

Learning More about the Bombay Breed  

The name “Bombay Cat” draws inspiration from the striking appearance of the black leopard found in India. Consequently, the breed is named after the bustling port city of Bombay (now Mumbai) in India. Additionally, these cats are sometimes affectionately referred to as “mini panthers” due to their resemblance to their wild counterparts.

Here are the breed’s top characteristics:

  • Friendly: Bombay cats are affectionate. They want a lot of time and attention.
  • Social: These cats are confident and friendly. They enjoy spending time with people around them.
  • Affectionate: Bombay cats are loving and love attention. They also want to be petted by you. They seek close companionship and enjoy spending time with their human family members.
  • Loyal: Bombay cats are very much faithful to the person who owns it.
  • Tolerant: They tend to get along well with children, other pets, and even strangers due to their easy-going and adaptable nature.
  • Dependent: Despite their confident appearance, Bombay cats are sensitive beings. They form strong bonds with their owners and respond well to affection and care.
  • Playful: These cats have a playful and energetic side. They enjoy interactive toys and engaging activities, making playtime a delightful part of their routine.
  • Aptitude for Training: Their intelligence and willingness to interact make them receptive to training, making them good candidates for activities like leash training or simple tricks.
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How to Identify a Bombay Cat

Identifying a Bombay cat involves observing their distinctive physical characteristics and traits. Here are some key features to look for when identifying a Bombay cat:

  • Coat Color and Texture: The most noticeable feature of a Bombay cat is their sleek, short, and glossy black coat. The coat should be uniformly black without any other colors or markings.
  • Muscular Build: Bombay cats have a muscular and well-proportioned body. Despite their compact size, they exude a sense of strength and agility.
  • Copper or Gold Eyes: One of the standout traits of Bombay cats is their striking eye color. They typically have large, round eyes that range in color from copper to gold, which beautifully contrasts with their black coat.
  • Round Face and Short Nose: Their facial structure is characterized by a rounded appearance, including a short nose and a distinct stop (the indentation between the forehead and the nose bridge).

If you’re unsure about whether a cat is a true Bombay, you might consider consulting with a veterinarian or a cat breed expert for a more definitive identification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific situations when Bombay cats meow more?

Yes, Bombay cats might meow more when they’re excited, hungry, looking for attention, or seeking interaction with their owners. Changes in their environment or routines might also lead to increased vocalization.

Can training reduce excessive meowing in Bombay cats?

Training and proper enrichment can help address excessive meowing. Engaging them in play, ensuring they have enough mental and physical stimulation, and maintaining a consistent routine can reduce unnecessary vocalization.

Are there ways to understand what a Bombay cat’s meows mean?

With time and observation, owners often learn to interpret the different meows of their Bombay cats. Pay attention to the context, the cat’s body language, and the situation to better understand their intentions.

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